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20 Shows Like Heartstopper That Match The Energy

heartstopper nick nelson
'Nick Nelson in teen drama Heartstopper'

Heartstopper is a well-known Netflix show among LGBTQ supporters and those who believe that love is love. The show has been praised for its genuine and refreshingly optimistic portrayal of teen gay romance, featuring many queer and same-gender characters.

The plot revolves around two teenage boys; one of them is aware of his sexuality, but the other one needs acceptance of his love for the same sex. In the story plot, there are two young boys named Charlie and Nick. With time, they both discover that there is love between them apart from their same gender, which might affect their way of living in school.

There are two British teenage boys who have different personalities when it comes to accepting their liking for the same sex, and it is hard for Nick to accept his sexual orientation. The show supports the LGBTQ community and celebrates different types of identities.

Many students have faced many issues regarding knowing their identity and loving someone else. This is a perfect platform for those who want to be aware of their way of behaving when they are in the same situation as in Heartstopper, Nick and Charles faced. This drama has a lot of teen drama with a dose of love, romance, heartbreak, breakups, and friendships.

Final moments of Heartstopper Season 1


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