Gaus Electronics Episode 11: Release Date, Preview & How To Watch

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Gaus Electronics trailer
Gaus Electronics Episode 11: Release Date

The Gaus Electronics Episode 11 release date is here, and fans want to know more about the same before watching the upcoming episode. But before we get to the release date for Gaus Electronics Episode 11, here is a little refresher on the show’s plot.

The love and professional contacts of the younger workers of Gaus Electronics Advertising 3 Division are documented in the series, according to the show’s official description. Despite having the outward appearance of happiness, Lee Sang-Sik (Kwak Dong-Yeon) is emotionally insensitive. He routinely commits errors without meaning to at work.

Ko Sung-Hee, the assistant manager (Cha Na-Rae), has an explosive temper. A significant company is under the hands of the Baek Mas family (Bae Hyun-Sung). He doesn’t talk much. Because although Gun Gang-Mi (Kang Min-ah) is thought to be the most attractive female employee in the workplace, when she drinks, she transforms into a different person.

Gaus Electronics trailer
A visual from Gaus Electronics.

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The Story So Far On Gaus Electronics

Sang-shik and Na-rae share a kiss. Na-are abruptly pulls away and displays apparent shock. Aziz is cuddled up on the bed, munching and watching the program. He expressed his happiness for their recent union, which caused Na-rae to claim that she was targeting Sang-shik. When Aziz says, “Are you going to meet me?” she gets called out.

They don’t like the situation, yet they are stubborn enough to pretend everything is okay. They are awkward around one another at work. Sang-shik is the first to raise his voice and inquire about Na-feelings. Rae admits that because it was his first kiss, he wasn’t sure how to provide a nice kiss. Sang-shik is ready to commit to their love fully, but Na-Rae is understandably nervous, given his five-year crush on Hae-young.

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Gaus Electronics trailer
A visual from Gaus Electronics.

Amazingly, the marketing clip for Sang-Shik that caused all that turmoil went viral and improved the public’s view of Gaus. Innovative marketing is all the rage, particularly in light of the recent balloon incident on a Live broadcast. Director Choi arrogantly takes credit for her staff members’ accomplishments without acknowledging their contributions, as if she had issued the orders.

Additionally, it’s not the first time she has acted this way. Senior Manager Wi, a former student whom she had previously ridiculed for her oversight, ended up in Marketing Division 3. Ma-tans’ dad has restricted his access to the resources and cash due to his brief excursions into Gaus-land. Ma-tan can no longer follow through with any straightforward claims he makes about knowing someone or having access to anything.

They all disbelieve Ma-claim Tan that he is the Power heir, even when a drunken Kang-mi makes it to the team. Sang-shik and Na-race don’t call it “dating,” but they start seeing each other. In a different place, Ma-tan is alone with Kang-mi and starts questioning whether his unusual heartbeat might indicate romantic feelings.

Gaus Electronics trailer
A visual from Gaus Electronics.

By snatching her hand and placing it over Kang-frantic Mi’s heartbeat, Ma-tan establishes that she is the culprit. This is not a sensible reaction. Incredulous and a little uneasy, Kang-mi slaps Ma-tan as the program closes. Now that Ma-Tan is aware of his emotions, what will he do?

He mentioned that there was someone he intended to marry; therefore, it appears that he had one of those marriage contracts for wealthy people. Na-Rae and Sang Shik’s pre-existing s relationship was also uncovered, along with Ma’s secret tans being made public.

The Release Date For Gaus Electronics Episode 11

Gaus Electronics Episode 11 release date is Friday, November 4, 2022. Gaus Electronics Episode 11 will air on ENA in South Korea at 8:00 am EDT; fans from nations other than Korea can watch Gaus Electronics Episode 11 at the following date and time:

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British Summer Time: 1.00 pm (November 4, 2022)
Indian Standard Time: 5.30 pm (November 4, 2022)
Singapore Standard Time: 8:00 pm (November 4, 2022)
Philippines Standard Time:8.00 pm (November 4, 2022)
Japanese Standard Time: 9.00 pm (November 4, 2022)
Australia Eastern Daylight Time: 11.00 pm (November 4, 2022)

Gaus Electronics Episode 11 Streaming Details

Episode 11 of Gaus electronics will air on the TV channel ENA. However, fans from other countries need to cross-check the time given above as Gaus Electronics Episode 11 will be available for streaming on Seezn Original and Olleh TV at the time listed above. 

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