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Nancy Ajram Before and After: Has the Lebanese Singer Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Nancy Ajram Before and After- Has the Lebanese Singer Undergone Plastic Surgery
Nancy Ajram Before and After- Has the Lebanese Singer Undergone Plastic Surgery

Here is Nancy Ajram: Before and After Transformation. Nancy Nabil Ajrab is popular among her fans as the Queen of Arab Pop and is a famous Lebanese singer. She is a famous businesswoman and a renowned TV personality who continues to rule the hearts of her fans for the longest time in pop music.

She has been singing since she was a child, and her earliest singing record was when she was 15 years old. She released her first debut album, Mihtagalak, in 1998. Even though it was her first song, the fans liked it so much that the next year, only she released another album which was loved equally by the people.

If you follow Arab pop music, there is little chance that you don’t know Nancy Ajram. The singer has a huge fan following on social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram. She has 34.2 million followers on her Instagram page, and fans love watching her perform. There is little doubt about the fact that she is one of the most loved pop singers in the Middle Eastern music industry, and fans love her.

Nancy Ajram Before and After (Credit-Pinterest)

Nancy Ajram Before and After (Credit-Pinterest)

Recently when she posted her picture on her social networking site, fans became suspicious and noticed some differences in her looks.  They said that there are clear differences between her before and after pictures. Here this article will tell you everything about Nancy Ajram’s before and after transformation.

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Nancy Ajram Career Trajectory

When we talk about her major projects,  the first song that we need to mention is Akhasmak Ah. This was Nancy’s first big hit that gave her a break in the music industry. She had worked with some well-known producers and creators on this music album. 

By 2004 Nancy emerged as one of the best pop artists in the Middle East. Till 2006 she only engaged in pop music, but in 2007 she decided to do different genres of songs, particularly songs for children. She released her first album for children in 2007, which was titled Shakhbat Shakhabit. This was loved by the children so much so that it is regarded as one of her most notable works to date. 

Nancy Ajram

Nancy Ajram

Her music album Mashi Haddi was nominated for the world music award and awarded The world’s best-selling Middle Eastern artist.  This made Nancy the youngest Arab woman to receive such an award at the World Music Awards.

Nancy enjoys singing not just pop music but also songs for children, promotional anthems,  patriotic songs, etc.  Recently we saw her as the judge on Arab idol, which is a reality show on MBC.  She has been the judge for the show two times, in 2013 and 2017.

In 2016 she was August to coach the children on the sets of voice kids Arabia.  Spotify regards her as the queen of Arab Pop, and recently in 2020, they said that Nancy is the most streamed female single from Arab on their channel.

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Nancy Ajram Before and After

Recently Nancy’s fans noticed something different in her face, and from there erupted the rumors of Nancy undergoing plastic surgery or some kind of artificial treatment to change her looks. She was at first quiet about it, but when the fans grew restless, she finally revealed that she had undergone four plastic surgeries.

She said in an interview that she is not ashamed of it and does not feel wrong if anybody takes the help of some kind of treatment to look good. When the interviewers asked her what plastic surgeries she had undergone, she did not reply. If we believe the words of plastic surgeons, they opine that she has taken Botox injections and facial-filled collagens that have Enhanced her facial looks.

Nancy Ajram Before and After (Credit-Pinterest)

Nancy Ajram Before and After (Credit-Pinterest)

If one looks closely, it is very easy to point out that there are visible changes in her lips and nose. This reveals that she has undergone plastic surgery not just once but four times. We have added her before and after pictures so that you can yourself see and make out the changes in her face.

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