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Yumi’s Cells Episode 4: Release Date, Recap & Preview

Yumi’s Cells Episode 4
Yumi’s Cells Kdrama 2021

Yumi’s Cells Episode 4 is releasing soon! The rom-com with adorable Cells Yumi’s Cells kdrama has become the talk of the town with its recent love progress! The latest episode displays a light but sweet flow between the leads. As usual, Yumi’s Cell introduces a new Cell in the last episode, which plays a crucial role. It is entertaining to watch those lovable Cells representing human nature which is a realistic yet artistic concept. We have to give an extra brownie point to the webtoon writer for coming up with such a unique yet fun-loving theme.

The last episode of Yumi’s Cells shows the sweet-bitter first date of Yumi and Woong. Sweet because they both enjoy the date, making the audience envious of their chemistry. Bitter since their date ends up creating havoc in Yumi’s Cell Town and breaking our sweet Woong’s heart. After their date, Woong makes every attempt to grab a chance for the next date. However, because of Yumi’s Hysterius Cell, everything gets downfall! Even Ruby finds about their date, Yumi’s health worsens, Sae Yi plants seeds of confusion and doubt in Woong’s mind. So much happens, yet Woong ends up doing what he wants, and he wants to be with Yumi. So, here we go. By the ending, Woong comes to embrace heartbroken Yumi, soaked emotional struggle rainfall!

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Yumi’s Cells Episode 3 Recap

Yumi’s Cells Episode 3 begins where the previous episode ended. Yumi and Woong continue their first date. After coffee, they go for dinner, where she discovers that Woong has been considerate of her. There are numerous incidences, such as he ignores when her stomach rumbles due to Hunger Cell, he even gives her an apron, so her clothes do not get any stains. His gentle nature captures every Yumi’s Cells’ heart except Emotion Cell. After dinner, Yumi wants to end their date, but Woong offers to go to a frog festival. Ultimately, they go to the frog festival and even enjoy a pretty good time together. Even Emotion Cell begins to like Woong in the end. However, suddenly Yumi’s mood gets down because Hysterius Cell has returned!

Yumi’s Cells Episode 4

Yumi’s Cells Ep03 featuring Hysterius Cells

Hysterius Cell lives alone in a deep valley called the Ravine of Subconscious, where Hysterius Cell gathers Yumi’s stress and creates weapons. Once reach the limit, he comes and causes disturbance in Yumi’s Cell Town. Therefore, Yumi ends the date, leaving confused Woong alone. Yumi’s Cells Episode 3 recap shows Woong messages her, but she replies very late on the next day. Thinking she may not have liked his beard, he even shaves! So sweet of him! It shows how much he has begun to like her! Due to stress, not eating anything, and Hysterius Cell, Yumi’s condition worsens with each passing minute. Ruby is not even helping here. After knowing about Yumi’s date, Ruby talks about how perfect the couple Yumi and Woong appear to be all day.

Eventually, Yumi decides to leave when her health condition gets out of hand. Woong talks about his newly started love life with his colleagues/friends, Sae Yi and Louis. Sae Yi bluntly states that Yumi does not like him and provides a negative yet correct direction. Negative because she seems to have some different motives and correct since Yumi does not want to talk to him is true. As Yumi’s Cell Episode 2 comes near the end, Yumi leaves the office, but Ruby follows her and annoys her to the point, she could not handle it. Ultimately Yumi let off her emotion, stress, pain, heartbreak while dampened in a rain shower. However, someone comes to cover her, protect her, embrace her as she is. Therefore, Yumi’s Cells Episode 2 ends with Woong sheltering Yumi from rain and Ruby’s annoyance, ending the episode on a sweet note!

Yumi’s Cells Episode 4

Ep03 of Yumi’s Cells ending scene

Yumi’s Cells Episode 4 Release Date

Yumi’s Cells Episode 4 will be released on 25 September 2021 at 10.50 pm KST on the tvN. It contains sixteen in total, with the first three episodes already been broadcasted. Yumi’s Cells was dropped on 17 September 2021. Each episode runs for 60min duration. Yumi’s Cells is also released via TVING (a streaming media). Every new episode of Yumi’s Cells drops on Friday and Saturday only on the tvN channel. The first two episodes have captured many viewers’ hearts. If you have not begun it yet, start now! Watch the rom-com kdrama Yumi’s Cells along with Yumi and her adorable Cells!

Watch Yumi’s Cells Episode 4 Online- Streaming Details

If you live in South Korea, watch Yumi’s Cells Episode 4 on the tvN channel at 10.50 pm KST. International fans do not have to worry since the drama is available on Viki. International viewers can directly watch Yumi’s Cells with English subtitles without creating an account on Viki’s website. However, if you have the Viki app, you have to create an account, and then you are all set to watch Yumi’s Cells!


Yumi’s Cells Episode 4 preview is already dropped! Episode 4 preview looks as promising as the previous one. Due to her low sugar level, Yumi faints, and Woong, who stays beside her, will carry her to the hospital. It clearly shows how concerned he looks for Yumi in the preview. The hospital staff mistakes him as Yumi’s boyfriend, which will delight him and make Yumi shy. It seems his worry, care, and thoughtfulness for Yumi will melt her heart, and slowly she will let down her guard.

Yumi’s Cells Episode 4

Yumi’s Cells Ep04 preview

The next episode will also Sae Yi getting jealous of Woong and Yumi’s closeness. At a time, it is difficult to know what she feels about Woong. Is it only worry for a colleague or friends or more than that? Also, we are getting a second date in the next episode! All Cells will dance in glee! Love Cell and Deep Feeling Cell will be saved in Episode 4! Finally, love is blossoming in Yumi’s life! To know more, watch Yumi’s Cells Episode 4.

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