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House Of The Dragon Episode 7 Easter Eggs: The Valyrian Daggar And Game Of Thrones Title Drop

Valyrian Dagger
Valyrian Dagger

Last Updated on October 5, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

House of the Dragon Episode 7 had both of our eyes on it, something that Aemond no longer has (pun intended). This episode started with Laena Velaryon’s funeral and all of the major show’s characters attended it. Some were sad about her death, some were not that sad, while some didn’t even care enough to wear a funeral black attire (talking about you Hightowers).

This episode was really sad for the Parent Velaryon because they started with their daughter’s funeral and ended with the death of their son (though he is still alive). We also Daemon and Rhaenyra finally getting together and a fight between the kids that will lead to the Dance of the Dragon.

Now episode 7 had a lot of Easter Eggs, references, and foreshadowing that we will be going through one by one. Will will talk about the Velaryon funeral, Game of Thrones title drop, Helaena’s Dragon Dream, and much more.

Here are all the House of the Dragon Episode 7 Easter Eggs:

Laenor Emblem And Sea Fate

This episode included a lot of foreshadowing, some of which had happened. Although we’ll soon get to the more significant ones, this one featured a beautiful touch of symmetry that highlights some excellent Laenor Velaryon character growth. Laenor is obviously sad at his sister Laena’s burial because of the difficult time he has been through since becoming engaged to Rhaenyra. Later, he may be seen soaking in the water at Driftmark before being taken outside by his father Corlys. Not for nothing, it’s noteworthy to note that this is also where he closes the episode, after faking his own death, sailing away from his home land with Ser Qarl. Laenor’s newly discovered feeling of agency, though, is a change we’re happy to witness.

House Of The Dragon Episode 7 Easter Eggs

Laenor Sea Fate

Although “Game of Thrones” will probably always have the best opening sequence, “House of the Dragon” is still creating a wonderful visual identity for itself. The opening sequence of the prequel series depicts a river of blood around the symbols of its main characters, as opposed to a map of Westeros and beyond. Fans have observed that the symbols of dead characters have since been replaced, but this episode features an interesting deviation from that custom. Kind of. As previously mentioned, the episode closes with Laenor and the crew pretending that he is dead while actually still alive. But the episode’s introduction says that because his emblem is hidden, he is now considered “dead” throughout Westeros.

Otto’s Finger Nails And Referencing Game Of Thrones

Otto Hightower has reclaimed his role as Viserys’ Hand of the King after just a few episodes and almost ten years of the story. The show makes sure to highlight this right away with a close-up of his pin. However, viewers have probably found a shot with even more intriguing detail. Specifically, his fingernails—or, at least, the one on his thumb—appear to be in a bit of worse-for-wear condition. Early on in the season, this was a recurring theme, especially in relation to Alicent. As a result of Otto pressing her to court Viserys, Alicent was frequently observed biting at her fingernails. The senior Hightower appears to be involved now.

House Of The Dragon Episode 7 Easter Eggs

Otto’s Finger Nails

Everyone enjoys a good title drop moment, and “House of the Dragon” has provided us with plenty of them. Otto Hightower, though, almost ensures that we receive the known one from the prior show. Following Alicent’s tragic event, her father Otto arrives to encourage—or should we say, comfort—her. He appears to mention a particular game that throne-seekers like to play, a “game of thrones,” at one point. Although he doesn’t say it directly, we get what he’s trying to say. However, we tremble to believe Otto is being a little naive when he believes Alicent has a chance of winning. After all, he is aware of the only possible possibility to succeed.

Velaryon Burial by Water & Greens Showing No Interest

Laena choosing to die a dragonrider’s death rather than go through the horrors of yet another failed delivery is one of the saddest scenes in the series thus far. Since she looked to be just coming into her own, it was difficult to let her go. It’s interesting to see the plot kick off right away with Laena being buried at sea since we’re already too aware that dragon fire is the preferred method for Targaryen funeral rites. It goes without saying that this is a Velaryon tradition, but the contrast does highlight the division between House Velaryon and House Targaryen. Then, could their story be called “The Song of Water and Fire”? No? Okay.

House Of The Dragon Episode 7 Easter Eggs

Velaryon Burial by Water

Alicent’s decision to wear Hightower green to the feast honoring Rhaenyra and Laenor’s union was the focus of Episode 5. We’re now keenly aware of the color because it further highlighted the split in House Targaryen caused by House Hightower. The majority of the nobles present at Laena’s funeral can be seen donning the customary black. The majority of Rhaenyra’s red attire is black. However, Aegon and Aemond are simply dressed in green. It’s a great character detail to highlight the idea that they aren’t as interested in showing their respects, even though we didn’t need any more indications of the conflict between the three main family members.

The Valyrian Daggar

Alicent furiously confronts Rhaenyra about his boys’ behavior after a pointless argument results in Aemond losing an eye. The queen would ultimately take things into her own hands by stealing the king’s dagger to capture Lucerys’ eye as revenge for costing Aemond one of his own, despite Viserys’ best efforts to resolve the conflict among his family. When Alicent approaches her, Rhaenyra approaches and stops her. The princess’ hand is sliced and left with a wound as a result of the king’s Valyrian steel Daggar.

House Of The Dragon Episode 7 Easter Eggs

The Valyrian Daggar

This is the same dagger that has Aegon the Conqueror’s vision engraved on it, as seen in a number of earlier episodes. The Valyrian dagger, which naturally plays a significant role in “Game of Thrones” Season 8, has received the most attention from “House of the Dragon” so far. We are reminded of the start of the latter show by its almost-use in this episode.

