Restored 2022 Episode 1: Release Date & Streaming Guide

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Restored 2022 Episode 1 Release Date
Brett Waterman Returns With A New Season Of Restored (Credits: HGTV)

Love seeing old homes being brought back to life? Good news if you do, as Restored, hosted by Brett Waterman, will be returning for a new season after almost one whole year. Last season featured some of the most beautiful restorations Brett has ever done, starting from the Victorian Arts & Crafts House to the historical home restoration he helped one of his old customers in.

Brett has been working in the industry for a while now and has gotten much better at it. He manages to keep the house’s personality while also changing it according to the client’s needs. Although Brett loves modernizing homes, his expertise lies in bringing back the old charms of the house.

The show was first seen in March 2016 and was aired as a 12-episode series starting January 11th, 2017. It has since been renewed each year, with the last season ending in April 2021. Waterman will be back with many more interesting projects for us to see in the upcoming season.

Brett Waterman is active on his social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram, from which we can guess the theme of the next homes he will be fixing. Based on Brett’s Instagram posts, we can expect many more Victorian-era restorations this season.

Restored 2022 Episode 1 Release Date

Who Is Brett Waterman?: The Man Behind Restored

So many house restoration shows exist out there, but only people who watch Brett’s work know that he’s one of the few preservationists that knows how to revamp a house without stealing its old charm or making it excessively modern. Although each client requests different forms of architecture and decoration, Brett always adds a personal touch to his work.

This fascination he has with old buildings and homes goes back to his childhood days. He recalls not being able to save a neighboring house that could have been preserved well. This made him determined to start preserving houses for the next generation to witness.

So far, Waterman has remodeled countless houses ranging in all sorts of styles. We might see him focusing on American architecture more in the next season.

Restored 2022 Episode 1 Release Date
Brett Talking About His Projects (Credits: HGTV)

Restored Season 2021: Recap

The previous season of Restored started airing on March 3rd, 2021, and was ordered for around eight episodes. It began with Brett restoring the 1912 house, which had two different architectural styles mixed in its design. The family wanted to change the decoration without changing the overall vibe of the house. They also wanted a new room for their child that would fit into the theme.

The next house featured a 1954 ranch with a modern twist to it by a previous architect. Brett wanted to respect the work of the old architect while also restoring other portions. In episode 3, we see him working on another Victorian-era Mansion. This dates back to 1887 and was made by Andrew McNally. It required a lot of fixing since the overall theme of the house was lost to time.

Restored 2022 Episode 1 Release Date
Clients Explain Their Plans Regarding The Decoration (Credits: HGTV)

Brett then worked on a 1955 ranch that already had beautiful woodwork. He remodeled the kitchen, which was dim and hard to work in. By adding more light and space, he makes it perfect again. The next works of the season included a 1928 English cottage, a 1923 Bungalow, and 1899 Victorian-era homes.

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Restored Season 2022 Episode 1: Release Date

The all-new season of Restored will be premiering on December 27th, 2022. New episodes of this house renovation show will be released on Tuesday this season, with a single episode lasting about 60-65 minutes.

Restored Season 2022 Episode 1: What To Expect?

The upcoming episode of the new season of Restored will feature Brett Waterman working on a house from 1896 that has been built based on the Queen Anne architecture that was popular in the Victorian era. Since he has much experience in handling such Victorian-era houses, we might see an amazing transformation that still respects the original concept of the house.

Restored Season 2022: Streaming Guide

The series will begin airing on HGTV and DIY Network (Magnolia Network now) soon. It will be aired at 10:00 pm ET & 9:00 pm CT. It is not confirmed when it will be aired on HGTV, but we might see it followed up soon after it premieres. Restored has very limited streaming and can only be seen by viewers from the United States.

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