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Gannibal Episode 6: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch


Gannibal Episode 6’s release date is here. If you are following this new Japanese horror cum thriller drama with all the dedication and are ready to learn more bout the new episode, you have come to the right spot. This post includes Gannibal Episode 6’s release date, recap, and streaming guide.

This manga-inspired show will feature a lot of killings and cannibalism. The said live-action adaptation was created by a director who studied under South Korean filmmakers. It can be seen in all the appropriate places.

The movie Gannibal is said to be a  live-action rendition of the corresponding manga series. Takamasa Oe wrote the screenplay, and Shinzô Katayama directed the movie. Just the director inspires me to see this. The story is interesting enough to make it worthwhile to watch.

Recently, Shinzô Katayama made the great horror-thriller Missing (2021). A total of seven episodes, each spanning one to thirty minutes, make up the entire series. Officer Agawa Daigo observes a serious issue with the town’s residents.

The plot also has a paranormal component. The Gannibal has amassed an enormous fan base in a relatively short time. The audience is engaged by its episode, and viewers eagerly anticipate the next one.

Gannibal Season 1: A Quick Recap

Policeman Daigo Agawa moves his wife Yuki and child Mashiro to the isolated mountain town of Kuge following a disastrous occurrence. The setting seems appropriate for the family’s grieving process, despite the inexplicable absence of a military officer stationed there.


The hamlet is built around the cypress wood industry, which provides a living for the locals. The Goto clan, who own the bulk of the village, is in charge of running the entire enterprise. An older woman’s body is a day found in the mountains.

Daigo sees a personal bite mark on her forearm, contrasting with the Gotos’ claim that a bear attacked her. Daigo fears for the safety of the neighborhood. Everyone is aware of the Goto family’s annoyance and seclusion. Everybody who attempts to enquire about the family disappears.

There are merely cases involving missing humans, as in “bones and everything.” Not when it comes to homicide cases. Or the Gotos had, at the very least, get away with it after a time. But the town now has a new sheriff. Or, to be more precise, a Chuzai!


In Kyokamura, wherever he resides with his daughter and wife, Agawa Daigo, a Gannibal police officer, is promoted to Chuzai (home police). Despite his incapacity to speak, the latter appeared to be in excellent health.

Following the former Chuzai’s mysterious disappearance, this new position is formed. Now that Agawa Daigo (Yûya Yagira) is the Chuzai of Kyokamura, he must solve the mystery surrounding the death of his predecessor. He quickly learns the awful truth about Hamlet via this procedure.

A cannibal custom that is still carried out in the community today. Despite its horrible and horrifying central premise, Gannibal is primarily a tale about characters. You’ll get to know many interesting people.


Although some are superior to others, they are all fundamentally defective, including the bold and young Chuzai.

When is the Gannibal Episode 6’s release date?

On December 28, 2022, the highly regarded Japanese drama series Gannibal debuted. But even after just a few episodes, a show’s season was scheduled due to its immense popularity. Fans are keen to learn when the following episode will air after seeing the most recent episode.

Gannibal Season 1, episode 6 will show on Disney+ on January 25, 2023, at 4 pm in the US. While fans from other regions than Japan can watch Gannibal Episode 6 at around 2.30 am IST (January 26), 8 am AEDT (January 26), 9 pm GMT, and 3 pm CST.

Gannibal Episode 6: How to watch

Gannibal Episode 6 will air on Disney+ for Japanese fans at 6 am JST on January 26, 2023. In contrast, the fun from other countries can stream easily via the Disney+ and Hulu app after matching their regions’ hours with those listed here.

The Gannibal Series is now available on Hulu & Disney Plus. A live-action movie was made from the well-known manga series Gannibal. Shinzô Katayama will direct the cinematic version of Takamasa Oe.

Try it just for the filmmaker. The plot by itself is interesting enough to warrant a viewing. The chapters of the seven-part series last an hour or a little over 30 minutes.

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