Fans will recall that it first appeared in the Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 2 when a would-be assassin attempted to kill Bran Stark only to be brutally attacked by Summer, the direwolf of the future Three-Eyed Raven. Lord Petry Baelish used this blade to incite a dispute between Houses Stark and Lannister, which would later lead to the start of the War of the Five Kings. Later, in Game of Thrones’ final season, Arya Stark will use the dagger to slay the Night King.

Here, it almost becomes a weapon of violence once more as Alicent makes an attempt to avenge Lucerys for taking Aemond’s eye. Thankfully, the dagger misses its mark once more, but blood is still drawn.

Helaena’s Dragon Dream And Prophecies

In the prior episode, Helaena Targaryen said that in order for Aemond to have a dragon, he will have to close one eye. In this episode, the princess makes a prophecy that doesn’t make sense at the moment, but could in the future.

House Of The Dragon Easter Eggs

Helaena’s Prophecies

Helaena is heard teasing a spider and muttering about hands that loom, spools of black and green, and dragons. Aemond calls her an idiot and reinforces that she will be Aegon’s wife as they walk away. As the brothers go, Helaena is seen crushing the spider and placing it into a shell. The little scene that follows features Larys Strong, one of Alicent’s biggest supporters.

In the original source material, later in the Dance of the Dragons, Corlys Velaryon and Larys would be on the same side. Despite the fact that the former would see his death through the hands of Cregan Stark, the Lord of the North at the time, his association with Corlys during this period sealed his death and, as he had no heirs, put a stop to the line of House Strong. It goes without saying that the spider in Helaena’s scene refers to Larys, while the shell honors Corlys and House Velaryon. This makes the princess’ actions in this scene something to keep an eye out for in later parts.

Helaena Predict Daemon And Rhaenyra’s Marriage

All of the foreshadowing from this episode has already been mentioned. And we’ll be talking about it once more, this time with Helaena. Fans are still debating this one, though. As was already known, the episode finishes with Rhaenyra and Uncle Daemon getting married in the Targaryen fashion, ensuring that viewers continue to cringe. However, viewers are left to wonder if Helaena could have predicted this based on her few lines of dialogue.

House Of The Dragon Easter Eggs

Daemon And Rhaenyra’s Marriage

Helaena’s brothers Aegon and Aemond Targaryen observe her handling another creepy crawly at Laena’s wake. However, she may be hinting at the upcoming wedding when she speaks to herself, particularly when she talks of “dragons of flesh creating dragons of thread.” Whatever happens, we’ll pay closer attention to what Helaena says after that.

Since marriages are primarily used as strategies to strengthen families, there is little opportunity for love among the Westerosi royals. We see a visual display that despite the fact Rhaenyra and Daemon currently pretty much deserve one other – ugh – this is still the case for even them. Before deciding to be married, the recently widowed Targaryen siblings make up for a decade of sexual tension by having an intimate encounter on the seashore. Despite how darkly the sequence is filmed, Rhaenyra’s expression appears to be one of duty more than, y’know, fun. It resembles Alicent’s expression when she is with Viserys a lot.

Jacaerys Remembers Harwin And Relationship With Baela

Jacaerys Velaryon informs her mother that they should be at Harrenhal as soon as Laena is laid to rest so that Ser Harwin Strong, his real-blood father, and Lyonel, a former Hand of the King, can be mourned. In response, Rhaenyra says the Velaryons are their relatives and that his cousins Baela and Rhaela could use his kindness. 

House Of The Dragon Easter Eggs

Jacaerys Relationship With Baela

The notion that Jacaerys understands Harwin is his father is supported by his belief that he has an equal right to sympathy. The young prince prefers to reflect on his dead protector rather than paying full attention to the current situation. This brief scenario was set up in the previous episode when Rhaenyra and his kids last saw Harwin and discussed the effect he had on the boys.

After being told by his mother to console his cousins, Jacaerys approaches the two to offer his sympathies. The two of them enjoy a brief moment before Baela extends her hand to the young prince. Lady Baela and Jacaerys will eventually get engaged in Fire & Blood, but they’ll never get married in a religious ceremony. After Rhaenyra’s firstborn was killed in combat, Daemon’s daughter married Lord Alyn Velaryon, who would go on to become the Lord of Driftmark and the head of House Velaryon.

Aemond and Vhagar

This week’s most stunning incident happens when a young Targaryen loses an eye to Lucerys during Aemond’s quarrel with his young nephews and cousins. It’s an important turning point that non-book readers didn’t expect, but perhaps we should have. Aemond was having a lot of difficulties claiming a dragon as his own in Episode 6. Alicent made him a promise that he would fly after the other children teased him. If you’ll excuse the ironic pun, Helaena’s comment is now eye-opening in view. Helaena’s statements first gave the impression that she shared Aemond’s doubt about his ability to ride a dragon, but it turns out that she also knew that he would lose an eye, if you’ll excuse the rhyme.

House Of The Dragon Easter Eggs

Aemond and Vhagar

After Laena was buried, almost everyone went to sleep, but Aemond left to get his greatest desire: a dragon of his own. He has been bullied by his brother Aegon and the Strong Boys since the previous episode because he hasn’t developed a bond with a dragon.

All of that was changed in this episode when Aemond went above and beyond to form a successful bond with the largest and oldest dragon living in Westeros. Naturally, there is a price to pay for this when Rhaela, Jacaerys, Lucerys, and Baela confront the prince about just what he did. As the struggle intensified, Lucerys slashed his face with a dagger, causing Aemond to lose an eye. As said, this action confirms Helaena’s statement made in the prior episode that he would need to close one eye in order to obtain a dragon. But Aemond thinks the trade is fair because he gets the most powerful dragon to support her mother in the future Dance of the Dragons.

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