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How To Watch Love Is Blind: Brazil Season 2? Watch Episodes & Streaming Guide

How To Watch Love Is Blind Brazil Season 2 Episodes?
The Hosts of Love Is Blind Brazil Season 1 and 2 (Credits: Netflix)

The Brazilian version of the Popular Dating series Love Is Blind Brazil has now finished airing, so get ready with your snacks and get comfy as the perfect show to Binge watch is finally available. Revolving around a group of 32 contestants, the show takes us through their journeys of finding love and marrying strangers without even looking at them once.

Love is Blind Brazil was first seen on streaming platforms on October 6th, 2021, and has since created a huge fan base all over the world. The show had been announced to have a second season sometime in November 2021 but ended up premiering a year later on December 28th, 2022. We’ll also be seeing the third season soon, as the producers reportedly continued to film the third installment simultaneously and will be releasing it in the later months of 2023.

The show’s main format is dating without ever seeing each other. The contestants are allowed to talk to potential partners only while they are inside the pods. These pods are designed in a way to allow any sound to be heard both ways, but neither of the contestants can see who they’re talking to. By blocking out all physical attributes, the show aims to find the answer to the infamous question, “Is Love Really Blind?.” 

After the contestants find their true love by talking to each person through the pod, they can decide together to propose to each other. This is the first time they are allowed to see each other, meaning that once they decide to propose, there’s no going back. The engaged couples are then sent off on a honeymoon-like holiday, where they can spend time together and get to know each other better.

Once they return from the blissful holiday, they’ll be made to stay at a hotel in Brazil, where they will meet friends and families of their prospective partners. They can also discuss other important stuff that could impact the marriage. When they’re ready to marry each other after saying yes, they’ll be going forward with the wedding ceremonies. If they say no, the engagement is broken off without any second chances.

How To Watch Love Is Blind Brazil Season 2 Episodes?

Each Single Has To Meet Others Through Pods (Credits: Netflix)

Love Is Blind Brazil: Cast Of Season 2

Similar to the first season, the stunning hosts this season will continue to be Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo. The show has been filmed in Novo Airao, Brazil, for three weeks and the location for the honeymoon for season 2 was the beautiful Amazon rainforest. The contestants this season were:

  • Flavia Queiroz
  •  Thamara Terez
  • Vanessa Carvalho
  • Veronica Brito
  • Maira Bullos
  • Amanda Souza
  • Paulo Simi Lopes
  • Andre Luiz Alves
  • Bruna Ferreira
  • Gil Vieira
  • Juliana Moura
  • Lucas Aulucci
  • Marcelo Ullman
  • Marcos Paunksnis
  • Melissa Pio
  • Priscilla Ogata 
  • Samanta Soares
  • Thiago Andreotti
  • Robert Richard
  • Alisson Hentges
  • Tiago Chapola
  • William Domiencio
  • Guilherme Martins
  • Akin Santos
  • Alexander Aragon
  • Antonia Andrade
  • Carolina Rodrigues
  • Juliana Moura
  • Luacs Aulucci

Out of all these contestants, only a few couples will proceed with the decision to marry each other, while the rest will be going back home.

Love Is Blind Season 2: Trailer

Love Is Blind Brazil: Season 1 Recap

In the previous season, which started airing on October 6th, 2021, we see the contestants joining the game without much knowledge of what goes down in it. The singles start meeting each other, but soon enmity starts to form between those contestants that were going for the same person.

This season was filmed in Sao Paulo, and the number of couples formed was about 5. After the marriages, they were sent off to have a honeymoon at the Lake Villas Charm Hotel in Brazil. The engaged couples of season one were Luana Braga & Lissio Fiod, Carolina Novaes & Hudson Mendes, Fernanda Terra & Thiago Rocha, Ana Prado & Shayan Haghbin, and Dayanne Feitoza & Rodrigo Vaisemberge. 

After their stay at the hotel, the couples move into the apartments in Sao Paulo. Rodrigo experiences something completely different when he visits the house of his wife, Dayanne. All the loving relationships that were forming had to go through the tough test of Expectations vs. Reality. Some of the couples already start to show signs of disinterest.

