Alchemy Of Souls Season 2 Episode 9: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

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Recap of Alchemy Of Souls Season 2 Episode 8 recap
Recap of Alchemy Of Souls Season 2 Episode 9 release date

Alchemy of Souls Season 2 Episode 9’s air date is soon. Fans must review the most recent episode in order to be prepared for the next one. But, before we get to The Alchemy of Souls, season 2, episode 9, here’s a quick recap of episode 8.

While Park, Kim Do-Ju, and Yeom talk about their position and reassure them that being apart will not be a problem, Jang Uk & Buyeon share a kiss after dismantling the barriers that came before them. However, as Bu Yeon detects the energy of the ice stone within Jang Uk, their heated exchanges among them come to an abrupt halt.

This reminds them of the predicament they will soon find themselves in, and he starts planning how to handle Jin Ho Kyung to violate the vow. Jang Uk assures Bu Yeon that he’ll earnestly ask Ho-Kyung to grant his petition and free them from their predicament.

As the two devise strategies to win Ho Kyung over to his romance, Seo Yul also possesses his intentions. Bu-Yeon instructs Jang Uk to look after himself and occasionally slip into Jinyowon and meet her after sending them on their respective paths.

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Recap of Alchemy of souls S2 Episode 9

She now thinks back to when they first saw her and inquires about his impression of her. She says that she realized he was her spouse the instant she saw him, contradicting his statement that he thought she was unusual.

Recap of Alchemy Of Souls Season 2 Episode 9 preview
Recap of Alchemy Of Souls S2 Episode 8 recap

This statement triggers emotions in Jang Uk, just as it does for Bu Yeon. He describes to her the azure soul-shifting marking that once appeared in Mu’s eyes.   Seo Yul declares elsewhere that he is prepared to accept responsibility for what occurred and will let the agreement between Jang Uk and Ho-Kyung be broken.

This quickly spreads, so Jang Uk is pleased with Seo Yul’s assurances while Bu Yeon rushes to see her. She is shocked by Seo Yul’s actions when he warns her that continuing to be with Jung Uk will only make the two of them unhappy.

He advises her to visit Danhyanggok because it will jog her memory of the events there and help her understand why she should avoid Jang Uk. Bu Yeon is resolved not to go there or attempt to recover her memory after learning this.

The heir to the throne sends his golden plaque to Jang Uk, informing him that he is informed of Jang Uk’s arrival, and Jang Uk receives it. Bu-Yeon meets him as he gets ready to go to a castle and notices the scar where he was previously killed.

Recap of Alchemy Of Souls Season 2 Episode 9 preview
Recap of Alchemy Of Souls S2 Episode 8 recap

She knows he was curious about Naksu’s thoughts when she gave her the scars, but Bu Yeon wishes he had never seen that memory. When he notices her mood is lowering, he offers to take him to Danhyanggok, but she declines.

Eventually, he tells her to wait for him to return, which comforts her. In another location, Heo Yoon-ok discovers the medication that may identify a soul shifter’s markings and is prepared to confront Bu-Yeon with reality.

Seo Yul, on either hand, approaches Ho Kyung and informs her that he knows who Bu Yeon is. To prevent Naksu’s spirit from vanishing and the actual Jin Bu-Yeon from taking over her flesh, he begs her to let Bu Yeon be independent for as much as she can.

Ho-Kyung is shocked by this because master Lee had kept this from her; now that she is aware of it, she is prepared to agree with Seo Yul’s demand. In the meantime, Jang Uk is questioned by the heir to the throne about her identification and instructed to travel to the North stronghold if he ever does not wish to engage in combat.

Jin Mu is surprised when Jang Uk decides to comply with his request and take up the role of commander at the Nord citadel, but he is also pleased by the strategy used by the crown prince.

Recap of Alchemy Of Souls Season 2 Episode 9 preview
Recap of Alchemy Of Souls S2 recap

Yoon-ok also asks Bu Yeon to join her at the grave of the soul shifter, where she will toss the medication at her and look for the mark of the soul shifter on her neck. But while searching, she discovers nothing, and even some of the medication spills into her eyes, leaving a blue stain.

However, Seo Yul comes and pauses while directing Bu Yeon to wipe off the medication before Yoon Ok sees it. Then, he warns Yoon-ok not to become involved since Naksu’s spirit is about to vanish. Bu-Yeon notices her image in the stream and the blue mark within her eyelids as she rinses the eye medication out of her eyes.

She recalls Jang Uk’s comments as a rush of recollections hits her, revealing her real identity and prompting her to travel to Danhyanggok. She eventually arrives at the large tree she had always recalled and realizes that all the experiences she had previously assumed belonged to somebody else were hers the rest of the time as the memory starts to return.

Recap of Alchemy Of Souls Season 2 Episode 9 preview
Episode 8 recap’s still.

The scene suddenly brightens, and she sees no other than the genuine Jin Bu Yeon sitting next to her. Naksu learns from Bu Yyeon that she used her abilities the entire time to reclaim her divine abilities and save her mind from going crazy.

