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Phantom of the Idol Episode 5 Release Date: Yuya Niyodo is in the Spotlight

Phantom Of the Idol Episode 5
Phantom Of the Idol Episode 5

Phantom of the Idol Episode 5 is on its way! This fantasy comedy anime has ticked the soft sport in the fan’s hearts from the day it was released. Phantom of the Idol is a unique anime based on the life of an Idol. Yuya Niyodo member of idol unit ZINGS, is one of the laziest Idol you will ever see. His efforts seem like a fish climbing up a tree! Utterly neglecting the feelings of his fans, he was known for his planned performances. That’s not how the Idol world work; it’s all about synergy, excitement, and popularity. Yuya is threatened by his manager to improve his performance and give fans what they want.

Of course, he was interested not in the least; he entered the industry because of his good looks and to earn easy money. On the verge of the collapse of ZINGS, Yuya found a ghost of the girl Asahi Mogami. A popular idol lost her life in a car accident a year before her encounter with Yuya. Her unfulfilled desire to be an idol for her fans once more is the reason why she was stuck in the mortal world even after her death. Fate gives her a second chance when she meets Yuya. He let use his body to perform on the stage as an idol one more time. He also benefited from it because he would get easy money, and that is all that he wants.

The next performance takes his fans by surprise, seeing their lazy idol full of energy and faithful to their fans. Truly an adorable sight, the sales skyrocketed, and now his manager and everyone is happy. But not long, let’s discuss what happened next?

Phantom Of the Idol Episode 5

Phantom Of the Idol Episode 5

Phantom of the Idol Episode 4 Recap

The last episode comes up with many exciting events! Although it was more focused on the fan base of ZINGS and other idols in the fest. An interacting fest in which fans compete to meet their respective idols and also play against them sometimes. So much is going on, and it all leads to funny moments. Fans are at war to win the tournaments. The four diehard fans of ZINGS were on a roll, it felt like some crazy monkeys were set free!

We witness the priceless conversation among the fans, which provides us with a sense of improvement in our idols. Also, we came to know that ZINGS boys are now going to participate in the big events. Fans are very excited about it, and so seems the idols!

Phantom Of the Idol Episode 5

Phantom Of the Idol Episode 5

Phantom of the Idol Episode 5 Release Date and Time

Phantom of the Idol Episode 5 will be released on 30 July 2022, Saturday. If we talk about the timings, it will be Sat, 30 July 2022 at 11:30 Japanese Standard time (JST). The US fans can enjoy watching Phantom of the Idol Episode 5 on Sat, 30 July 2022 at 7:30 am Pacific Time/ Sat, 30 July 2022 at 9:30 am Central Time/ Sat, 30 July 2022 at 10:30 am Eastern Time. And for our Indian fans, the episode will be available on Sat, 30 July 2022, at 8:00 pm Indian Standard Time.

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What to Expect From Phantom of the Idol Episode 5?

There is so much to expect, and we will now witness the ZINGS performing against the big guns. How will they perform against the popular idols and make their name for themself? The fan base of our idols is growing like wildfire in the forest! So they might end up in rivalry with other groups. Asahi Mogami is very serious about idols and wants to be the perfect idol that fans deserve, so we would love to see her effort to forge Yuya Niyodo into one.

Where to watch Phantom of the Idol Episode 5?

Phantom of the Idol Episode 5 will be available to watch on many Japanese broadcasting channels on 30 July 2o22. It will also be available to watch for worldwide users on streaming platforms like Crunchyroll and FunimationIncluding all the episodes previously released and the last seasons with original Japanese dub with English subtitles. I hope you enjoy watching it.

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