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She Season 2 Ending Explained: Is Nayak killed by Bhumi?

she season 2 on netflix
'Season 2 of She'

A thrilling crime drama series created by one of the finest Indian directors, Imitiaz Ali is ‘She’. This Indian TV series renewed with its second season exclusively on Netflix recently on the 17th of June in 2022. And the crime genre fans can not keep calm. This female dominant series, as directed by the title, revolves around a female officer who goes to all the lengths to raid an underworld gang. The fans are brimming with excitement to know more details regarding the ending of ‘She’ Season 2.

The first season of ‘She’ was telecasted on Netflix in the March of 2020 and created a great buzz for its unique storyline. And for the brilliant performance of Aaditi Pohankar, Ashik Nihon Kishore, Vijay Varma, and many other actors in supporting roles. The second season made an explosive comeback after 2 years in June of 2022. Without wasting any other minute, let us dive right into the plot as well as the ending of season 2 of ‘She’.

She Season 2 Teaser:

What is the Plot of Season 2 of ‘She’?

The female-led crime series ‘She’ circles around Constable Bhumika Pardesi. She is asked to come back to Mumbai for the last and final operation. Bhumika Pardesi, the daring constable, takes up the challenge and has to draw a fine line between her duty and pleasures once again in this season of ‘She’. Pardesi makes a comeback as stronger as ever in the second season. Tune in to Netflix to find out more about the second season of ‘She’.

‘She’ Season 2 Ending Explained

The season commences with a look into Nayak’s childhood. Bhumi Pardesi develops a love angle with the target of Season 2, Nayak. She even realizes that her perspective towards her life and duty is evolving, and she is changing. The police and criminal duo receive several threats. Let us dive right into more details about the ending of Season 2 of She.

she season 2 ending explained

‘Aaditi Pohankar as Bhumi Pardesi in Season 2 of She’

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Is Nayak killed by Bhumi?

Undercover agent Bhumi and Nayak meet in a secluded area. Bhumi reveals that she has not been faithful to him, and all of his operations regarding the drug market are not a secret from the police. Nayak could not control his anger and wanted to kill Bhumi but managed to stay calm and divert his mind. Bhumi shoots Nayak in his abdomen with her hidden gun. Bhumi Pardesi kills her lover, Nayak, at the end. The fans could not digest the fact until they saw Nayak’s body disposed of in the sea. Bhumi does all this because she realizes that their future together holds death but not love.

Did Bhumi leave the police duty?

Bhumi’s transformation from an obedient police officer to a lover of a drug trafficker came out as a surprise for everyone. After killing her lover, Nayak, she gets into the circle of drugs herself. Bhumi gives up the duty of a police officer. Even Bhumi’s sister, Rupa, is on her way to becoming a drug addict.

she season 2 ending

‘Visuals from the trailer of She Season 2 (cc: Netflix)’

Is there any proof against Bhumi?

After the death of Nayak, many investigations took place to reveal more secrets about the operations of the drug lord and constable duo. But, Jason was not able to hold on to any proof against her. Bhumi realizes that for her entire life, she had been under the shadows of men, and now she will take control of her life. She leaves the police station to run her drug circle.

This female-led TV show ‘She’ is one of the best creations by Imitiaz Ali and Divya Johri. The unique storyline, powerful performances of the actors, and cinematography make it worth watching. ‘She’ is a complete blend of love, thriller, action, and suspense. In case you are a fan of these genres, then do not miss watching both the seasons of ‘She’ on Netflix.

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