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What Happened To Devin Willock? The Devastating Car Accident

Devin Willock’s death
Devin Willock; credits: ESPN

I’m pretty sure it shocked us all to the core when we recently came across the news of Devin Willock’s untimely passing away due to a fatal accident. The news about the accident spread like wildfire on the news, and everyone showed their grievances over social media platforms after it was confirmed by media houses on 15th January. Tragedy has struck the elite football program.

But before we get more into what happened to Devin, let’s see more into knowing him. Willock was a 20-year-old sophomore from New Milford, New Jersey. With extremely impressive body stats of about 335 pounds body weight and a massive 6 feet 7 inches in height, he was a redshirt and an offensive lineman on the Georgia football team. He started two games and appeared in all 15 for Georgia this season, also including the national championship game.

Devin Willock Accident

Devin Willock Credits: The New York Times

During the 2022 season, he played well as a backup and began at right guard in SEC, managing to win over Tennessee and Kentucky. With fellow linemen like Warren McClendon and Warren Ericson declaring for the NFL draught, Willock would have almost certainly be competing for a starting spot in 2023 as the Bulldogs are seeking a third consecutive national championship, but who knew what fate had in store!

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What happened to Devin Willock?

Georgia won their second consecutive college football championship eight days ago, defeating TCU 65-7. It was the largest margin of victory in a College Football Playoff game, and the team celebrated with a parade and ceremonies. As a result, there were after-parties and celebrations among the team members.

So while returning from a National Championship celebration with his teammates, Devin met with an accident. “The tragic incident occurred just hours after the Bulldogs celebrated their second consecutive national championship win with a parade and celebrations,” as per a statement released by the school.

Devin willock death

Willock and LeCroy; credits: The New York Times

When the news broke, it was declared that four other people, including Willock, were involved in the incident. So the school confirmed that Georgia offensive lineman Devin and a recruiting female staff member, Chandler LeCroy, were killed in the car accident.

The accident, as described by statements released, was due to LeCroy, who was driving but failed to make a left turn and collided with several poles and trees, and eventually halted in an apartment building.

Devin Willock accident

The site of the accident Credits: CNN

LeCroy was killed in the accident as well, but as she was wearing a seatbelt, she somehow managed to survive the crash. She passed away after she got into the hospital due to fatal injuries. But on the other hand, Willock wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, so as a result, he was ejected out of the Ford vehicle while it met the crash.

The two other UGA members who were in the car, they spared with minor injuries, and their medical statuses are being updated sincerely. The accident happened in Athens, towards the south of the Georgia campus, and the two other people hurt by accident were members of the team. They were not identified immediately, but later the school stated that they happened to be in stable condition.

As per TMZ Sports, an important factor in the crash could have been the driver’s excessive speed. Because the speed limit is 40 mph where the accident happened, however, new narratives have been added to the story in the last few days.

According to CCTV footage, the four-person party was seen leaving a strip joint 15 minutes before the devastating crash, raising questions about whether they were drunk or sober, but none of that is confirmed yet.

Regardless of everything, it is a tragic loss and a lesson to drive responsibly. The sudden tragic passing of both the football student-athlete Devin Willock and staff member Chandler LeCroy have devastated the entire Georgia family. Our hearts go out to the entire Georgia school community, as well as Willock’s family and friends.

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