How To Watch Love Is Blind Brazil Season 2 Episodes?

The Couples On Their Honeymoon In Season 1 (Credits: Netflix)

As the wedding nears each day, the couples start to introduce each other’s, to family members. Ana lets Shayan meet her child, while a few others go full-on shopping mode for the wedding. After a spectacular party, the couple finally prepares for their marriage. Luana & Lissio, Carolina & Hudson, and Fernanda & Thiago proceed with the marriage. The others break off their engagements and split at the time of their wedding.

The couples from season 1 that are married even now include Flavia Queiroz and Robert Richard and Thamara Terz & Alisson Hentges. The couple was married in May 2022. After a big fight right before the wedding, Maira Bullos & Guilherme martins announced their split.

Love Is Blind Brazil Season 2: Episode Schedule

The second season has finished airing and is made up of about 11 episodes. The episode details are:

Episode 1 – December 28th, 2022

The first episode involves the introduction of all contestants, and they’re talking to each other for the first time. While few contestants already select their partners, new friendships and rivalries begin to form at the house.

Episode 2 – December 28th, 2022

As the housemates have introduced each other, Paulo finds himself falling for two women at the same time. This creates high pressure for everyone within the house. Tiago is unable to decide on his partner and flirts with more than one woman in the house.

Episode 3 – December 28th, 2022

Tiago has a hard time choosing the one he would want to marry. As for Paulo, he has taken the decision to marry Amanda, and the couple get engaged after meeting each other. Guilherme and his partner are next.

Episode 4 – December 28th, 2022

Now that the couples had formed, they will be sent to the Amazon Rainforest to enjoy some cozy ties with their new partner. At the retreat, a few couples end up stirring drama, and all kinds of differences come into play. Flavia and Robert slow down and cherish moments instead of rushing things and regretting them later.

Episode 5 – January 4th, 2023

The sweet Honeymoon holidays finally come to an end, and the couples’ real life comes next. As they start meeting each other families, Veronica is shocked to see that her husband-to-be is already aware of someone close to her.

How To Watch Love Is Blind Brazil Season 2 Episodes?

(Credits: Netflix)

Episode 6 – January 4th, 2023

A solid marriage consists of equally dividing the work around the house and discussing important stuff like taxes and groceries. This is exactly what the couple, Alisson and Thamara will be talking about. While talking about the house, they also spark conversations regarding their previous relationships. While things are going well for this couple, the same cannot be said about Guilherme and Maira.

Episode 7 – January 4th, 2023

The couple that was having differences last episode has finally talked things through, but a new couple is growing apart. Vanessa and Tiago can’t help but start arguing frequently, as they find each other to be much more different than they had expected.

Episode 8 – January 4th, 2023

With the wedding day drawing near, Maira and Guilherme just can’t seem to keep going further with their broken relationship. Alisson and Thamara were going through problems of their own. He wanted Thamara to admit to her ex that she was now engaged to him.

Episode 9 – January 11th, 2023

This episode shows the couples celebrating bachelor parties with their friends, family, and other contestants. The remaining couples who have managed to almost make it to the end are now preparing for the big day. Things get emotional as the wedding day arrives and the couples see each other.

Episode 10 – January 11th, 2023

Weddings continue in this episode. All the couples are excited yet nervous about marrying their partner who they’ve known for such a short time. A little talk with their friends helps them overcome their fear and face the new part of their life with courage and hope.

Episode 11 – February 1st, 2023

This is a Reunion episode, where all of the contestants who are still together will show up to be interviewed by the hosts. We might see other non-couple contestants be a part of the episode as well.

Love Is Blind Brazil Season 2: Streaming Guide

Netflix takes up the streaming for Love Is Blind Brazil‘s Seasons 1 and 2. A basic Netflix subscription starts from $9.99/month (Standard: $15.49 & Premium: $19.99) and would allow access to a wide range of shows just as dramatic and entertaining as this dating series.

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