Clone High Episode 1: Release Date, Spoilers, Where To Watch?

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clone high season 2 HD poster
clone high season 2 (Credits: HBO Max)

Clone High, a popular American animated series that had to shut down after facing a lot of controversies back in 2002, is returning with a new touch. Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s short animated series, which they created with Scrubs‘ Bill Lawrence, is getting re-imagined and is ready to be presented in front of the new generation.

The show showcased some of the most famous historical figures as high school teenagers with contrasting personalities to what we associate them with. The cast included clones of JFK, Abraham Lincoln, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, and Gandhi, all living their teenage lives in high school.

The series had to shut down due to its controversial way of portraying these historical figures, especially in the case of India, where Gandhi is considered quite a big personality. Due to intense pressure from India, MTV didn’t want to take any risk and finally decided to shut it down. Finally, in the revival season of the show, the clone of Gandhi was replaced by Confucius so as to avoid protests by the Indian authorities once again and ensure the smooth running of the show. 

The trailer for the series has already been released, and by watching it, we can expect the show to start right after where it left off, with the characters frozen solid at the school dance. In the beginning, Abe Lincoln could be seen crushing for Joan of Arc as usual, wanting to have a relationship with her.

Not surprisingly, as soon as she sees JFK, Joan of Arc instantly runs towards him, leaving behind a crying Abe. Then the characters are told that it is no longer 2003 but 2023. In fact, hearing this, they seem to be extremely shocked but start enjoying modern technology and their freedom after 20 years.

Episode 1 of the show is soon to release, and while you are waiting in anticipation for your favorite series to return, we are here to fill you in on the release date and time of the episode, any potential spoilers we may come across, and the source where you can watch the episode legally. 

  • Genre: Animated sitcom, Comedy, Drama, Satire, Science fiction
  • Episode Duration: 22 min
  • Animation Studio: MTV Entertainment Studios, ShadowMachine
  • TV Rating: None
  • Voice Cast:
    Will Forte as Abraham Lincoln
    Michael McDonald as Mahatma Gandhi
    Nicole Sullivan as Joan of Arc
    Christa Miller as Cleopatra
    Chris Miller as John F. Kennedy
    Kelvin Yu as Confucius
    Ayo Edebiri as Harriet Tubman
    Neil Casey as Christopher Columbus
    Vicci Martinez as Frida Kahlo

What to expect from episode 1?

Judging by the trailer and other speculations, it is expected that the first episode of the series will begin with the reintroduction of the characters and their antics. The episode might be low on laughter and story as most of the time will go by introducing new characters and showing them react to the change in time, getting used to the fact that it is not 2003 but 2023, and things are different now. 

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The episode will fill you with nostalgia if you are a fan of the original series and are waiting for the show to return in anticipation. And as Gandhi was nowhere to be seen in the trailer, it is safe to assume that his character is either still frozen solid or has been completely erased from the story. 

clone high season 2 Poster
clone high season 2 (Credits: HBO Max)

It also seems like the voice cast of the show will not be the same. All in all, it is expected that the show will live up to its hype and reputation, all the while maintaining the character traits and personalities they showed in Season 1, and we can only wait and see which direction the show takes.

Clone High Episode 1: Release Date

Clone High episode 1 is slated to release on May 23, 2023, at 12 AM ET. The release schedule across various time zones of the world is given below, and you can easily select your respective time zone to know when you can watch the episode. 

  • Pacific Daylight Time: May 22, 2023, Sunday, 9 PM.
  • Central Daylight Time: May 22, 2023, Sunday, 11 PM.
  • Eastern Daylight Time: May 23, 2023, Monday, 12 AM.
  • British Summer Time: May 23, 2023, Monday, 5 AM.
  • Central European Time: May 23, 2023, Monday, 5 AM.
  • Indian Standard Time: May 23, 2023, Monday, 9:30 AM.
  • Chinese Standard Time: May 23, 2023, Monday, 12 PM.
  • Singapore Time: May 23, 2023, Monday, 12 PM.
  • Philippines Time: May 23, 2023, Monday, 12 PM.
  • Japanese Standard Time: May 23, 2023, Monday, 1 PM
  • Korean Standard Time: May 23, 2023, Monday, 1 PM
  • Australia Central Daylight Time: May 23, 2023, Monday, 1:30 PM

Clone High Episode 1: Where to watch

The episode will premiere on HBO Max according to the release schedule given above, and you can watch it according to your time zone. 

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