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Read Overgeared Chapter 154 Release Date: True Blood Vampires Joins The Battle

Overgeared Chapter 154
Overgeared Chapter 154

Last Updated on November 9, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Overgeared Chapter 154 reveals the mystery behind the Vampire City and the Expedition Team. Lauel is worried before the Expedition Team heads out, but he realizes that Duke Greeed has regenerating powers, and even if Duke Greed dies, he will get revived. The intense battle at the Vampire City continues.

The warriors realize they must defend Duke Greed until he gets the experience potion. Jushika covers Duke Greed’s back, and he moves forward. She asks Regas to tell her the situation from his side. Regas notices something weird about Duke Greed. Jushika wonders if Duke Greed has acquired the experience potion.

Duke Greed appears from the other side, eating the best chocolate that shrinks his body. Regas realizes that Duke Greed will never throw away his childish behavior. Duke Greed receives a message that blocks toys to help a child’s development have been acquired. Regas admits that Duke Greed is enjoying what he is doing.

Jushika is disappointed since she has blocked the vampires from her side, and Duke Greed is yet to acquire the experience potion. Later, Duke Greed returns to norman and realizes he must reach level 300 to save one person. Duke Greed realizes that his reputation has dropped from 28000 to 6000.

He also received a message that he had failed and could try next time. Duke Greed works hard and receives a message congratulating him that he has acquired an experience potion and gained 20%exp for three days. Jushika notices that Duke Greed has powered up and realizes that Duke Greed has obtained the experience potion.

Bald Warrior

Bald Warrior

She warns the Expedition Team to move since they will attack from the front. As the battle continues, Jushika and Regas notice that they are fighting an army of high-rank vampires, and they are emerging in numbers. 

Previously On Overgeared Chapter 153

Jushika realizes that Duke Greed is yet to reach 100%, and they must defeat many high-0rank vampires for Duke Greed to reach 100% exp. Duke Greed talks with Venter wondering what Venter is doing. He reveals that there is only one person who can lure those vampires. After the high-rank vampire powers up their levels, Venter realizes he is in danger.

He calls out Duke Greed to help him deal with the army of vampires. Venter uses Guard of Steal, Wisdom, and Giant’s Blessing to punish the vampires. He asks Duke Greed to handle the vampires since he can’t hold them back. Duke Greed learns that the vampires are gathering using blood potions.

But they use the Storm of Eternity against them. The bald warrior joined the battle and used Sun Guard to smash the vampires. The vampire wonders why there is light since the city is dark and realizes they are deteriorating. They begin to burn from the sun and realize that they must distract the bald warrior who uses the sun’s powers.

Duke Greed and other warriors attacked and decided not to give vampires time to recover. Duke Greed comments that the battle will be over soon. Jushika summons the flaming powers and showers the vampire will Hell Flames. The vampires realize that they cannot stop that fire but will burn into ashes.

Jushika comments that the vampires will die sooner and reminds Duke Greed about his time. Damian summons the Great Sword, and Duke Greed wields the Great Sword. Duke Greed jumps up and uses Blacksmith Rage to conquer the vampires.

Overgeared Chapter 154

True Blood Vampire

He also summons the Transcended Link to finish all the high-rank vampires. Duke Greed defeats the high-rank vampires with a single slash as the Expedition Team watches. After sending the vampires to hell, Duke Greed reveals that it took him 12 hours to defeat the beasts. Jushika admits that her crush is powerful.

Overgeared Chapter 154 Release Date 

Overgeared Chapter 154 will be released on 15 November 2022. The warriors realize they have completed the mission and must head back. Jushika reminds Duke Greed to be careful next time and avoid costing anyone’s life. Duke Greed realizes that he has gained new powers and said next, it will be the cherry on top of the cake. Check out Overgeared Chapter 154 updates. 

Overgeared Chapter 154 Online – Raw Details

You can read Overgeared Chapter 154 online on the official websites. The true blood vampire Boras and Rujul arrives to avenge the race. Boras reveals that they will kill all humans. Duke Greed vs. True Blood Vampire continues in the next chapter of Overgeared. Let’s meet after Overgeared Chapter 154 is released. 

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