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Inhuman Resources Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and What To Expect

Inhuman Resources Season 2

For those who don’t know ‘Inhuman Resources‘ or ‘Derapages’ is a French series that was released on Arte and was dubbed in English for the international audience. It was then released on Netflix for the international audience. It shows the dark reality of the corporate world and mafia. This series is an adaptation of a very famous novel ‘Cadres noirs’ written by Pierre Lemaitre. After its success, the audience is willing to know about Inhuman Resources Season 2.

It was originally released on April 16, 2020, on Arte for the French audience, and later English version was released on Netflix on May 15, 2020, for the international audience. It received an IMDb rating of 7.2 which is considered a high rating. Season 1 of this series was extremely liked by the audience and hence attracted millions of viewers throughout the globe. One of the main reasons for success was its compelling and thrilling story with a great piece of acting.

Now after the success of season 1, the loyal viewers of this series are eagerly waiting for the creators to make some announcements about season 2 of this series. Before starting, I would like to tell my audience that in this post I will be giving answers to all their doubts regarding the release date, cast, trailer and all other details of Inhuman Resources season 2. Here’s everything we know;

Inhuman Resources Netflix

Netflix’s Inhuman Resources Poster, Title and Lead Actor of the French Series

When and Where Will Inhuman Resources Season 2 Release?

Fans of this English dubbed French series are eagerly waiting to welcome the second season of Inhuman Resources but it is not been yet confirmed by the team of Inhuman Resources that whether they have planned a new season or not. In a recent interview, the leading cast of the show tells the audience that they will be very happy if the creators of the show come up with a new season as the first season was a big hit.

So, there are some expectations that the creators will return with a second season and we can expect it to be released in the first half of 2021. The first season was released in April 2020 and received millions of positive reviews throughout the globe.

Also, many of the doubts regarding the story of this series were left unanswered and it ended on a huge note leaving a feeling of excitement amongst the audience for a new season. If the creators of the series return with season 2 then definitely it will be released on Netflix internationally as the distribution rights of this series are completely owned by Netflix.

Inhuman Resources

Inhuman Resources Season 2 Expected Lead Actor


It is expected that the cast of season 1 will surely return in season 2 to reprise their roles by adding some more thrill in the new season. Also, in season 1 all of them have performed their roles with extreme dedication and perfection. Some of the well-known cast which is expected to return for season 2 are;

  • Eric Cantona as Alain Delambre
  • Suzanne Clement as Nicole Delambre
  • Alex Lutz as Alexandre Dorfmann
  • Alice de Lencquesaing as Lucie Delambre
  • Gustave Kervern as Charles Bresson
  • Louise Coldefy as Mathilde Delambre
  • Adama Niane as David Fontana
  • Aton as Antoine
  • Soraya Garlenq as Yasmine
  • Carlos Chahine as Paul Cousin
  • Eurydice El-Etr as Clementine Haddad
  • Cyril Couton as Jean-Marie Queneau
  • Nicolas Martinez as Gregory Ziegler
  • Xavier Robic as Bertrand Lacoste
  • Clemence Bretecher as Stephanie Gilson
  • Aleksandra Yermak as Florence Ancelin
  • Yann Collette as Alain Kaminsky
  • Segolene Prunier as Constance Rivet
  • Vincent Desagnat as Major Morisse
  • Selim Karrouchi as Bebeta
  • Sacha Bourdo as Boulon
  • Christophe Perez as Codetenu 1
  • Xavier Gallais as Avocat General
  • Abde Maziane as Armando
  • Mado Ndiaye as Codetenu 2
  • David Olivier Fischer as Greffier Proces
  • Alexandrina Turcan as Olenka Zbikowski
  • Laurent Spielvogel as President Proces
  • Nicolas Van Beveren as Commandant Raid

The lead actors of this series were highly appreciated by the audience for their immense acting in this series. Also, their fan following increased tremendously throughout the globe. They are one of the biggest reasons for the success of season 1 of this series.

Inhuman resources Season 2 Release Date

Inhuman resources lead Actors: Eric Cantona as Alain Delambre and Alex Lutz as Alexandre Dorfmann


No trailer for season 2 of this French series has been released till now. If any update regarding the trailer of Inhuman Resources season 2 is made then we will definitely update that in this post as soon as possible. Till then you can enjoy the trailer of Season 1 which looks really compelling and thrilling according to the audience reviews.

Inhuman Resources Season 2 Plot

In season 1, the plot of the story revolves around Alain Delambre who was a senior executive and was completely drained out because he was humiliated by six years of his unemployment. During this period he was seen facing many obstacles in life which were hurting him more and more day by day.

So one day, when he was attracted by a luring job opening and soon he got selected by that company. But later he discovers that he had trapped himself in this game of corporate world and he gets to know all the dark realities of this corporate life.

He prepared himself to cheat his wife, steal from his daughter’s house, badly harm his son-in-law, and even to become a member in a role-playing game in the form of a hostage-taking scenario. He thought that once he got the job, everyone whomever he cheated or hurt will forgive him. But nothing goes according to his plan and he gets trapped.

In season 2, we can see him improving his life and making some serious steps to settle his life back to the normal life that he was living earlier. Maybe some more problems can be introduced in his life making him fall in some big traps.

Inhuman Resources Season 1: Things You Should Know

There were a total of 6 episodes in season 1 of Inhuman Resources and each episode was of approx 50-55 minutes in length. According to the audience response, each and every minute of this Netflix series was worth watching because of its compelling and thrilling story. This is one of the main reasons for such excitement amongst the audience for a new season of Inhuman Resources.

The production work of the series was done by Mandarin Television, ARTE, Centre National du Cinema et de l’Image Animee. The distribution rights were owned by ARTE for the French audience and by Netflix for the international audience. It is expected that they all will again come together for a new season of Inhuman resources on audience demand.

This was all from our side about season 2 of Inhuman Resources. If any update is announced by the creators of this series about the new season then we will update that in this post. Till then stay tuned to Otakukart for upcoming updates about new series by Netflix.

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