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Chris Evans Is Buzz Lightyear in the New Toy Story Spinoff!

To infinity and beyond! Toy Story is back, and they’re bringing Chris Evans with them! Chris will be playing Buzz Lightyear in the upcoming Buzz Lightyear Toy Story spinoff called Lightyear, expected to release June 17, 2022.

The funny thing is Chris Evans seems to be as excited as us for bagging this role; he took to Twitter to express his excitement overplaying the role; he says he always dreamt about working on something with Pixar, who hasn’t!

Just take a look at Twitter to see Chris Evans fanboying over everything; it is really something to see. Tim Allen, who voiced Buzz Lightyear in the previous movies, did a legendary job, the amazing voice acting is what made Toy Story what it is today, and Chris agrees with that 100%. He says the work Tim did on the character is untouchable, and he was actually surprised when they pitched him something like this.

He also took to Twitter to tweet an image from the movie and also to clarify something. The movie is about Buzz Lightyear, the human, his origin story. It is not about the toy. We weren’t expecting that; this just changed just about everything. This is an exciting concept to be seen explored.

What Pixar said was the whole concept of Buzz Lightyear was just a really cool guy from an epic blockbuster film; right about now, they decided to make that film a reality with the help of Chris Evans.

Buzz Lightyear movie

So this movie is going to act as a prequel to the Toy Story universe. Angus Maclane is going to direct this amazing film; he was also the co-director in Finding Dory. Seeing that he is used to the Pixar universe and knows how to make marvels, we know this movie is in good hands.

Some information for the number of people who haven’t watched Toy Story, which we hope is zero.

Toy Story is a classic, legendary animated film by Pixar about Toys who come to life when their owners aren’t around.

The movie revolves around Woody, voiced by Tom Hanks, who is a cowboy toy. He is his owner, Andy’s favorite toy, until he was replaced by a new and advanced toy, Buzz Lightyear. This leads to rivalries between the two toys, and Woody realizes that Buzz actually believes he is a real person and not a toy. Many unfortunate events unfold, and with a lot of teamwork, trust, and just plain comedy, the toys to go Infinity and beyond!

This announcement still has a lot of questions that need to be answered. With a few releases that have happened over the past decade, what they just said seems to be contradicting each other.

Years back, there was an animated show called Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command, which showed Buzz as a real space ranger and not a toy. Is that the route they are taking here? Is it about the real thing? Or when Pixar said they are making the film that the toy is made out of, is this a movie inside a movie, like a movie that the characters in the Toy Story movie go to see? Confused? Yes, so are we.

No need to panic; the film is set to release in 2022, so we’ll be receiving plenty of news shortly. The trailer hasn’t even dropped yet. Whatever the film may be based on, one thing is for sure we can’t wait! While you’re at it, make sure you read our recent on – Marvel’s Action with Disney! 

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