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RocKwiz Season 15 Episode 4: Release Date, Format & Streaming Guide

RocKwiz Season 15 Episode 4
RocKwiz Season 15 Episode 4 Release Date, Format And Streaming Guide

RocKwiz Season 15 of Episode 4’s release date is here. We will be reviewing everything about the upcoming episode via this post. By the end of this article, you will have learned the RocKwiz Season 15 Episode 4 release date and streaming guide.

The 2023 season of Australia’s original music trivia show ROCKWIZ will include multi-talented host Julia Zemiro, legendary music fan and comic Brian Nankervis, scoreboard dude Dugald, and a revamped RocKwiz Orkestra.

After a six-year absence from Australian television, the RocKwiz crew will bring their distinctive mix of trivia, comedy, and live music to Australian screens. The newest season will have eight episodes, a new look, a shortened 30-minute schedule, a new RocKwiz Orkestra, and a new look set that was shot before a live studio audience.

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What is the format of season 15 of RocKwiz?

Peter “Lucky” Luscombe (music supervisor and drums), Bill McDonald (lead guitar), Clio Renner (piano and backup vocals), and Olympia will make up the newly formed RocKwiz Orkestra (bass guitar and backing vocals).

RocKwiz Season 15 Episode 4

The orchestra. Cr: SBS

Every episode will adhere to the standard structure, with the RocKwiz presenters and Orkestra accompanied by competitors and two surprise guest stars who will each play solo before the episode is finished in a duet, giving viewers a completely distinctive musical experience.

To the varied lineup of licensed entertainment, cartoon, and comedy content offered on FOX8, including Harley Quinn, Last Week Tonight, Young Rock, Superman & Lois, Pennyworth, Saturday Night Live, and Taskmaster, RocKwiz would add locally commissioned programming.

The eight-episode television series RocKwiz was developed by Renegade Films specifically for the Foxtel Group and developed by Renegade’s K. Connor, P. Bain-Hogg, and comic Brian Nankervis. Melbourne will start production in November 2022.

What does the executive director say about the show?

According to Foxtel’s Executive Director of Entertainment, Marshall Heald: “RocKwiz presents a brilliant mix of live music, humor, and music knowledge essential to its widespread and enduring appeal. We are overjoyed to collaborate with the Renegade team and bring this cherished format back to Australian screens.

What does co-creator and co-presenter Brian Nankervis say about the show?

Brian Nankervis, a founder and co-host, said: “We miss the thrill, the challenge, and the pure fun of making brand-new series of RocKwiz, so we’re thrilled to be making them now.” In the six years that we have been touring our live show, we have kept and honed our abilities, grown as actors, and found new musicality that we can’t wait to share with our audience. A great mix of well-known musicians and promising newcomers will perform, and the contenders will show off astounding expertise.

What does co-host Julia Zemiro say about the newest season of the show?

Julia Zemiro, a co-host, said: You don’t often get a second chance at something. RocKwiz hasn’t appeared on television in a while, but we’ll be back to honor our contestants’ musical prowess. I’m eager to welcome back both upcoming and seasoned musicians to participate in the quiz and delight us with a surprise duet.

When is the RocKwiz Season 15 Episode 4 release date?

RocKwiz Season 15 of Episode 4 release date is March 17, 2023. RocKwiz Season 15 Episode 4 will stream via SBS in Australia at 6.20 p.m. EDT. However, fans across the globe can stream RocKwiz Season 15 Episode 4 at the following times and dates:

  • For Indian fans: 3:50 a.m. Indian Standard Time (March 18)
  • For British fans: 10:20 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time (March 17).
  • For Australian fans: 9:20 a.m., Australian Eastern Daylight Time (March 18).
  • For South Korean fans: 7.20 a.m. in South Korea (March 18)

Where and how can I watch RocKwiz Season 15 Episode 4 online?

RocKwiz Season 15 Episode 4 will premiere via SBS for audiences and fans in Australia. At the same time, fans from other regions or nations can also stream the show at the times and hours specified above via the streaming services listed here. The SBS app is the streaming service with which you can watch RocKwiz Season 15 Episode 4.

You need to get a VPN to access the said app since it is an Australian app and does not run internationally with ease. VPNs like Super VPN and Nord VPN are pretty popular across the globe for their friendly interfaces and affordable plans. Fans must get a VPN app and access the streaming option at the times we listed here.

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