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Sentinelle: Upcoming French Action Thriller Film

Sentinelle is the upcoming French action thriller film which is based on the story of the life of a French soldier who is seen as combating and being a very active part of various military operations that is carried out by the army. Sentinelle seems a unique film because of the difference in the storyline. It has as almost all military-based film is generally based or dominated by male counterparts in the films but in this film, it is a film that has the lead role being played by a female actor and the story too is based on entirely the female domain point of view.

Sentinelle has recently got the trailer release of the film which was highly appreciated and anticipated by the viewers and had managed well to gain a lot of likes. The film is not going for a theatrical release instead it is all set to release on the digital online streaming platform Netflix. French movies are great to watch even though you don’t understand French, audience all over the world have open-hearted loved various French movies all over the world that means language was never a barrier when it comes to films. Just you need great content to please the audience; language will never be a matter of concern.

Upcoming French Action Thriller Film- ‘Sentinelle’

Upcoming French Action Thriller Film- ‘Sentinelle’

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Cast & plot details

The cast of the film includes the following actors:

  • Olga Kurylenko
  • Marilyn Lima
  • Michel Nabokoff
  • Martin Swabey
  • Carole Weyers
  • Guillaume Duhesme
  • Andrey Gorlenko
  • Antonio Malinova
  • Gabriel Almaer
  • Blaise Afonso
  • Michel Biel

The movie is also put in the genre of Action thriller film with the darkness involved in it as the story. The lead role in the Sentinelle film is played by French Ukrainian actress Olga Kurylenko is a high-profile military officer who has just returned home after being part of a highly dangerous yet traumatizing combat mission of the film. The back of the story goes on as the officer’s sister has been brutally sexually assaulted by someone and when she gets to know about the situation of her sister and then she determined to take revenge against the person who had turned against her sister, here the film involve high action through the lethal military skills she tries to do everything to turn everything to destroy and take revenge from that person who had done the evil act on her sister.

Sentinelle is going to be a cool film with the centric of the film which is primarily inclined to the action stories associated with women. The merciless hunt to find and take the revenge against that person to get her sister justice, you would see all the combating lethal scenes of the stunts that are pertaining to the various military operation generally does has, a person of the military background have altogether different skills to fight along and nowadays we have entailed these skills in the movies in the past as well which embrace and show the exceptional skills of the defense personals.

Sentinelle: Trailer and Release Date Details

The trailer of the film has recently released and as said the audience is very excited about the film and looking forward to watching this film. The release date of the film is scheduled on 5th March 2021, and importantly the makers aren’t going for the theatrical release instead the movie is solely going for digital online streaming on Netflix. So, if you want to experience the real crunches of military life from the perspective of a defense personal with the great actors involved in it then you need to watch it only after March 5, 2021, only through Netflix. The film has also set some glimpse of the military operation taking place in some parts of Syria, the highly traumatizing operation is carried out there the film, and then she gets all set to get towards the next mission, which is only associated with her own life that is her sister. The screenplay and direction of the movie are done by Julien Leclercq.

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