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Beverly Hills Cop 4: Everything We Know So Far!

Beverly Hills cop 4 release date
Beverly Hills Cop 4

Let us talk about Beverly Hills Cop 4 release date, plot, cast, and much more. Beverly Hills Cop fans rejoice as we might have some good news for you. We understand that it has been more than two years since the fourth installment of the movie was announced by the streaming platform Netflix in November 2019. But the next year, due to the advent of the pandemic, everything came to a halt, and so did Beverly Hills Cop 4.

According to the published reports, the movie was in the pre-production stages, and the production was supposed to commence this month, August 2022. As an ardent fan of the Beverly Hills Cop franchise, you have been smiling ears to ears ever since you heard about Netflix’s announcement. But the delay is doing nothing but turning your mood off. Don’t fret. So, here is the scoop on Beverly Hills Cop 4, Release Date, Cast, Plot, and much more. Stick to the end to know everything about the forthcoming project.

Beverly Hills Cop 4 Plot

If you have watched all three parts of the movie, so we do not need to tell you anything about what happened in the previous installments of the movie. The last part of the movie was released in the year 1994. However, neither the cast members nor the filmmakers have said anything about the movie’s plot. The plot of the movie revolves around a cop named Axel Foley, who is deported to the posh city of Beverly Hills to solve crimes.

Beverly Hills cop 4 plot

Beverly Hills Cop 4

Beverly Hills Cop 4 Release Date

So, after discussing the plot of the movie, let us focus on the Beverly Hills Cop 4 release date. The third part of the movie hit the screens in the year 1994. The filmmakers had plans of remaking the movie for its fourth installment, but nothing worked well. However, years later, the buzz of the Beverly Hills Cop 4 scorched the entertainment industry, but nothing came as an output. According to the hearsay, the reason for to delay of the movie was that the makers decided to make the movie as a television series instead of a full-fledged movie.

Ever since Netflix joined hands with the long-lost project, the fans of Beverly Hills Cop 4 are once again in high hopes of the project hitting on the big screens. For the unversed, the movie is still in the pre-production stage and is supposed to enter its second stage this month.

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Now is the time to talk about the cast and crew of Beverly Hills Cop 4. So, if you are also inquisitive about knowing the cast and crew of the forthcoming project, then stick with us for a minute. In relation to the movie cast and crew, we might have some good news for you. According to the official statement, Eddie Murphy will join the hands with the cast of Beverly Hills Cop 4. As a fan of the trilogy, it is impossible to think about the franchise without Eddie Murphy in it.

So, yes, it has been officially confirmed that Eddie Murphy will reprise his role of Axel Foley in the franchise. However, about the other cast members, there is still certain ambiguity about who will rejoin for the fourth installment or not. Actors such as Judge Reinhold, Paul Reiser, and Lisa Eilbacher are still kept under the veil. However, speculations have been quite rife for some time that the new cast members might join the movie since it has been ages since the third part of the movie hit the screens.

So, here was the scoop on Beverly Hills Cop 4Β  release date, cast, plot, and much more. Stay tuned for the daily dose of entertainment as more is coming your way.

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