Chains of Heart Episode 3: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Watch

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Chains of Heart

The release date of the Thai BL, Chains of Heart episode 3 is here! The Thai BL, Chains of Heart premiered its first episode on February 18, 2023. Since its debut, the series has received a sizable amount of viewership. The interesting narrative, the suspense, the chemistry between the actors, and the action have successfully captivated the audience.

For those who missed the last episode, let us go through the recap of the previous episode of Chains of Heart, before the premiere of the latest one.

Chains of Heart Episode 2 opens with Ken, Payu, and Hin discussing the attack on Ken, which we saw in the first episode. Payu tells Ken that the smugglers who were behind Din and Ken years ago, are now following Ken, after discovering Din’s body. All seem to be concerned about Ken’s safety.

In between the discussion, Hin asks Payu about Mr. Tee’s identity and his reason for helping Ken. From the note, that Ken received earlier, they could only figure out that Mr. Tee is Chinese as the note is written in that language.

Ken, Hin and Payu
Chains of Heart Episode 2

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Chains of Heart Episode 2 Recap

Next, Ken goes to his room and thinks about his attack, where an unknown masked person came to his rescue. He tries to figure out his identity but fails.

The next day, at the restaurant, Ken’s father informs Ken that he went to the corner building, and liquidated Mr. Wang’s building to open another branch of the restaurant. When Ken says that they cannot handle the rush of this restaurant only, then how will they manage another one? To this, Ken’s father says that he is opening another brand as a Thai restaurant for Ken, as he always wanted to open one. He wants Ken to move forward with his life. But, Ken says that he is not ready yet for new changes.

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Later, Mr. Lue visits Ken’s restaurant to have Thai food, which surprises Ken. At first, Ken tries to reject Mr. Lue’s order by making an excuse that it is a Cantonese restaurant, and his father, who is the owner and the chef, does not know how to cook Thai food much. But when Mr. Lue says that the waiter told him that he can order Thai food, Ken says that he is the chef who cooks Thai food. When Mr. Lue says that he wants to have a Northern dish, Ken takes the order.

Mr. Lue and Ken
Chains of Heart Episode 2

Ken serves Khao Soi Gai to Mr. Lue, the taste of which impresses Lue. As Ken is about to leave, Mr. Lue stops him and wipes his hands as it had stains of food, both the men share a moment. Their moment (eye contact) is soon interrupted by Deedee, Ken’s assistant. Deedee is followed by Payu and Hin. Hin and Deedee suspect something is going on between Ken and Mr. Lue. Ken denies it and introduces Mr. Lue to the three of them as his friend. Meanwhile, Mr. Lue feels uncomfortable and leaves.

Later, when Ken comes to see off Hin and Payu at the entrance of the restaurant, Hin gets a call from his sister, Sai. She informs him that Nok Gang got caught by the police, which shocks Hin as well as Ken.

Then, we see a flashback, where Ken and Din are seen unconscious by a river, after falling down the cliff after being shot. Eventually, both gain their senses and are in immense pain. Din confesses his love for Ken and tells him that he has to survive for him. After saying these words, Din stops breathing and Ken is left there crying.

Back to the present, Ken is crying and sitting in his room. He reminisces about the moment when Ken and Din got intimate for the first time. Following this, he thinks about the moment when Din was shot by the smuggler. These thoughts anger and frustrates Ken.

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Din's friends
Chains of Heart Episode 2

On the next day, at Din’s funeral ceremony, Mangpor, Plang, and Guy discuss that they still can’t believe that Din is dead, and Ken cannot come for his funeral. At that moment, Sai arrives there and tells them to talk about Din when they get home as everyone is listening.

At that moment, Hin arrives there followed by Boon. Boon asks Hin to meet him after the funeral as he has something to talk about, which surprises Hin.

Then we see, Payu, Hin, Mangpor, Guy, and Plang again discuss Din’s death over text messages. They seem to be doubtful about Din’s death. As they are texting, the police officer who caught the Nok gang arrives at the funeral with Ae.

Next, we see Din’s father greeting the chief of police. As they are about to go to pray near Din’s coffin, Ken arrives there. Ken’s entry shocks everyone. Din’s father asks Ken about his health and where has he been all this while. The chief confirms from Din’s father whether Ken is Din’s friend, who disappeared.

At Din's funeral
Chains of Heart Episode 2

Confirming this, Chief goes to greet Ken. But as soon as he places his hand on Ken’s shoulder, Ken twists his hand in self-defense. When everyone stops Ken, Ken realizes his action and apologizes, saying that he did not mean to do it. Ken seems to be panicking.

Later, after the Chief finishes praying, Hin, Din’s father, and Guy apologizes to him on behalf of Ken. Guy reasons that as Ken has kept to himself for a long time, whenever he meets a stranger, his PTSD symptoms start showing up. Chief says that he understands and asks the inspector, standing beside him, to take Ken for identifying Din’s culprit.

On the other side, we see Ken breaking down in tears in front of Din’s photo. He begs Din to come back to him and meet him again.

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Din and Ken
Chains of Heart Episode 2

At night, we see Ken praying at a temple. He is reminded of his sweet moments with Din, how he used to take care of Ken, and told him about the story of the relationship between a coward and a weaver girl.

As Ken is seen praying, we also see, a man wearing a helmet, to cover his face, coming inside the temple. He suddenly attacks Ken. They have a fight. The attacker threatens Ken to stop whatever he is trying to find, or else he will be killed. Ken fights back, and as Ken gets an upper hand in the fight, he tries to open the shield of the helmet to identify the man. The episode ends with Ken opening the helmet of the attacker, and is shocked to see him.

To know the identity of the attacker, you have to watch the next episode which will be premiering soon.

Chains of Heart Episode 2

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Chains of Heart Episode 3 Release Date

Chains of Heart Episode 3 will be released on March 4, 2023, at 10:40 pm in Thailand. Each episode is around 45-50 minutes long. For international audience, the time schedule is given below:

  • Indian Standard Time: 9:10 pm
  • Korean Standard Time: 12:40 am (Next Day)
  • Philippines Standard Time: 11:40 pm
  • British Standard Time: 4:40 pm
  • Australian Standard Time: 2:40 am (Next Day)

Chains of Heart Episode 3 Streaming Guide

Chains of Heart Episode 3 will be premiering on the Thai television channel, Channel 3 at the above-mentioned timings. The uncut version of the episodes of the series is released on iQIYI App. You can stream all the episodes on this app with a VIP subscription. 

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