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Curtain Call Episode 6: Release Date, Preview & Streaming guide

Curtain Call Episode 5 recap
Curtain Call Episode 6: Release Date

The release date for Curtain Call Episode 6 is finally announced, and fans want to explore more about the forthcoming episode. Here is a little primer on the show’s plot before we skip to Curtain Call Episode 6’s releas date and Curtain Call Episode 6’s streaming details. Yoo Jae-Heon (Kang Ha-Neul) performs on stage with a nearby theatre company.

Despite coming from a low-income family, he has a high sense of self-worth and is bright and upbeat. Please do whatever you want is his maxim. An older man once asks Yoo Jae-Heon to assume the role of an older woman’s grandchild. The grandson of the elderly grandmother fled North Korea. This alters life for Yoo Jae-Heon.

The woman is named Geum-Soon, who was raised in 1930 in the North Korean territory that is now North Korea. She fled to South Korea when the Korean War started, but she was separated from her spouse and small child. She started a hotel, hoping it would be a tracking device to bring them back since she daydreamed of being with them again.

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What Is The Plot Of Curtain Call?

Ja Geum Soon (Go Shim) was born in what is currently called North Korea in the year 1930. She moved to what is now South Korea in the 1950s when the Korean War started, leaving her husband and infant son behind. She built a hotel expecting it to act as a symbolic beacon and reunite her with her family since she desired to be with them.

This hotel changed over time to become the thriving Nakon hotel chain. Ja Geum Soon has never met her grandson Moon Sung, but as she approaches death, she longs to be reunited with him. The older woman’s devoted servant Jung Cheol (Sung Il), comes up with a plan to help her find peace before she passes away: he would hire a performer to pose as Im Moon Sung.

Yoo Jae Heon (Kang Han Neul), a struggling performance artist who has been portraying a North Korean military in a play, is the person he seeks out. Yoo Jae Heon echoed this. He is told to pose as a dissident who has come to visit the elderly widow before attempting to return to the North. It quickly becomes clear, though, that he bit more than he could eat.

Curtain Call Episode 5 recap

A still from the trailer of Curtain Call.

Additionally, he meets Ja Geum Soon’s granddaughter Park Se Yeon ( Ji Won), who is in charge of Nakwon and is determined to keep it out of the wrong hands.

The Characters & Cast Of Curtain Call

Yoo Jae-hun, our martyred stage performer, is portrayed by Kang Haneul (Insider). He is properly startled when he sees Hotel Paradise, and in the voiceover, he declares his ambition to be a “real” actor and to use his talent to inspire even one person.

The youngest grandson of the chaebol organization behind Hotel Paradise is Park Se-Yeon, played by Ha Ji-won (Chocolate). She is pictured with her adored grandmother (Go Du-shim), who she wonders might be her grandmother’s long-lost grandchild.


Curtain Call Episode 5 recap

The cast of Curtain Call.

Another chaebol heir, Bae Dong-Jae, is portrayed by Kwon Sang-woo (star of Critical X), and he becomes entangled in the Hotel Paradise power structure. He had been engaged to Se-Yeon before. He observes with irritation Jae-hun and Se-growing Yeon’s familiarity with the teaser.

As Seo Yoon-hee, a “smart” lawyer living her best possible life as a no-name actor, our protagonist is developing feelings for Jung Ji-so (star of Doom at Your Service). Already a love square! In our concluding images, Noh Sang-Hyun, who appeared in Pachinko, makes an appearance as the enigmatic Ri Moon-sung, who is associated with a drug trafficking organization and the movement of illegal goods into or out of North Korea.

Curtain Call Episode 6 Release Date

Curtain Call Episode 6 release date is Tuesday, November 15, 2022. Curtain Call Episode 6 will air on the famous entertainment channel KBS2 at 9:50 pm KST. International fans can stream Curtain Call Episode 6 at 6:20 pm IST, 7:50 am EST, 4:40 am PT, 8:50 pm Singapore time, and 11:50 pm AEDT

Curtain Call Episode 6: Where To Watch

Curtain Call Episode 6 will be available for streaming on Rakuten Viki. Audiences outside of Korea must cross-check the time mentioned above to watch Curtain Call Episode 6 when it comes out in their respective regions.

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