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Who Does Jeremiah End Up With In The Last Book?

Who Does Jeremiah End Up With In The Last Book?
Who Does Jeremiah End Up With In The Last Book?

The lovely sandy beaches of Cousins Beach and Susannah’s beautiful beach house makes you feel like you’re right there with the Conklins and Fishers in “The Summer I Turned Pretty.” The series is based on Jenny Han’s popular YA trilogy, which includes “It’s Not Summer Without You” and “We’ll Always Have Summer.” It follows two families who spend every summer together in a fictional Massachusetts town named Cousins Beach because their mothers are close friends. Susannah’s sons, Conrad and Jeremiah, are great friends with Laurel’s children, Belly and Steven.

Conrad has had Belly’s love since she was ten years old, but it’s his younger brother who honestly returns her love and doesn’t play games with her. Caught between the love of two brothers, she is forced to decide who she truly desires, but they all have no idea that their summers will change forever. Significant variations exist between the first book in the series and the program’s first season. While it’s impossible to predict who will end up on the show, here is each character’s fate assuming the show follows the novels.

Who Does Jeremiah End up with in the last book?

There’s some major plot twists in the last book!

Who Does Belly End Up With In The Last Book?

Belly appears to have loved Conrad for a lifetime, but he has kept his feelings to himself, refusing to do anything to improve their dynamic. They give their relationship a shot after she becomes 16, but amid family strife and Susannah’s death, Conrad pulls away and advises Belly to be with Jeremiah instead. Belly and Jeremiah become a serious pair in the final novel, “We’ll Always Have Summer,” and even attend the same college.

Belly breaks up with him after discovering he hooked up with someone else while they were on a break. He begs her to accept him back and proposes, which she agrees to, much to the displeasure of her family. They intend to marry at Susannah’s beach house in Cousins, but when Belly discovers Conrad is staying there, old memories revive, and she knows he’s always been the one. Belly and Jeremiah split up, and she goes to study in Spain, where she begins receiving letters from Conrad. They finally reunite, and the novel concludes with a violent storm on their wedding day, as they jump into the water in their tuxedos and gowns.

Who Does Conrad End Up With In The Last Book?

Conrad dates around throughout the series, primarily because he believes he can’t be with Belly. After Susannah’s burial, he becomes intimate with his ex-girlfriend Aubrey, and while at Stanford, he has a no-strings-attached romance with a lady who learns he’s not as into her as she is into him.

In book two, he struggles to adjust to life after Susannah’s death and does everything he can to distance himself from his loved ones, even Belly. He encourages her to select Jeremiah after seeing Belly and Jeremiah kissing… that is until he learns about their upcoming wedding and discovers she is staying at Cousins. After several years apart and learning that Belly and Jeremiah never married, he begins to gradually reach out to Belly when she is in Spain. They’re eventually united and married at the end of book three.

Who Does Susannah End Up With In The Last Book?

Between the first and second volumes, Susannah dies of cancer. Her relationship with Conrad and Jeremiah’s father does not improve much before her death, and her love life does not proceed any further.

Laurel, who is divorced from Belly and Steven’s father in the program, similarly does not get a romance narrative in the books. Her and Susannah’s deep relationship and their bonds with their children are the extents of their character development. Laurel does have a love interest in the program, so we’re hoping Susannah will have a similar plot.

Who Does Jeremiah End Up With In The Last Book

We’ll break down for you who does Jeremiah and the rest end up with.

Who Does Steven End Up With In The Last Book?

Steven isn’t a big character in the books, at least not in terms of significant love developments – in fact, he’s barely in book one at all because he leaves Cousins to go on a road trip with his father to visit other institutions. Fans will simply have to wait and see how Steven’s romance possibilities pan out.

Who Does Cam End Up With In The Books?

Belly and Cam have a brief romance in book one after he is the first to compliment her on her beauty. He is not her first kiss, unlike in the show, but he soon realizes she has her interest set on one of the Fisher lads and breaks up with her. He is absent from the later volumes.

Who Does Jeremiah End Up With In The Last Book?

From the start, Jeremiah is a flirt. In order to make Belly’s best friend, Taylor, jealous, he takes her first kiss. Despite the fact that she adores his older brother, he develops a deep affection for Belly. Despite being pushed together from the start, they do not end up together in the end, instead opting to stay friends. Instead, towards the end of the book, Jeremiah’s dating life is murky, with him at Conrad and Belly’s wedding with an unnamed date on his arm.

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