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‘About Time’ Review: Why Does Everyone Love This Fantasy Romance K-Drama?

'About Time' Review
About Time Review

Many people are searching for more Lee Sung Kyung Kdramas after finishing “Shooting Stars,” and they want an ‘About Time’ review. Lee Sung Kyung has sure been the talk of the town because of her recent Kdrama, which attracted even more fans to her captivating acting skills. Thus, fans want to find out if ‘About Time’ is a good Kdrama. Well, it definitely is a Kdrama that you can put on your watch list. ‘About time’ Kdrama is one of those dramas that will help you heal and gain motivation in rough times.

The message that “About time” gives is again a very precious one because it tells us the importance of time and how we should follow our dreams. It makes us want to love our life even more, and that is why this drama is so unique.

If you do not know, ‘About Time’ is a South Korean romance-fantasy drama that revolves around time. The Kdrama aired in 2018 on tvN and consists of a total of 16 episodes. Another exciting thing about the Kdrama is that the cast is packed with talented stars. First comes Lee Sung Kyung as Choi Michaela/ Mika, then we have Lee Sang Yoon as Lee Do Ha, along with him is Rowoon of the Netflix series “Tomorrow,” and Han Seung Yeon as Jeon Sung Hee. All these stars made it even more relatable and enjoyable for us to watch the series. Here is a more detailed ‘About time’ review, so make sure to watch it asap.

‘About Time’ Review: The Unique Concept Is Commendable

Of course, we have to appreciate the unique idea of the Kdrama in the ‘About Time’ review. The story revolves around Choi Michaela, who has a special ability to see the life span of people, including herself. But she finds out that when she comes closer to a man named Lee Do Ha, her time clock stops, which means that her time in the world could be extended. Therefore, she does everything to be close to him.

But, towards the end, we saw that when her time extended, Do Ha’s time declined. But, do not worry, because things turn out fine in the end and we get a beautiful ending. This concept is again very unique for a fantasy romance Kdrama, and that is why the viewers have loved it. Although it might seem a little slow-paced, it gets better with every episode.

About Time Review

Lee Sung Kyung and Lee Sang Yoon in “About Time”

‘About Time’ Raising Our Standards For Romance

The series really shows how love can change someone in a good way. In “About time”, we see how Lee Do Ha was just a business-minded person, who only thought about himself, and in general, he was a cold person. But Mika changed his life. When he finds out that Mika’s time could become less when she was around him, he even risked his own life. That is the biggest sign of a cold-hearted person turning selfless. He truly wanted to do anything in his power to save Mika, and the same was the other way round as Mika did everything to protect him as well.

Now let’s talk about our second couple as well, because this relationship between a guy and his noona is something that always makes our hearts melt. The Kdrama did a wonderful job in showing Wi Jin and Jeon Sung Hee’s romance too. This is one of the cutest second-lead couples who, many times, stole the spotlight in our hearts.

About Time Review

Rowoon and Han Seung Yeon in “About Time”

‘About Time’ Made Us Value Life Even More

Everything about the drama is just so inspirational and motivating that it makes us understand how precious our lives are. We feel that the drama wants to convey that life is short and we never know what will happen next, so let us live our lives to its fullest without any regret. This is such a simple thing, but we always need someone to keep reminding us in this busy and cruel world. If things are hard, you are allowed to take a rest because you are important. And that is why ‘About Time’ is a wonderful drama which should go on your watch list right now!

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