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New Games Coming To Google Stadia on Christmas

Google Stadia pro service will get some new games this Christmas season, 4 new games to be exact. Anyone with a pro subscription can claim all four of these and keep them until their subscription continues. To anyone new to Google Stadia’s concept, it’s an initiative by Google to change up the whole gaming industry. Google Stadia is a cloud service where anyone can stream the available games onto their device. Google Stadia is also available on iOS now.

No other extra device is necessary to use the cloud service, just a computer that can run the game that you are hoping to play and a reliable network connection. But for Stadia to run at its best, you would need the best internet connection that is available. Stadia boasts the capability to run games at 4k and at 60 frames per second just through its cloud service. To access this feature, as we said, you would need a compelling internet connection. Stadia also has a partnership with Youtube, where you can directly stream your gameplay.

So like how you would get with a PSN subscription or an Xbox game pass, Stadia also has its Pro subscription to give you access to an array of free games and new free monthly releases. This also gets you some other big features. Now, four new games are being included for the subscribers to play: F1 2020, Figment, Hotline Miami and Ary, and the Secret of Seasons.

F1 2020

Developed by Codemasters, this is their 13th title in their Formula 1 lineup. From the looks of it, this is going to be the best one yet. From the Formula 1 Championship, the game features 20 drivers, 22 circuits from all around the world, and ten teams. The game was set to be the exact depiction of how the real-life 2020 championships would go down, but with the ongoing pandemic, a lot of the races were postponed, and some even canceled.

But the game stuck to the original plan and went on with how the event was supposed to be. This gave an opportunity for gamers and F1 fans to experience the championship for how it would have been without Covid-19.

F1 2020

With the My team feature, players can create their own 11th team and handle everything from scratch. Like hiring new staff for every work, designing your car and it’s livery, finding sponsors, finding engine suppliers, drivers, improving the facilities at your company’s warehouse, and so on. So the whole game would give you a first-hand experience of how it would be on the Championship tracks, not just like the driver.

One of the greatest features ever is back! F1 2020 brings back a split-screen. This was last available in the 2014 game. Split-screen, without a doubt, is one of the most underrated features of a game. There’s no better fun than playing with your family on the same couch. The competitiveness, the rage, the happiness are all multiplied when you are sitting close by. Yes, during the pandemic, multiplayer games brought people away from us much closer, but split-screen games bring happiness into the household.

F1 2020

With amazing graphics, realistic driving mechanisms, and dozens of new features, this game is one of the best racing games to be released recently. The game did very well globally and had some of the best reviews from all over. One of the main reasons would be that this game, as we said, allowed the fans to experience the 2020 Championship in the right way, without any hindrance from the pandemic.


This is an entertaining and unique game that really shows the range a video game could possess. With hand-drawn set pieces, a very well-told narrative, and some humor to add spice to your gameplay, this is without a doubt a great game to be played this year. This game can also be considered to be a musical, and your whole journey is filled with weird and addictive music. So addictive, the tunes start playing in your head at random times. At the same time, the game also gives out a great message that you need to play to find out.

Our hero is dusty, a weird gut, to be honest. We follow him around as he deals with some troubling things in his life, particularly his brain. The game is an action-adventure; from the looks of it may not seem like it, but Figment is a full-fletched action-adventure. From throwing barf rats to dodging fart clouds and solving mind-boggling puzzles, Figment has the power to do it all.


You’d easily lose around 6 hours of your time drooling over the weird but music-filled addictive world of this game. The puzzles are not hard but not easy; the story is unique and told in a very abstract way. When you ever feel like playing a not so mainstream triple-A game, try this one out.

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Hotline Miami

This is a weird top-down shooter by Dennaton Games, an indie developer. The game was published by developer Records and released for Microsoft Systems all the way back in 2012. After its release, the game has been able to amass a cult following because of its amazing storytelling, gameplay, music, and, well, just everything in general. The game became a household name and could be seen referenced in a lot of places. Three years later, a sequel was also published. For an indie game to have a sequel, you have to understand how great the first one would have been.

The gameplay includes first selecting a mask for your character as he ventures into different well-made-ups to assassinate a specific target. Each mask has its own skill that comes with it, like how different classes would work in Apex Legends. So take the mask which you think would suit your gameplay and go into enemy territory.

Hotline Miami

Each map is completely different and takes time to get used to. You don’t go in guns blazing, and you have to kill other enemies and take in their weapons. Everywhere you go, there are things to equip and collect. A lot of weapons are available, from the likes of guns to even melee weapons.

At the end of each map, you go against a huge boss like basic video game vibes. The graphics and the whole thing, in general, are pretty gruesome where you finish enemies in a very “not for kids” kind of way. In this, we follow Jacket, who got his name from his distinctive jacket. His real name is not known to us, not just his name; many things are left unknown. The story is a perfect one told in a very addictive way, so the best thing would be not to spoil any of it.

Ary And The Secret of Seasons

This is an action-adventure game made by Exiin, which is an indie game development company based in Belgium. It’s played from the 3D perspective with a cartoonish kind of graphics. It’s an enjoyable and small playthrough. You unlock part of the huge map as you complete certain quests.

A lot of gems are lost in the huge sea of indie games, and this is truly one of them. The game seems to draw a lot of inspiration from Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild when it comes to gameplay. Many mechanics are similar to the game, but in no way does it feel like a rip-off of sorts. The story follows Ary, a courageous girl who journeys through the beautifully made world of Valdi. With the task of restoring seasons to her homeland, she joins the Guardians of seasons.

Ary and The Secret of Seasons

Since its release, Google Stadia didn’t have the breakthrough launch it expected with its new gaming concept. The concept was groundbreaking; people being able to play any games on any device was really great. Streaming games just like movies were amazing but quite didn’t hit the mark.

Lately, Google Stadia has been climbing the ranks to a system that actually is a competitor to other big names in the industry. Also, Player Unknown Battlegrounds is available for pro subscription Google Stadia users. With many more huge titles and indie games, coming Stadia will likely rank to the highest point of gaming in the future. Right now, there are a ton of free games to try and huge titles on the Stadia store to purchase. Happy Gaming!

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