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Who is Everon Jackson Hooi’s Partner? Explained

Everon Jackson Hooi
Everon Jackson Hooi and ozua Augusto Suitela, Credits: Weekend

Everon Jackson Hooi is a very iconic Dutch actor and therefore everyone right now wants to know who his actual partner is, celebrities are always on the radar when it comes to who their actual partners are, people want to know the names of their actual partners and more than their professional careers, it is their personal ones that are more important than anything.

And therefore same is with Everon, his fans and everyone, therefore, wants to know exactly who his actual partner is and thus what’s his net worth and all the details regarding the actor, this article would be covering all the single things related to that.

But for those of you who don’t know much about Everon, he is a Dutch actor, known for playing roles such as Ciro Pieterszoon in the series De Erfenis and therefore he is also known for delivering spectacular performances on the screen, therefore this article will be taking a look at each and every detail regarding Everon Jackson and all the insights regarding this actor.

Let us take a look at this article to get some great insight into the professional as well as the personal life of the actor Everon.

everon jackson hooi partner

Everon Jackson Hooi and Jozua Augusto Suitela, Credits: Weekend

Who is Everon Jackson Hooi’s Partner?

Everon for those of you who may not know is actually gay and therefore currently he is dating his partner and boyfriend Jozua Augusto Suitela.

Their relationship went through a lot of ups and downs, initially, they both met around 2015 and therefore they were also engaged and therefore even decided to get married in 2019

However, some complexities happened between them and thus they broke up again in 2019, but they were again reconnected in 2019, and so far currently they have again fallen in love and thus are currently together with one another. 

The fact that both of them even had chosen their destination wedding in Portugal but some rough things happened between them for which identifying the reason is very difficult since they didn’t clarify anything in regards to that, but now it looks like they have reconnected again and are therefore very much in love.

And therefore now it would be very surely true that they again decide to marry and have their successful destination wedding which many fans actually want to wish them to do.

What is Everon Jackson Hooi’s Net Worth?

Everon is a very successful actor in Dutch and therefore he is known in the industry for the roles and for the movies that he plays, thus estimated net worth is around $3 million.

The actor has had a very good amount of work that he has done, the actor has played Bing Mauricius in the daily soap opera Good Times, Bad Times and with the intensive amount of work that he has done in his profession, he has also had his best appearances in 2016 within the television including  Starfish, De TV Kantine and many others.

He has a very special place in the hearts of his fans and therefore he is called a perfectionist for the work that he delivers within the scenes and the way he delivers his acting performances with the number of roles that he plays proves the authenticity that he delivers within each act he portrays. 

Everon Jackson Hooi

Everon Jackson Hooi, Credits: ANP

Everon Jackson Hooi in The Masked Singer Explained

Despite the kinds of high-level popularity that Everon shares, he participated in one of the very popular shows and also the Dutch version of the program called ‘The Masked Singer‘ which is a television program.

Ideally, the concept of the show revolves around celebrities competing against each other while wearing elaborate costumes and therefore trying to hide their identities with the costumes and the masks that they wear.

And thus Everon participated in the show, he, therefore, competed wearing the Jelly Fish costume that he wore to hide his identity while also dancing and performing a variety of songs throughout the whole competition. 

Despite all of the efforts that Everon put up, he was eventually eliminated in the semi-finals. Therefore, his true identity was revealed to the audience, but he didn’t win the show, which kind of upset his fans. 

But the actor stated that he had a lot of fun participating in the show and was therefore honoured to be a part of it. 

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