Savannah James: Before and After Transformation

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Savannah James Before and After. Everything About Her Transformation
Savannah James Before and After. Everything About Her Transformation

Savannah James: Before and After. Savannah James was in news sometime back when she got married to LeBron James. Anybody who enjoys basketball knows who LeBron is. People admire him for his game, and he has a huge fan following. In such a situation, anything that the player does becomes a piece of news. A similar thing happened when he got married. People were keen to know who is the lucky girl. 

When the couple announced their marriage, Savannah, LeBron’s wife, came into the picture. They got married about ten years back, and since then, they have been living happily together.

Once again, Savannah has become the talk of the town. Recently, the couple posted a picture together where the two were seen standing in front of a luxury car. The picture caught the attention of the fans, who anticipated that there were some changes in Savannah’s face.

They claimed that she looked different than before. After this, there have been several speculations about what has the celebrity done to change her look. Is it because of plastic surgery? Or has the see undergone bodily transformation? Is it because of her changing food habits and diet plan? 

In this article, we will tell you everything about Savannah James: Before and After. We will talk about her transformation, what changes are visible in her. Lastly, we will also tell you who she is and what is she doing today. Read through to know all these. 

Savannah James and LeBron James
Savannah James and LeBron James

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Savannah James: Before and After

After the picture of LeBron and Savannah James Went viral on the Internet, There were talks about Savannah undergoing surgery to change her facial features. The picture shows are wearing a black dress where she looks stunning and happy with her husband.

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Fans are anticipating that she has undergone Botox and has also taken a nose job. This made her skin look flawless, and there were some changes in her nose as well.

Many of them claim that the transformation that she has cannot be natural. It is only through plastic surgery that one can look like this. Regarding this as well there were several opinions on how she looked. Some of the fans went on to appreciate her new look others criticized her for going for artificial surgery.  

Savannah James
Savannah James

Savannah James is a public figure now. She is married to one of the greatest basketball players in the present time, and because of this, she can hardly hide anything from the eyes of the media. When the couple posted their picture, it was less than an hour before the fans started commenting about how there were visible changes in Savannah.

Some even posted a picture of her before and after where they showed clear differences in her face and how she had adopted her new look and style.  Most of them are pointing out how the shape of her nose has changed. 

Savannah has, however, not said anything about her surgery. There is no Confirmation from the celeb about, if she has undergone plastic surgery or not. But it is quite evident that she might have taken the treatment because when can see how her nose’s shape and skin have changed. She looks very different.

Savannah James Family
Savannah James Family

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Who is Savannah James? 

Savannah James was Savannah Brinson before she married LeBron James. She comes from Florida, and before marrying the player, she had her juice shop, where she worked till 2016. However, in 2016 she had to close the shop because they had to relocate. Many people know her because she is engaged in charity work.

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Her, I promise makeover event is another effort to help underprivileged and impoverished kids to live their dreams.  she established it under James Family Foundation. Other than this, she also works to encourage and counsel young women on their future. She runs a community named Woman of Our Future.

Apart from being the wife of a victorious basketball player, Savannah has been successful in establishing the identity of her people who know her for her work and good deeds and not only because she is a wife of a celeb.

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