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Space Sweepers 2: Everything You Need To Know

Space-related films are one of the most fascinating films that are getting the attention of millions of fans globally and are one of the favorite categories of a lot of people and especially of teenagers as these types of movies fascinate and attract them the most. Space-related films are a common category for American or British films but this is the first time when a Korean space film was created and released and that received such a tremendous response that the creators of this series were for sure not expecting.

It was an experimental film for the Korean creators as this is the first space film of the Korean industry and their experiment has proved to be extremely successful for them and from here begins a new journey of some new concepts films in the Korean industry that will keep coming to entertain the viewers to the unexpected level. After such an amazing film, the viewers cum fans of this film are expecting a sequel in this film and for that, we have gathered a lot of details which we would like to share here with all the highly curious people for the sequel of this film.

Will Space Sweepers 2 Happen?

Space Sweepers 2 Release Date

Space Sweepers 2 can release anytime in 2022 or 2023, depending on the schedule of the cast and crew of this film. Although nothing is officially confirmed by Netflix or by the creators of this series as this film has recently released but as soon as some official update is provided by the creators regarding this film getting renewed for a sequel and all other important details then we will update you about all that on our site here.

Will Space Sweepers 2 Happen?

Cast & Crew

The first installment of this film series was having Song Joong-ki in the role of Tae-ho, Kim Tae-Ri playing the role of Captain Jang, Jin Seon-kyu in the role of Tiger Park, Yoo Hae-jin in the role of Robot Bubs, Richard Armitage playing as James Sullivan, Kim Mu-yeol playing the role of Kang Hyeon-u, Park Ye-rin in the role of Dorothy/Kang Kot-ni, and Kim Hyang-gi playing the role of Bubs’ new body in the lead roles and it is expected that they will definitely make a comeback if a sequel for this film happens which is most probably going to happen.

Jo Sung-hee is the director of this Korean space film and it is produced by Yoon In-beam and Kim Soo-jin in partnership with Bidangil Pictures and Dexter Studios. Yoon Seung-min, Yoo-Kang Seo-ae, and Jo Sung-hee are the writers of this Korean film and Kim Tae-Seong has managed all the music-related works for this film. Byun Bong-sun has managed all the cinematography work of this film and Nam Na-young and Ha Mira have managed all the editing work and all of them have performed their jobs extremely well.

Will Space Sweepers 2 Happen?

Plot & Recap

This film is completely set in 2092 that is in the future and almost 70+ years from now. The story which the creators of this series have tried to convey has been portrayed very perfectly that has reached the eyes and minds of the viewers completely and hence have received huge applauds. It was shown in the series that in the year 2092, the space was full of floating dangerous garbage materials like discarded satellites, deserted spaceships, and many other dangerous materials. The crew of The Victory then visits space.

Their motive of going to space was for looking out for the waste floating garbage that they can use to make some money and they were not alone to do so as people from others planest have also come there with the same motive and hence they have to compete with them to get off all the waster locating things and to defeat the rivals they can use the speediness of their craft. It was really entertaining to watch this film as a completely different concept was introduced first time in the Korean drama film and series industry.

This was all about the sequel of the Space Sweepers film that might soon happen and we have tried to cover almost everything in this post as soon as some more details are revealed by the creators of this film, then we will update all that on our site to the earliest so stay tuned if you do not want to miss any major update.

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