Where is Feel the Beat Filmed? All the Known Locations

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Feel the Beat
Feel the Beat Filming Locations

Feel the Beat Filming Locations are many, and this is what makes the fans curious right now. The film was released in 2020, and it focuses on the themes of family dance and comedy. Elissa Down directed the movie. It throws light on the life of a young dancer named April Dibrina. She is trying to make her way to Broadway and, in order to reach for an audition, steals a car from an old lady.

Although, her career takes a hit because karma catches up to her. Her performance is initially appreciated by the judges as well as the sponsor named Ruth Zimmer. Although, she is able to make her out of the whole taxi incident and thus makes a vow that no one on Broadway will ever hire her. While trying to explain her side of the story, April accidentally knocks the sponsor off the stage, which gives her some serious injuries.

The entirety of this accident gets posted on social media, where her image is thus compromised. Now that April has been evicted from her rented place as well, she comes back to her hometown. She goes over to a local dance studio in the area and also comes across her ex-boyfriend Nick. She left the man in order to become a star in New York City.

Feel the Beat – Plot Details

As for the studio, it has some of the girls studying dance. They are not the best bunch of all, but they do fine. As for the studio owner and dance teacher Barb, she asks April to teach the team during the town’s dance competition. Initially, she is not ready to accept the offer because it is hectic, but as soon as she learns that Welly Wong will be in the front to see it, she accepts the role.

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Feel the Beat Filming Locations
A still from Feel the Beat – Credits: Netflix

April thus starts a very tough routine for the girls to become dancers, and this is what makes some of them even quit. As the competition takes place, the team too becomes better and better under April’s guidance and wins through the rounds. April also bonds with the girls emotionally, and it gives her a reason to go forward. She even learns to sign language to teach one of the deaf girls. Also, April and Nick become closer as he constantly helps renovate some of the places for the girls to practice after the studio is ruined.

Feel the Beat Filming Locations

Feel the Beat’s filming has taken place in a lot of places in Canada. Here is a list of some notable locations that were a part of the scenes.

Feel the Beat Filming Locations
North Bay in Ontario

1. North Bay in Ontario

It was the main filming location for the movie. This is a city located near Toronto, almost three hours away. The main locations which were constantly seen in the film were the downtown part and Capitol Centre.

2. Toronto in Ontario

The city was used to film the interior shots. These were some which we saw at the dance academy. Other locations in Ontario, such as Sudbury, were also used for the filming of outdoor and indoor scenes.

3. Hamilton in Ontario

The scene where we saw April and the girls practice dance at a park was shot here. There were a lot of outdoor scenes that took place because of how the studio was broken down, and they had nowhere to practice but outside.

4. Temagami in Ontario

This was the location used to film the camping scene. April and the girls went camping in the film for a brief scene, and it was filmed here. It is a small town located in the northeast part of the state. The place is best known for lakes as well as forests.

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5. Parry Sound in Ontario

This location was used in Feel the Beat to film the competition scenes. They were the ones that took place before the finale and tested the contestants based on their skills. These were filmed at Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts, which is located in Parry Sound. It is a town near Sudbury in Ontario.

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