The Secret Romantic Guesthouse Episode 18: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

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The Secret Romantic Guesthouse Episode 18 Release Date
The Secret Romantic Guesthouse still. (Credits: SBS)

The Korean drama The Secret Romantic Guesthouse episode 18 has arrived, and fans are eager to discover more. In recent episodes, we got to witness the courtship of Kang San and Dan Oh. Then we saw how Shi Yeol and Hong Joo are no longer living together.

The Queen Dowager has, at last, rendered her decision, and all is proceeding as expected. Usually, things take a turn that no one expected. The audience is tremendously excited for the next episode.

The Secret Romantic Guesthouse, a popular project of SBS, made its debut on March 20, 2023. It received a great deal of audience support and rose to fame. The series’ two main characters are Yoon Dan Oh and Kang San.

She is depicted as residing with her sister and housekeepers at the mansion her deceased father left for her. She converted that house into a hotel called the Ihwawon Inn. It is the only source of money for her.

There are fewer visitors to her guesthouse despite the fact that it is situated in a well-known location where students frequently travel to study. Kang, Jung Yoo Ha, and Kim Shi Yeol were given to her as students.

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Recent episodes showed how the king appears to have been murdered at the royal hunting grounds by a man. King suffers a chest wound while the other round misses. Soon after this, the royal guards come to safeguard the monarch.

The Secret Romantic Guesthouse Episode 18 preview
The Secret Romantic Guesthouse still. (Credits: SBS)

Next, even Shi Yeol and Hong Joo were attacked by a gang of individuals. Despite being hurt, he continues to fight back. He kills everyone on his own. Despite everyone’s shock upon seeing the monarch unconscious, the ruler gave a smile. The individual is taken into custody by guards.

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Tae Hwa’s soldiers ask him about the identity of the guy who fought alongside them. Tae Hwa speculates that he might be the watchman who keeps an eye on Lee Seol. He orders them to find out more about the person.

Kang San has returned to the palace. He is imprisoned based on the king’s attack. They can prove it with the pouch that Kang San received from Dan Oh, but he doubts that it belongs to him.

The palace guard at the castle keeps this accident a secret. Nobody is weeping despite the fact that the king is severely injured. Next, we see that Kang San, as well as Jung Yoo Ha are talking about their difficult upbringings.

We get to learn Yoo Ha was abandoned and lacked family members to turn to for help. Kang San said We’d present them to their grandmother. Once she sees them together, she’ll be in shock.

The sword of the deceased Crown Prince was given to Kang San’s grandmother. His father had preserved it for him, he says. Yoo Ha apologizes for earlier deceiving her by pretending to be Lee Seol. Both of them express regret for what they did.

To meet the real Lee Seol, his grandmother, made him happy. It was touching to see her tearfully reunite with her long-lost grandchild. Dan Oh mentions Kang San as having departed the inn.

The Secret Romantic Guesthouse Episode 17 recap
The Secret Romantic Guesthouse still. (Credits: SBS)

We learned Dan Oh, and Kang San have both noticed that Shi Yeol is definitely concerned about something. He needs some privacy since he is irate and anxious. In the meantime, Tae Hwa is ready to capture the watchman.

The Secret Romantic Guesthouse, Episode 18: Release Date and Time

The Secret Romantic Guesthouse, Episode 18, will be released on May 16, 2023. Secret Romantic Guesthouse Episode 18 will debut around 10 p.m. KST in Korea only on SBS. While viewers and fans from other countries will need to save the date and these hours to watch episode 18 of The Secret Romantic Guesthouse,

  • (Canada) Pacific Standard Time: 6:00 a.m. (May 16, 2023)
  • (US) Central Standard Time: 8:00 a.m. (May 16, 2023)
  • (Mexico) Eastern Standard Time: 9:00 a.m. (May 16, 2023)
  • (UK) Greenwich Mean Time: 1:00 pm (May 16, 2023)
  • (India) Indian Standard Time: 6:30 p.m. (May 16, 2023)
  • (Thailand) Thailand Time: 8:00 p.m. (May 16, 2023)
  • (China) China Standard Time: 9:00 p.m. (May 16, 2023)
  • (Japan) Japan Standard Time: 10:00 p.m. (May 16, 2023)
  • (Australia) Australian Central Daylight Time: 10:30 p.m. (May 16, 2023)
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How to watch The Secret Romantic Guesthouse episode 18

Wavve and the SBS network channel in Korea both offer to stream The Secret Romantic Guesthouse, Episode 17. However, Viki and Viu provide access to it worldwide. You need to have a Viki Pass, which costs $4.99, in order to watch the episodes on Viki.

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