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Why Did Russell Wilson Leave Seattle Seahawks?

Denver Broncos

Why did Russell Wilson leave Seattle Seahawks? His sudden departure after playing for a decade, left everyone in shock. No, he has not retired from the sports but has switched the team. What made Russell take this step?

Starting from the basics, Russell Carrington Wilson is a versatile football player. Talking about his position, he plays as the quarterback. Last year, he joined Denver Broncos and has been doing good. Born on 29 November 1988, Russell is now 34 years old. He hails from Cincinnati, Ohio. 

After playing college football at Wisconsin, Russell Wilson made his professional debut with Seattle Seahawks in 2012. 

Talking about his achievements, Russell recently won the Bart Starr Award. Also, he won the Super Bowl Championship. Not to forget to mention that Russell also made it to the Pro Bowl, not once but nine times. It was in 2019 when Russell made it to Second-team All-Pro. That’s a brilliant winning! 

Coming back to Russell Wilson’s exit from Seattle Seahawks, a wide gap between him and the club became a major factor. What does that mean? It seems like there was a lack of trust. What went wrong?

If you are looking for the reason behind Russell Wilson leaving Seattle Seahawks, here is what we know. 

Why Did Russell Wilson Leave Seattle Seahawks?

Russell Wilson

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Reason Behind Russell Wilson Leaving Seattle Seahawks Revealed 

Well, Russell Wilson’s 10th NFL season with the Seattle Seahawks was more like a nightmare to him. Why? What happened?

Certain things stand out as the key factors for making a win. Right? Russell Wilson didn’t get those things or was not fully satisfied, for which he failed to win another Super Bowl. During his last season, he got badly affected by his fellow mates who were not supportive at all. 

It turned out ugly especially after Seattle Seahawks lost against New England Patriots. Well, it was not only Russell Wilson but also other players like Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch who retired. No, there were no replacements. 

Russell Wilson is undoubtedly one of the best NFL quarterbacks. Knowing this and being much more confident, he felt like he was not pocket-protected well by the Seattle Seahawks. Over the years, he proved himself several times and there was nothing else left. So, his expectations from the club were also quite high and it didn’t make up for it. 

Therefore, Russell signed a five-year contract deal with the Denver Broncos for $245 million. Not to forget to mention the extension with the guaranteed amount of $165 million. Russell Wilson felt like moving on from Seattle Seahawks would allow him to explore more opportunities. He also felt like he would get what he deserves. That was the reason behind Russell’s switch. 

Some fans felt like Russell Wilson made a drastic mistake by parting ways with Seattle Seahawks. What’s your say on this?

Concerning Russell’s debut with Denver Broncos, the quarterback said, “To be able to get this done before the season, to have it all done, is just a blessing.”

Why Did Russell Wilson Leave Seattle Seahawks?

Russell Wilson

Well, Russell Wilson’s departure from Seattle Seahawks made several headlines, many times on the internet. The head coach, Pete Carroll once shared that the club had no intention to trade him off. He said, “There was just so much compelling reasoning why he would stay, because of all the history and all the time spent.” In addition to that, Pete also said that he was pleased with the performances of all the players of his team who were under contract at that time. 

Briefly, we may say that Russell Wilson and Seattle Seahawks had “irreconcilable differences”. That turned out to be the major cause of his exit, even after so many years. 

Best Wishes to Russell Wilson for the upcoming days of his life. You may give Russell, a following on his Instagram account for more updates. 

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