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Who Is Adam Curry? The Man Rightfully Titled ‘The Podfather’

Who Is Adam Curry?
The Original Podcaster

Whether you’ve seen him as MTV’s countdown host or on Joe Rogan’s podcasts, you’ll agree that Adam Curry is one of the calmest and most intriguing podcasters that have been around for a long time. Being one of the very firsts in his genre, he worked on the platform even before some of the current podcasters were born, showing just how much of an icon he is.

Adam Curry is a well-known media personality and an entrepreneur who has been the brain behind several companies, some of which have failed and some which brought in huge profits. He has had an interesting relationship with the internet and has always used it as a platform where he could create several businesses.

Asides from his internet businesses, Adam’s career has also included work as a DJ and later a VJ for mainstream channels and radio stations. Throughout his job, he was able to interview A-list celebrities and singers. Some people may recognize him as the man who would host the “Top 20 Video Countdown” show, which used to air back in the times when MTV used to play music videos.

Who Is Adam Curry?

Adam Curry on MTV (Credits: MTV)

As of 2023, Adam has appeared alongside Joe Rogan in his Podcast that talks about various mysterious and daily events. It’s always interesting to see the podcast with both Joe and Adam hosting the episode. He has been on the podcast around five times now.

The DJ & VJ: Adam Enters The World Of Radio

Born in Virginia in the year 1964, Adam and his family moved to the Netherlands when he was just eight and stayed at the place until the year 1987. When he was a teenager, he started working at radio stations as a job. These radio stations include Radio Picasso and Radio Decibel. He would often be a part of these shows with the name John Holden. 

His broadcasting career took off with the help of the music-based show Countdown‘s Dutch version. He continued his work as a radio station host, but this time with the Radio Stations Veronica and Curry and Van Inkel Radioshow.

Adam Curry: MTV & The Internet

His great performance on the radio led him to be selected as a Video Jockey for MTV in the year 1987. He would often appear between songs and would talk about them. On MTV, Adam Curry became the prime host of two shows, Headbangers Ball and Top 20 Video Countdown. During his time on the show, Curry was able to get an interview with popular names such as Michael Jackson and The Beatles star Paul McCartney.

While his career grew at MTV, Adam continued his radio work and was working with WHTZ and HitLine USA at the time. He also hosted his show for Entertainment radio which lasted from the years 1991 to 1994.

Curry always knew the potential of the internet, which caused him to invest in many businesses that operated through it. He created a website for MTV, which he used as a platform to talk about its shows. Although his seniors allowed it at the time, they sued him for the domain when he left the company. He left MTV to work on his project, named OnRamp, which helped people in portal designing. The company was successful, and he ended up selling it to Think New Ideas Inc. 

Who Is Adam Curry?

(Credits: MTV)

After OnRamp, Curry worked on a platform that revolved around video sharing, which went on to have around 9 million viewers. Its name later changed to Mevio, and now it’s known by the name BiteSize TV, which operates in California.

A Look Into Adam’s Personal Life: Connections With The CIA

Adam then became a part of Adam Curry’s Podshow (2005-2007) and No Agenda show (2007). He became involved in many other podcasts and continues to be a part of them now. Curry first married Patricia Paay in 1989, but the couple split in the year 2009. His next marriage was with Micky Hoogendijk, which lasted from 2012 to 2015.

His uncle is reportedly a CIA Official who also works as an ambassador in Korea. Although his name is Donald Gregg, Curry mentions him in his podcasts by the name Uncle Don.

He was recently seen on the podcast with Joe Rogan, where he talked about various things, such as the TikTok Ban, Twitter’s FBI Links, and his inability to smoke a cigar due to his teeth rotting out and causing an infection. We might see more of this interesting man in the coming years.

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