Naksu is grateful for her abilities, but she will soon have to leave her body because Jin Bu-Yeon is the rightful owner. She has to confront the harsh reality that she only has a finite amount of time remaining in this world after finally remembering who she is—Naksu.

Seo Yul notices her in Chwiseonru as she sits there reflecting on the moment Jang Uk engaged her three years ago and urges Joo Wol to let Jang Uk know. While telling Naksu that he has looked all around for Chwiseon, Jang Uk quickly realizes something is wrong. He then goes to Chwiseonru.

Naksu informs him that she has reclaimed her memory and will return to Jinyowon since she cannot remain with him. Jang Uk resists this shift. He attempts to stop it, but it is ineffective since she says she has a very special love for a man and can’t let go of him.

Recap of Alchemy Of Souls Season 2 Episode 9 preview
The recap of Alchemy Of Souls S2 episode 8’s still.

Ho-Kyung and Cho-Yeon are taken aback when Naksu makes his way back to Jinyow, and Jang Uk is shocked by what has been happening between them. The pair then wallow in anguish at being apart, but Jang Uk cannot comprehend why it did, and Naksu cannot confront him due to her previous deeds and knowledge of what the future will hold.

Even though Jang Uk knocks on Jinyowon’s doorway, Naksu declines to see him due to his inability to say farewell to him before he leaves. When she returns, she finds him waiting in her room, and she is forced to answer his questions, revealing his desperation about her choice.

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Naksu cannot control her emotions as he departs, telling her he will wait for her to fail or call him while he waits. He departs for the North stronghold the following day as everyone bids him farewell. Seo Yul is compelled to tell him the truth, but she is repelled by master Lee’s warning that Jang Uk would only suffer because he can keep Naksu’s soul alive in Jin’s Bu-body.

Recap of Alchemy Of Souls Season 2 Episode 9 preview
Recap of Alchemy Of Souls S2 episode 8 recap

Jeon won’t be able to use his abilities to save her because this is an illegal form of sorcery. Jin Mu is ready to start his preparations after Jang Uk leaves, so he enlists the crown prince’s assistance in transporting the earthenware into Daeho. But he says that Jinyowon’s hellcat is his aim and that he would soon subdue it with the aid of the Clear majority Assembly.

Jin Mu soon confronts Jin Ho Kyung and informs her that Jinyowon lacks a priest powerful enough to perform the rites for the water; another person will be dancing instead. Ho-Kyung finds this absurd and declares that Jinyowon would not offer any artifacts for the ceremonies if it occurs, but this simply gets a laugh from Jin Mu.

Then, as seen in the video, Ho Kyung informs him that Jinyowon possesses a plaque that grants them the authority to reject a royal family command. Jin Mu informs her that the plaques will shortly be seized because she placed Jinyowon in jeopardy for personal motives.

Alchemy of Souls
Recap of Alchemy Of Souls S2 Episode 8 recap still.

The heir to the throne then appears and says that he is a testimony to this assertion because widening the firebird’s wall puts us all at risk. Jinyowon has already received the order to deliver the plaque to Cheonbuan, but Naksu assumes responsibility for doing so after Cho Yeon.

She quickly transports the plaques to Cheonbuan, where she learns what is happening. She steps up after witnessing Jin Mu drive Ho-Kyung over the edge and tells him that Jinyowon has a priest capable of supporting them. Still, Mu doesn’t consider her serious and challenges her to show herself. Nokia agrees to this and is taken to prison for wraiths in Cheonbugwan.

Jin Mu informs her that to demonstrate her divine abilities, she must obtain the plaques from this location. Ho-Kyung is frightened about her, but as Naksu encourages her to trust her daughter’s supernatural abilities, she realizes she is looking at Naksu.

Alchemy of Souls
Recap of Alchemy Of Souls S2 Episode 8 recap still.

After entering the prison of enchantment, Naksu emerges at the beach with woods ahead of her. She is alarmed by the location’s immensity and quickly starts looking for the plaque despite her concerns. She soon encounters a plaque, though, and as she tries to flee from it, she unconsciously calls out for Jang Uk thru the blue emerald.

Alchemy Of Souls S2 Episode 9: Release Date

Alchemy Of Souls S2 Episode 9: Release Date is Saturday, January 7, 2023. Alchemy Of Souls S2 Episode 9 will be telecast at around 9: 10 pm KST on tvN. Fans from other regions can watch the show at:

  • British Summer Time: January 7 at 12.10 pm
  • Indian Standard Time: January 7, 5.20 pm
  • Singapore Standard Time: January 7, 8:10 pm
  • Philippines Standard Time: January 7, 8.10 pm
  • Central Standard Time: January 7, 6 pm
  • Eastern Standard Time: January 7, 7 pm
  • Japanese Standard Time: January 7, 9.10 pm
  • Australia Eastern Daylight Time: January 7, 11:10 pm

Alchemy Of Souls S2 Episode 9: Where To Watch

At 9:10 in South Korea, Netflix will start streaming The Alchemy of Souls S2 Episode 9. Viewers from different regions will need to set their timepieces to the same moment as that show to watch Alchemy of Souls S2 Episode 9 once it airs in your area.

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