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Bad Sisters Episode 4: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

Bad Sisters Episode 4
Bad Sisters Episode 4

Bad Sisters Episode 4 continues to show us the evil nature of the characters as the story unfolds. It’s a great dark story about a group of sisters who take it upon a man who separates one of them from the group after marriage. With tones of dark comedy and thrills, the series goes around how bad decisions can mold the personalities of oneself and those around you with their consequences. 

This web series is based upon “Clan,” a Flemish television series developed by Malin-Sarah Gozin. And it was developed by Dave Finkel, Brett Baer, and Sharon Horgan for Apple TV+ starring Sharon Horgan, Anne Marie Duff, Eva Birthhistle, Sarah Greene, Eve Hewson, Claes Bang, and Brian Gleeson. Now without any further ado, let’s take a look at the last episode.

Bad Sisters Episode 4

Bad Sisters keeps taking darker tones with each chapter!

Bad Sisters Episode 3 Recap

Despite their failure, Bibi still desires to kill John Paul. Grace is struggling, whereas JP is doing fine. She keeps having dreams about the blast. Unaware of her sisters’ ambitious plans, Becka gets ready to approach John Paul for financial support for her massage business. Matt and Tom pay Ursula a visit in the present. She confirms that she was with her sisters on the day of John Paul’s passing, but it’s clear that she’s in a panic over their inquiries. They inquire about her car crash involving JP.


In a flashback, Ursula leaves a hotel after spending the night with Ben. She rear-ends John Paul’s vehicle as she accelerates. He accuses her of being at a hotel when she should be with her family as soon as she thinks he followed her there. Complete it, he commands. He may also inform her husband. She is described as “disgraceful, vile, and disgusting” as he wraps up the conversation.

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Meanwhile, Bibi tries to persuade Eva to include Ursula in their scheme. She could administer poison the best because she is a nurse. When Ursula arrives, she tells them about her affair and how John Paul learned about it. She’s been unable to end it for more than a year. But she is afraid of JP. She might lose her children in the end. Bibi informs Ursula of their plan to murder him. She claims they need her assistance with the poisoning. However, Ursula ends the exchange.


The entire family later shares Easter dinner. Ursula realizes that Eva and Bibi were behind the fire when it is brought up. Ursula claims her relationship with Ben is over, but John Paul sees her smiling and texting someone else. He takes her phone and switches his number for Ben’s when she leaves it unattended. Later, while posing as Ben, he texts her and requests an explicit selfie from her. To send one to him, Ursula goes to the restroom to get one. Then JP admits it was him and not Ben. He claims to have just messaged Donal with her. Ursula narrowly avoids a catastrophe by rushing to the restroom to vomit and then to Donal’s workplace to find his phone and erase the texts from JP.

Off Guard

After that, Ursula catches Eva and Bibi off guard by giving them a medication to give to John Paul that will mimic a heart attack. She instructs them to handle it immediately. Tom convinces the inspector to listen to his evidence in the present. Matt and Becka go on a date in the interim. She finds out that Matt was once engaged, but his fiancee left him to be with the band’s lead singer.

Back To The Past

Once more in the past, Bibi and Eva administer the lethal injection to a piece of meat. Eva packages it and delivers it to Grace’s house, where she exchanges it for the meat Grace is preparing for John Paul. Ursula, Bibi, and Eva anxiously await hearing of John Paul’s passing. Grace soon calls them while sobbing. She claims he was asleep. They will bury him in their garden because he died from a heart attack while sleeping. The sisters eventually conclude that “he” isn’t John Paul. By mistake, they killed Grace’s dog.

Becka points out the vacant lot where her business was supposed to be during their date with Matt. She claims that a family member was going to assist her, but when the financial arrangements fell through, she lost faith in them. Concerned for Tom and Matt are Ursula, Eva, and Bibi. They insist that everything will be fine as long as Becka remains silent. Becka and Matt are seen kissing on-screen.

Bad Sisters Episode 4

Is the conniving going to stop between these women?

Bad Sisters Streaming Details

Bad Sisters is an Apple TV+ exclusive. Apple TV+ is a globally available platform that you can subscribe to from any device around the world for US$ 4,99 a month or US$ 49,99 a year after a seven-day trial. You will get a complimentary month of Apple TV+, Apple Music, and cloud services if you buy an Apple device.

Bad Sisters Trailer

Bad Sisters Episode 4 Release Date

Bad Sisters Episode 4, titled “Baby Becka,” will release on September 2, 2022, on Apple TV+. Are you going to watch it? What do you think of this series? Let us know in the comments, follow us on Facebook and keep coming back to Otakukart for more daily updates. Happy streaming, and see you soon!

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