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11 Best Anime That You Can Watch On Netflix

animeaThe demand for anime is increasing exponentially globally, and most of the large entertainment-providing hubs started including anime in their serving list. It is safe to assume that anime is a billion-dollar market across the world, and it is expected to increase even more in the coming years. Recently, In the countries like India, where anime wasn’t that big thing for streaming service providers now started broadcasting anime in the region that too in regional languages. For instance, Dragon Ball Super started airing on a popular channel, Cartoon Network, and Naruto is soon going to be broadcast on a very popular kids entertainment channel, Sony YaY!

When Anime is expanding this much in the world, How can Netflix stay behind? Netflix is giving extra attention to anime for quite a long time, and they also have a separate section for anime on their platform. Well, in this article, we will list down some of the best animes that you can watch on Netflix. Some listed anime may not be available in certain regions due to geo-restrictions, so let’s begin.

11. Eden

Well, at least once in your life, you surely thought about what would happen if AI took over this world, and this anime will quench all of your mind fantasies related to the robotics world and their civilization. They have established a new town called Eden 3, and it’s been over 1000 years since humans have been on earth. But as the saying goes, there will always be good folks, and the same goes for the machines. Two robots raise a human child (How they got a human baby is a mystery for now). The story of this anime is indeed sweet and heartwarming, and you will fall in love with this anime. You should definitely watch this anime if you haven’t yet.


Best Animes That You Can Watch On Netflix – Eden

10. Naruto

Naruto is one of the most popular shonen anime on this planet, and there are high chances that you definitely heard about this. Following the concept of Ninjas in a unique way, Naruto will motivate you and make you work on your dreams rather than focusing on the difficulties. Naruto can be a great journey for you as this anime has crazy action, adventure, and many emotional moments. You will fall in love with each of its characters, and some of the characters will make you cry when they depart. It is a must-watch anime if you are into the shonen genre.

Naruto and Kurama

Best Animes That You Can Watch On Netflix – Naruto and Kurama Cr: Naruto

9. Komi Can’t Communicate

Komi Can’t Communicate is a beautiful anime you shouldn’t miss. The anime is based on a very shy girl Komi who found herself unable to express her emotions in front of anyone. She can’t even communicate with anyone due to her shyness. Even though she has decided to make 100 friends in school and her first friend Tadano helps her to make it happen. Will she manage to make 100 friends or not? You have to watch the anime to find out. Overall the anime is wonderful and make you laugh in many instances.

Komi Can't Communicate

Best Animes That You Can Watch On Netflix – Komi Can’t Communicate
Cr: Netflix

8. Kaguya Sama: Love Is War

Another masterpiece that Netflix has in its arsenal is Kaguya Sama: Love Is War. This anime is one of the best rom-com and surely a must-watch for all rom-com lovers. The best part of this anime is its concept. The story is based on two major characters of the series, Kaguya and Shirogane. Both started to love each other but couldn’t confess it due to their ego. Now, they have to do something so that the other one confesses first, and the whole anime is based on this concept. The anime also has some other interesting characters like Chika and Ishigami that will surely make you smile.

Kaguya Sama

Best Animes That You Can Watch On Netflix – Kaguya Sama: Love is War

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7. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

If you want to experience the beauty of flowing animated frames and flawless action, then Demon Slayer is a must-watch anime. The series is so good that it has already broken many existing records already and has a huge fan following worldwide. The story of this anime is based on a young boy Tanjiro whose family got slaughtered by Demons, and his sister turned into a half-demon. He decided to cure his sister and kill Muzan, the highest among all the demons. Will he be able to kill Muzan and help his sister to turn back into humans? You have to watch the anime to find out.

Demon Slayer

Best Animes That You Can Watch On Netflix – Demon Slayer

6. Code Geass

If you love the concept of anti-hero, then Code Geass is for you. Your ideology will decide the protagonist of this anime, and you will eventually fall in love with Lelouch apart from what he did for his country and people. The story has the concept of mecha, so you will also see some of the humans fighting in robotics armor. You can expect good action, crazy dialogues, and, most importantly, tons of emotional scenes from this anime. The twists and turns will always overcast the tense situation, and that’s the MSP of this anime.

Code Geass

Best Animes That You Can Watch On Netflix – Code Geass

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5. One Punch Man

if we are talking about the best and cool anime, then we can’t miss One Punch Man on our list. This anime is an example of how an overpowered character can make the series super hit. The story of this anime is based on a young man known as Saitama, who undergoes very rough training and becomes invincible. Now, he can’t be defeated by anyone, and his single punch can send anyone to another world. The anime is based on a very unique concept and filled with comedy, action, and great animations. The BGM of the anime is excellent, and some of the frames look super smooth.

One Punch Man

Best Animes That You Can Watch On Netflix – One Punch Man

4. Jujutsu kaisen

Jujutsu kaisen is one of the most popular anime. As this anime is developed by Mappa Studio, the quality of the animations is top-notch, and the characters of this anime are fan-favorite. The story of the anime is based on the incident when a certain guy called Itadori Yuji ate one of the talismans of Sukuna, the most powerful evil spirit. Now, he has to find all the other parts of Sukuna to contain him in his body; otherwise, he will turn the world upside down. This anime also has many other important characters like Gojo, who will make you fall in love.

Jujutsu kaisen

Best Animes That You Can Watch On Netflix – Jujutsu kaisen

3. Haikyuu!

According to some fans, Haikyuu is the best sports anime to date, and this is the perfect dose of sports action and storytelling. The story gives a good amount of attention to each of its characters, and no one feels left out in the storyline. The protagonist of the series, Hinata, sets a great example of how anyone can become the best irrespective of their conditions and body type. The series is currently ongoing, and the next season is in the pipeline.


Best Animes That You Can Watch On Netflix – Haikyuu!

2. One Piece

Last but not the least, One Piece. One of the longest shonen on this planet. The story is excellent, and the series is still ongoing, so you can still catch up with the current flow. The story is based on the concept of pirates and marines. The major protagonist of the series, Monkey D. Luffy, accidentally ate Gomu Gomu no Mi from Shanks’ treasure and gained the powers of rubber. Shanks motivates him to become the best pirate ever, and then he decides to become the King of Pirates. Along the way, he found his own pirate crew with talented crewmates. The anime has more than 1023 episodes, whereas Manga has 1053 chapters currently. The series is preparing for its final saga, and without a doubt, One Piece has the most diverse storyline.

One Piece

Best Animes That You Can Watch On Netflix – One Piece

1. Spy x Family

The series aired recently and gained huge popularity in a very short time. The daily chores of the Forger family are fun to watch, and the center of the attention is always Anya. Her cuteness can attract anyone. The story of this anime is started by Loid Forger, who has been assigned with a secret mission called Operation Strix. He had to find a family at all costs to execute this operation, and then he adopted Anya from an orphanage. Later, he met with Yor and asked her to become her fake wife. Slowly, they started caring for each other genuinely. The most important thing to mention here is, The Forger family is not just an ordinary family, but each of its members is special. You will get all the points when you watch the Spy x Family anime, so you mustn’t wait for spoilers and should give this anime a try.

Spy x Family

Best Animes That You Can Watch On Netflix – Spy x Family

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