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Of Mice And Men Ending Explained: Will The Two be Able to Fulfill their Dream of Owning a House?

George Milton
George Milton

We are generally used to having a warm and beautiful end to any movie or series we see. But, not every film has a good ending. Sometimes, the storyline can lead to a tragic end, despite whatever the dreams of the protagonist might be in the beginning. Of Mice and Men is such a film. The story starts with a beautiful dream of owning a house, but sadly, the events lead it to a tragic and disheartening end. This drama movie has been well appreciated by the viewers for its great plot. But with all the commotion at the end of the film, many people are in doubt about what led to such an end.

In this article, we will learn more about the film and will look into the events that ultimately led to these circumstances. We will also look at the various streaming options for this film.

What’s Of Mice and Men all about?

As many of you might already know, this movie is inspired by John Steinbeck’s 1937 book of the same name, Of Mice and Men. This historical drama movie was first released in 1992. In the Gary Sinise-directed and -produced movie, Sinise plays George Milton, while John Malkovich plays Lennie Small. Casey Siemaszko plays Curley, John Terry plays Slim, Ray Walston plays Candy, Joe Morton plays Crooks, and Sherilyn Fenn plays Curley’s wife.

Lennie, a mentally challenged farm worker, and George, a farm worker, are the two main characters in the story. They travel together and hope to one day own their own property. The American Dream, loneliness, and bigotry are among the topics that are explored in the movie.

Still from Of Mice and Men

Still from Of Mice and Men

When Of Mice and Men was shown at the 1992 Cannes International Film Festival, Sinise was up for the prize, which is presented to the filmmaker of the best feature film. The movie, which had its American premiere on 2nd October 1992, was well-received by reviewers.

What Happened in Of Mice and Men Ending?

This film, however, had a very tragic end. The story first starts with a dream of owning a house of their own, but as the movie progresses, things go against the way they wanted. Near the end, we see Lennie expressing his loneliness, and Curley’s wife makes an effort to converse with him. She rushes home, crying, promising never to return to the ranch. Lennie is devastated after accidentally killing his dog in the barnyard that evening. Curley’s wife walks in and confides that she is lonely and that her aspirations of becoming a movie star have been dashed.

Lennie loves to pet soft things, so she allows him to stroke her hair after learning this. In little time at all, she cries out in protest at his excessive pulling. Lennie unintentionally fractures her neck while attempting to keep her quiet. As instructed by George, he flees and hides in the undergrowth. When Candy tells George that Curley’s wife is gone, the two know their ideal will never come true.

George shoots Lennie after he hears the lynch mob approaching them because he knows that it will be a more humane death than one caused by the mob. Carlson, Slim, and Curley follow shortly after. Only Slim is aware of what has occurred and comfortingly guides him away. Curley and Carlson observe, baffled by the men’s melancholy demeanor.

The Scene where George shoots Lennie

The Scene where George shoots Lennie

This finding implies that long-lasting friendships are as painfully out of reach for the most marginalized and impoverished individuals as owning property. The dream’s gradual but definite destruction and the way it continues going wrong because of one of Steinbeck’s characters’ repeated errors are the key themes of the movie.

Where to Watch Of Mice and Men?

The Viewers can stream this movie on many online platforms like Apple Tv, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max. Though you will require membership of any one of these services to enjoy the movie. Apple TV+ has a monthly price of $4.99. You may access five more premium Apple programs, including Apple Music, iCloud+ storage,  Apple Arcade, Apple News, Apple Fitness, and Apple TV+, if you subscribe to the $14.95 per month Apple One package.

There are two subscription rates for HBO Max, and customers may choose between rolling monthly payments and a 20% discount for prepaying for a whole year. $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year for the “With Ads” plan and $14.99 per month or $149.99 per year for the “Ads-Free” plan. For $9 per month, you can join up for Amazon Prime Video by yourself.

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