The Ark Episode 6: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

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The Ark Episode 5 recap
The Ark Episode 6 Release Date, Spoilers And How To Watch

The show’s fans are eager to learn about the new episode, and we will reveal The Ark Episode 6’s air date and streaming guide. But first, we will review the last episode before providing all the needed details.

Dr. Sanjivni Kabir was using medicines to help her fight fatigue. Lt. Spencer Lane interrupts Kabir as she is about to take another tablet. Dr. Kabir is thanked for her work on the ship, and he offers to watch over the medical facility so she can take a nap.

Lane climbs onto the med center logs once Kabir has left and looks for Lt. Sharon Garnet’s health records. Lane approaches Garnet after learning that she is a clone. Garnet dismisses Lane’s worries about her snapping, though.

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A quick recap

Lane raises with the council the question of who Garnet is. He insists that Lane take over command of the ship. Nevertheless, the council agrees as Garnet reveals she is a first-tier clone. Eventually, Garnet gives Eva the order to accelerate the ship to the speed of light. On either hand, it is advised that Lane goes to Cat Graham’s treatment sessions.

The Ark Episode 5 recap
A still from the show. Cr: Peacock premium

Lastly, Garnet orders Angus and Alicia to cooperate in weaponizing the chemical that hit Ark One. Eva gives Gregor, her second-in-command, instructions to address the engine’s problems to operate at light speed. She advises him to use the emergency brake lever if things go wrong.

In the meantime, Cat runs into Felix and wonders if Eva murdered Malcolm Perry. When Felix challenges Eva, she locks him in the same house Perry perished. She turns off the air in the room until Felix is on the verge of passing out before stating that if she had intended to murder Perry, she would’ve staged a heart attack instead.

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After Felix is certain Eva is not the murderer, he examines the ship’s logs and discovers additional clues. Gregor’s work goes awry in the engine compartment, and the radioactivity kills him before he can activate the emergency braking lever.

In another part of the episode, Lane talks with Cat and goes to his first therapy appointment, while Alicia and Baylor reconnect after their award-filled first date. Their encounter concludes with a kiss, but Baylor’s intentions remain unclear.

Eventually, Alicia and Angus collaborate to unravel the meaning of the enigmatic substance they found in Brice’s glove. After multiple simulations, the pair tries to militarize the element but is unsuccessful. Instead, they transform the component into a barrier that can recognize when Ark One is later attacked with a similar element.

Felix gets involved and detains Alicia after discovering her tab’s records tied to Perry’s death, halting their progress. Felix, though, is convinced that the real murderer is someone else. Eva discovers Gregor dead after learning about the incident in the engine room. She alerts Garnet to the predicament and remotely tries to operate the safety stop button from the bridge.

Eva is unsuccessful and decides that manual access to the lever is necessary. Felix dedicates that Baylor murdered Perry while accessing Alicia’s tab and attempting to frame Garnet in another place. As Garnet, Lane, and Brice mull over how to handle the exposure to radiation on the ship, Baylor is taken into custody.

We discover that Baylor triggered Malcolm Perry’s passing. Nevertheless, the crew’s focus is distracted by the radiation emergency in the engine room until we can learn more about his motivations. Brice offers to operate the lever, but Garnet declines.

The Ark Episode 5 recap
A still from the show. Cr: Peacock premium

She suggests doing the job herself, as her duplicate status might prolong her radiation protection. Lane, though, leaves the chat after getting a message. While we aren’t privy to their chat, Lane encourages the murderer to carry out the suicide mission when he meets Baylor.

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After some difficulty, Baylor reaches the engine compartment and pulls the lever to turn off the radiation and resolve the problem. Baylor, though, perishes as a result. Finally, we hear the exchange between Lane and Baylor, wherein the latter clarifies that the true purpose of his existence was to safeguard something much more significant.

The scene ends with Lane entering the hidden area Baylor had informed him about and finding two cryo capsules inside. William Trust, the enigmatic scientist with a massive ego who created the spacecraft, is in one of the pods.

The Ark Episode 6’s release date

The Ark Episode 6 release date is March 8, 2023. The Ark Episode 6 will stream via SyFy at 10 pm in the US. Other countries can watch The Ark Episode 6 at:

  • For the watchers in India: Next day, 8:30 am. Indian Standard Time
  • For the watchers in Australia: Next day, 2:00 pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time
  • For the watchers in Britain: Next day, 3:00 am, Greenwich Mean Time
  • For the watchers in Korea: Next day, 12:01 pm Korean Standard Time

The Ark Episode 6: How to Watch

The Ark Episode 6 will stream via Peacock Premium at the hours listed above. The fan must pay around five dollars to view the show.

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