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Tulsa King Filming Locations: Where Was This Silvester Stallone Starrer Shot?

Tulsa King Filming  Locations 
Silvester Stallone engaged in a discussion (Credits- Paramount +)

Paramount’s Tulsa King is a crime series that tracks Dwight Manfredi’s story. He is associated with the New York mafia and is known for his notorious crimes. He remains behind bars for 25 years and is sent to Tulsa after release. Dwight isn’t deterred by the events that occur in his life.

A ruthless individual who sets out to rebuild his lost empire-Tulsa King is a gripping tale of action, drama, and crime. Manfredi impressed one and all with his spending acting. But it’s the locations of Tulsa king that remained the talk of the town for a long. So where was Tulsa King filmed?

Oklahoma City in Tulsa King

Oklahoma City and Tulsa feature heavily in the series (Credits- Visit Tulsa)

Tulsa King Filming  Locations 

Oklahoma City

The majority of the series was shot in the areas surrounding Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The movie’s shooting commenced in early 2022 and was finished in 4-5 months. The cast and crew had to endure the harsh summers of Oklahoma. Oklahoma is one such place that is known for its harsh summers. 

Silvester Stallone in Tulsa King

Tulsa King Crew (Credits- Visit Tulsa)

The Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area was focused on the series, and the team stayed around there for a long to finalize the perfect shoot. The sequences were shot at locations like the Dust Bowl Lanes and Lounge. Some other spots of Oklahoma city featured in the series include Cattlemen’s Steakhouse, an ancient museum located at North East 63rd Street, etc.

The Prairie Surf Studios Oklahoma

A few portions of Tulsa King were filmed at The Prairie Surf Studios Oklahoma. This studio is well known for its expansive location and the facilities they offer to the production teams.

The Prairie Surf Studios Oklahoma

The Prairie Surf Studios Oklahoma (Credits-Prairie Studios)

The makers of the series were delighted to shoot important portions here. This studio was initially used as a convention center. Later it was converted into a media studio. The studio contains a vast arena, halls, and ballrooms that can accommodate hundreds. 


As the name signifies, Tulsa forms an important part of the story. Tulsa’s topography and environment were instrumental in showcasing the rugged surroundings that Manfredi encounters. The flat land and hot temperature presented ideal conditions. The main locations that were utilized in the shooting of Tulsa Kind include the Tulsa International Airport, coffee club, etc. 

Centre Of Universe

Centre Of Universe is a popular spot in Tulsa. This landmark has a wide circle and is surrounded by multiple circles made of bricks. If you say something, then the sound of your words will bounce back with much more intensity. Centre Of Universe was shown in the second episode of Tulsa King as part of an emotional scene depicting Manfredi’s poor condition. 

Centre Of Universe in Tulsa.

Centre Of Universe, a popular spot in Tulsa. (Credits-Tripadvisor)

Downtown Tulsa – The Mayo Hotel

Many scenes were shot in Downtown Tulsa. The crew halted the traffic in the popular and congested area to shoot the scenes. The prominent chase scenes of the series were filmed in areas surrounding Downtown Tulsa. Silvester Stallone was frequently spotted in the area. Fans would throng the area to see him.

Actually, Stallone was staying at The Mayo Hotel, which is located in  Downtown Tulsa. Pictures captured him exiting the hotel. The Mayo Hotel was also shown in the series. It’s a plush five-star property located in the Downtown area. 

Tulsa King filmed in

Silvester Stallone in Tulsa King (Credits-Paramount +)

The shooting of the series aided in providing a boost to the local tourism industry of Tulsa. A few locations, like the Center of the Universe, the metropolitan area, were being thronged by several fans as they wanted to capture and visit the spots they saw on their screens. 

Tulsa King Was Supposed To Be Filmed Somewhere Else

Tulsa wasn’t the first choice for the production crew. Originally the plans were different. The team had planned to shoot the series in Kansas. Infact, the series title was Kansas City and not Tulsa King. But the original plan was shelved quickly.

Well, the reason behind this is that the production team couldn’t get any incentives or benefits for shooting in Kansas. A production member revealed that the makers had a meeting with the Kansas authorities. It wasn’t successful, as Kansas authorities were not ready to give them any benefits. 

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