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Where To Watch The Swarm Episodes? Streaming Guide

The Swarm Streaming Guide
The Swarm (Credits-Guardian)

The Swarm is smashing popularity records. The show has attracted millions of views. This German series based on mysterious creatures of the deep sea ocean garners a good response. The series showcases how humans wage a battle against creatures resting in deep waters. 

The Swarm has been made with a record budget and has been part of many film festivals. Humans have always been fascinated with the creatures of the deep ocean. The research has been insufficient in finding the existence of these creatures. The swarm series delves into the same. An unusual creature that is unknown to mankind is posing a major threat. 

This movie is an ecological thriller and aims to address the uncaptured and unspoken. The episodes track intriguing and amusing developments across the oceans. Everyone seeks answers in science to solve mysterious happenings. 

The Swarm

The series showcases how humans manage to wage a battle against creatures resting in deep waters. (Credits-Guardian)

The Swarm Episode Guide

Episode 1: March 6, 2023

Charlie Wagner is an aspiring biologist with a special interest in marine life. He has to survey the remote Shetland Islands. Charlie reaches the islands and is stunned one day when he finds huge deposits of methane ice. Methane ice exists quite deep in water. But on the Shetland Islands, the ice was floating on the surface.

Amusing incidents rock the world. A Peruvian fisherman is killed by fish, and some whales are spotted on Vancouver Island. The silent orcas become aggressive, and one of them is killed while attacking the fishing boat. The sea is smitten with chaos. 

All these amusing incidents startle Leon Anawak. Leon is out in the sea to check on the happenings. Leon’s friend Lizzie is on a boat trip with several tourists. They are all unaware of the mysterious creature about to create chaos. 

Episode 2: March 6, 2023

Whales are becoming increasingly aggressive and waging attacks on tourists. Lobsters are displaying unusual behavior. Dr. Johanson finds multiple ice worms reproducing at a furious speed. Charlie is unaware of the tragedy which is about to unfold. 

the swarm

Charlie Wagner is an aspiring biologist with a special interest in marine life (Credits- ZDF)

Episode 3: March 7, 2023

The jellyfish population has increased to a mammoth extent. Cecile Roche believes that some mysterious creature is wreaking havoc. Charlie’s best friend is missing. Anawak is busy digging into details of the whale attacks.

Episode 4: March 7, 2023

The French Atlantic coast is struck with an amusing situation. A commission is constituted to look into it, and Cécile Roche must report it. 

Episode 5: March 8, 2023

Dr. Cecile Roche’s research shows that the crabs have been infected with a particular bacteria. These same bacteria have infested drinking water through lobsters across the coast. 

Episode 6: March 8, 2023

Dr. Roche reveals the striking truth that the drinking water supply was in danger. He chairs a UN Meeting, which is attended by both Charlie and Johanson.

Episode 7: March 9, 2023

The Artic is the new hotspot, as several Yrr signals are found there. Anawak and Crowe are amused to find this and consider the options to establish some connection with those Yrr signals. 

Episode 8: March 9, 2023

Aito Mifune demands to know what has been achieved by the research happening at the Thorvaldson. 

The Swarm

Cecile Roche believes that some mysterious creature is wreaking havoc. (Credits-ZDF)

The Swarm Streaming Guide

The Swarm is a German production; all the episodes are available on ZDF, a German-based cable tv connection. All episodes are available for free. There are many other options to watch this series. The production team has licensed the series to France Télévisions (France), RAI (Italy), Movistar  Hulu Japan, and SRF (Switzerland)

Is The Swarm Streaming In The USA?

The USA audience is eager to watch The Swarm. Right now, no major streaming giant is airing The Swarm. The Swarm team has negotiated with mostly European streaming giants and cable broadcasters. But they will air the content in other countries as well. 

But the good news is that Viaplay has also entered into a contract to stream the series. Viaplay is available in the USA and streams amazing content from Europe and Nordic regions. So fans from the USA should wait until Viaplay streams The Swarm. It is likely that the series will be available by April on Viaplay.

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