Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 22: Release Date, Preview & Where To Watch

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Shark Tank Season 14
Kevin O'Leary is hyped by a sales pitch (Credit: ABC Network)

Shark Tank is one of those shows that never ceases to amaze, the premise is pretty straightforward, a group of aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their business and sales idea to a group of venture capitalists and billionaires, depending on how convincing is the pitch, the aspiring entrepreneurs will receive financing and coaching from the panel, which includes Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary among others. Now on the final leg of its fourteenth season, the show continues to give the opportunity for aspiring capitalists to bolster their businesses, provide quality products and services, and the financial freedom that a business entails.

This season saw the incorporation of Live pitches, more testimonies after the deal, celebrity guests, and lots of fights between Mark, Daymond, and Mark. If you like investments, novelty items, and the world of business-making, then this family-oriented show on ABC will captivate you, and with luck, you’ll eventually see some of the products and services showcased there on your featured Amazon home page! So, let’s take a look at what went down last week!

Shark Tank Season 14
Step into the Shark Tank (Credit: ABC Networks)

Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 21 Recap

The first pitch of the night is two dudes from Santa Monica, California asking 80 grand and their pitch is “Wild Berry” a berry that can change the perception of flavor, from sour to sweet, for example. The pitch consists of a dude eating up a lemon, and other sour flavors, taking the berry, and describing the taste. The Sharks take the berry and taste the flavors and are all amazed. Then, the round of questions ensues, Kevin wants to know how are they going to market this.

Lori wants to know what’s the sales pitch to the public, and Mark is wondering who’s going to buy it. In the end, Kevin doesn’t understand the business but Kevin makes a big pitch for a 33% stake and royalty sales, Daymond offers something similar but for no royalty. After that, Kevin drops the stake to 20% and leaves the royalty, and that makes Lori jump in for another offer. Mark is out and so is Barbara. But in the nick of time, Mark and Lori seal the deal. 

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Mental Health Struggles

The next aspiring entrepreneur wants 10% of the biz, and a quarter million dollars for “See The Way I See”, a brand aimed at ending the stigma surrounding Mental Illness, from hoodies, trinkets, stickers, pants, and keychains with positive messages, Sophie wants to conquer the world. The round of questions begins and Barbara seems interested, Kevin asks about numbers, but the moment Sophie says that she sold a quarter million dollars worth of hoodies in a day, all sharks want in. Kevin thinks Sophie is doing too well on her own and doesn’t need a shark, so he’s out. Daymond considers the same, that her business took off and there’s no point in helping her, so he’s out. Lori thinks the same, and she’s out too. 

Mark Cuban asks Sophie what being an entrepreneur means to her and she answers that is able to overcome her challenges and accomplish them. Mark considers that what Sophie does with her company is amazing, and he advises that she should let the community of buyers be the one that guides her in that journey, and Mark says he’d feel bad to take part in her company, so he’s out. We’re down to Barbara Corcoran, who shares the same idea, and Sophie goes home with no investors but with a lot of support. 

Shark Tank Season 14
Lori seems happy about a proposal (Credit: ABC Network)

Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 22 Release Date

Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 22 will release on Friday, 19 May 2023, at 8:00 PM Eastern Time United States on ABC. The episode will last one hour and is the final episode of the season. Below, you’ll find the time release schedules for other regions. 

  • Pacific US Time: 5:00 PM
  • Australian Time:
    • Sydney Time: 10:00 AM the next day (20 May 2023)
    • Melbourne Time: 10:00 AM the next day (20 May 2023)
    • Brisbane Time: 9:00 AM the next day (20 May 2023)
  • United Kingdom Time: 1:00 AM the next day (20 May 2023)
  • Singapore Time: 8:00 AM the next day (20 May 2023)
  • India Standard Time: 5:30 AM the next day (20 May 2023)
  • Central Europe Standard Time: 2:00 AM the next day (20 May 2023)
  • New Zealand Standard Time: 12:00 PM the next day (20 May 2023)
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Where To Watch Shark Tank?

New episodes of Shark Tank air Friday nights on ABC at the time specified above. You can stream the show from ABC’s website just login to that platform with your cable credentials or stream the show from ABC’s partner website Hulu the day after its air time. Lastly, the previous seasons of the show streamed on Directv Streaming and Fubo TV.

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