Lily Collins as Emily

Emily In Paris Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Trailer

Emily in Paris is a new upcoming television show by Paramount Network. This post is dedicated to this new television show. We’ll discuss all the details and when it will come out. Also, you will find some Emily in Paris spoilers in this post as well, if you do not like to read spoilers then I may suggest this is not the post for you. However, if spoilers do not bother you, then carry on reading the post.

Emily in Paris Season 1 Plot

Emily in Paris is a show which will have both a bit of comedy and a bit of drama in it as well. The main character of the story is a girl named Emily. She hails from The United States of America, but she has recently moved to France to take up her new job.

The show will focus on how difficult it will be for her to adjust to a new culture and environment. Her employers want her to bring in fresh ideas to the table with a viewpoint of an outsider. Emily, at first, will find it hard settling down in Paris, but this is exactly what will also make this show interesting.

What is Emily in Paris Season 1 Release Date?

Emily in Paris season 1 official release date is yet to be confirmed, but what is confirmed that the show is bound to come out in 2020. Some sources say that the show will be out in April or May, but that is still not a concrete piece of news. The first season of Emily in Paris will be having a total of ten episodes.

The show was announced back in September 2018 by Paramount Network. Then after some months, it was announced that Lily Collins would play Emily in the show. It was announced in April 2019 that Lily Collins would play the lead in the show. The actual filming of the show began in August 2019 in Paris, France. Hopefully, the show will be a joy to watch. As soon as the release date is confirmed, we’ll share it with you all here at Otakukart.

Lily Collins as Emily

Emily In Paris Season 1 Trailer

As of now, there is no trailer for Emily In Paris Season 1; we will update this part as we have a trailer.

Emily in Paris Season 1 Cast Details

The main role of Emily is being played by Lily Collins. Other cast actors include Ashley Park as Mindy Chen, Philippine Leroy Beaulieu, Samuel Arnold, Lucas Bravo, Camille Razat, Bruno Gouery, Kate Walsh, William Abadie, and Arnaud Viard. Darren Star is the creator of the show. The show will be originally made in the English language. Surprisingly, Lily Collins herself seems to be the producer of the show, which is a bit strange.

Some might say that she made up a show just to cast herself, that is, if the show will turn out to be a bad one. Executive producers of the show include Darren Star and Tony Hernandez. Production companies of the show are Jax Media and Darren Star Productions.