Robert Jensen’s Partner: About The Getting Off Author’s Love Life

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Who Is Robert Jensen's Partner
Robert Jensen (CC: Alchetron)

Want to know about Robert Jensen’s partner? Yes, we are talking about the former professor, who is still making headlines for his 2022 published work – An Inconvenient Apocalypse. Have you read it? Keeping that aside, for now, his fans are showing a lot of interest regarding what’s going on in Robert Jensen’s love life. Not everyone knows it, despite being very much into his works. Who do you think she is? 

Starting from the basics, Robert Jensen specializes in the subjects like journalism, media law, and ethics. He used to serve at the  University of Texas at Austin. Born on 14 July 1958, Robert is now 64 years old. Now, he is majorly known for his published works. One of those has been Getting Off: Pornography and the End of Masculinity, released in 2007. 

Little did you know, Robert Jensen is also involved very much in the activist group- Third Coast Activist Resource Center. That’s nice! Coming back to Robert Jensen’s personal life, the former professor prefers to keep it secretive. But that does not mean he never disclosed his relationship status.

In another way, we may say that Robert is married to the love of his life, a singer. They have been together for several years. Now, the question is- who is she? If you are looking for who Robert Jensen’s partner is, here is what we know. 

Who Is Robert Jensen's Partner
Robert Jensen: Getting Off author (CC: Pinterest)

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Meet Robert Jensen’s Partner: Who Is That Singer?

Talking about his love interest, Robert Jensen’s partner is Eliza Gilkyson. Who is she? In case you are wondering about her identity, Eliza is professionally a folk musician, hailing from Hollywood, Los Angeles. Born in 1950, Robert Jensen’s partner is now 72 years old. There is a lot more you should know about her, being his huge fan. 

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Being very much into folk music, you must know Terry Gilkyson. Well, Eliza is his daughter. Now, does it make sense? Yes! When it comes to music, Robert Jensen’s partner has released many albums. Some of the notable ones are- Songs from the River Wind, Paradise Hotel, Land Of Milk and Honey, Hard Times in Babylon, Undressed, Through the Looking Glass, and many more. Among these, which one do you like listening to the most? 

As mentioned already, Robert Jensen’s partner is a few years older than him. But how does age matter when in love? Well, it doesn’t! 

Both Robert and Eliza seem to be private people. They haven’t shared any detail about their marriage so far. However, it is reported that they exchanged their vows in 2015. It’s not confirmed, though. Even though they keep it low-key, we believe that things have been going great between Robert Jensen and his long-time partner, Eliza Gilkyson. During an interview, the former professor was once asked about his love interest. Robert shared that she is an “amazing woman.” Following that praise, it is evident how both are strong as a couple. 

Who Is Robert Jensen's Partner
Robert Jensen’s Partner: Eliza Gilkyson (CC: Lone Star Music Magazine)

Undoubtedly, Robert Jensen and Eliza Gilkyson seem to be a perfect couple. Due to the lack of evidence, it is not known if the pair shares any children. It’s assumed to be several years since they are hitched and staying together. Still, there are no signs of kids. We wonder if they are trying to keep it a secret. 

Briefly, we may consider Robert Jensen’s partner, Eliza- not just a great singer but also a great person to spend life with, forever. In other words, Eliza seems to be caring, loving, and understanding too. That’s great! 

Best Wishes to Robert Jensen for the upcoming days of his life. You may give An Inconvenient Apocalypse author a following on his social media account for more updates. We are hopeful that his marriage with Eliza Gilkyson will stay strong forever like this. 

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