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22 Anime Movies Like Patema Inverted That You Should Watch

This movie still rings close to the hearts of many people, which is why many want to know if there are movies like Patema Inverted. The movie was a self-contained story with no sequel or spin-offs, it is a gem from the time when not every popular anime got adapted to million things. This is one of the reasons it has close to the viewers, as its brief and intense story leaves you vivid and wanting more. Due to this, the fans of the movie are always wanting to feel the magic of the movie they once felt watching it.

It is true you can just rewatch the movie to enjoy the plot to its fullest, but doing something over and over tears of the novelty. But fear not, we have compiled a list of 22 anime movies like Patema Inverted that capture the magic and wonder of this sci-fi movie.

22. Children Who Chase Lost Voices:

The movie is a lot like Patema Inverted as it focuses on the divide between the two worlds. Asuna is an 11-year-old girl who is mature for her age, as her father passed away when she was young. The movie focuses on the responsibilities of living a fulfilling life despite losing your loved ones on the Journey. It is also one of the first movies by Makoto Shinkai.

Movies Like Patema Inverted

Asuna and Shun

21. Castle In The Sky:

The Ghibli film was one of the wonders of the country when it was first released. With its unique storytelling and setting, the movie was well-received all over the world. Its influence in Japan can be seen even to this day, as many media references the movie now and then. While the western cyberpunk inspiration comes from the work of Philip K Dick, the Japanese look towards Castle in the Sky. It was also considered the second-best animated movie at one point.

Movies Like Patema Inverted

Castle In The Sky

20. Howl’s Moving Castle

Howl’s moving castle is an adaptation of an English Novel by the same name. The movie delves into a world of sci-fi from a different lens, where the world is torn upside down, yet there is hope. Our main protagonist is Sophie, who suffers from her sense of identity after coming under a curse. To break this curse, she moves to Howl’s moving castle and makes a deal with Calcifer who will help her if she helps him get free of Howl.

Movies Like Patema Inverted

Sophie and Howl

19. Ponyo

A twist on the little mermaid tale but done from a Children’s perspective. Brunhilde and Sousuke are two children who could never be together and be friends. This is cemented even further when Brunhilde is lost and saved by Sousuke, but his father immediately saves his daughter. Torn by this, Sosuke goes and seeks to find where her new friend is. It is a coming-of-age story of two people belonging to different worlds.

Movies Like Patema Inverted

Ponyo The Movie

18. Whisper of The Heart:

Does the image look familiar? Those who listen to Lo-Fi music will recognize the picture below. The movie was not only influential at its time but also gave us a spin-off movie, The Cat Returns. Anyways, the plot follows Shizuku who loves to read and lives in 90’s Tokyo, her life doesn’t have anything fun going on until she meets a boy named Seji, who teases her until the two find themselves in a store that is frequented by a certain cat. A sweet Coming of age story in Tokyo filled with fantastical elements.

Movies Like Patema Inverted

The Inspiration For Lo-Fi Girl

17. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time:

This movie was popular just like Your Name was popular during its release. however, at that time, anime wasn’t a global phenomenon, so it never reached its true potential. Konno is a 17-year-old high schooler who is in their final year of high school. By strange accident, she was able to learn that she can leap through time, and she uses this power selfishly to get better standing in life. But when she learns that her time leaping is causing drastic change, she must do something to fix the problems she has caused.

Movies Like Patema Inverted

The Girl Who Lept Through Time

16. Garden of Words:

A different kind of movie that is a must-watch for anyone who likes to watch films in general. While most of the films focus on big revelations, threats to the world and life-changing experiences, many, like this Garden of Words scope, are much down to earth. It is a daily conversation between two people who meet in a garden and learn about each other, while in the process, they grow through reflection and introspection. The director of this movie is none other than Makoto Shinkai.

Movies Like Patema Inverted

The Garden of Words

15. The Last: Naruto The Movie:

As the name suggests, this was the Last Naruto movie with him as the main character. The series was never the same after this, even though the First Boruto movie is good. This movie resolves one of the glaring holes in the franchise, the romantic relationship between Naruto and Hinata.

The two were destined to be together, but the main storyline never took time to develop their relationship. The movie does a perfect job of finally bringing these two together and even shows the two having kids at the end of the movie. Which was a good point for the series to end…

Movies Like Patema Inverted

Naruto The Last Movie

14. Wolf Children:

This could be called one of the oldest stories of mankind with a modern twist. Hana falls in love with a shape-shifting wolf at her university, and the two get married and had two kids. But after her husband dies, she has to be at constant vigilance for the safety of her kids, or they will be taken away for their ability to storm. Her life with them is anything but easy, and the future is anything but clear.

Movies Like Patema Inverted

Wolf Children

13. Tales From Earthsea:

Based on the Earthsea Series by late author Ursula K. Le Guin. But if you are someone who is coming from reading her work, you will find the result to be entirely different. The movie, while failing to encapsulate the spirit of Ursula’s work, is not a bad watch, but nothing that the novels have to offer. Even the author herself said this to the director “It is not my book. It is your movie. It is a good movie”, but she changed her opinion when she saw the end product. Still, the animation is top-notch and worth a watch just for that.

Movies Like Patema Inverted


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12. Gantz: 0

Gantz was the Video game isekai before it was a thing, and much darker at that. Taking place in real worlds, the players were tasked with killing aliens that were hiding in plain sight without making themselves known. The more mission one accomplishes, the more points one gets. They could then use those points to get a thing they desire, get a super strong item, resurrect someone or be reborn into the real world while forfeiting their memories.

Movies Like Patema Inverted

Gantz: 0

11. Paprika:

The movie holds up today not only for its artistic standards but how true it is in the modern world. The effect of the internet was not so deep when the movie was released, however, it asked a question that still rings true. Does the truth matter if everyone believes in the lie? A similar theme is present in Patema Inverted but in a different way. And if you are a fan of animation and/or want to see what animation as a medium is capable of, this movie is a must-watch.

Movies Like Patema Inverted

Paprika: The Movie

10. Bubble:

The movie is scripted by none other than Gen Urobuchi, the mastermind of writing the great script for the anime industry. But, we would recommend lowering your expectations for this one as the movie focuses more on the love aspect rather than any darker themes. It is a movie very much like Patema Inverted, true, but Urobuchi fans will be a little dishearted as there is no jaw-dropping storyline like other of his works.

Movies Like Patema Inverted

Bubble Movie

9. Princess Mononoke:

If you want to get into the Fantasy genre through anime, then look no further than this crazy tale of forest and magic. To describe the movie would be doing it a disservice as it is the visuals that set the movie apart to this day. A gem from Miyazaki that can not be found anywhere else in the entire world. We can even say that this piece of art is better than most on the list but, that would be for different reasons. The movie was released in 1997 and 1999 in America.

Movies Like Patema Inverted

Princess Mononoke

8. My Neighbour Totoro:

Another hit piece by Miyazaki, this time a work of his creation rather than adaptation. The story follows two sisters and their time spent with the forest spirit native to Japan. The movie became a cult phenomenon on release and there are works of fiction that still reference this peace of art to this day. Even games refer to Persona 5 Morgana turns into a car mimicking the one in this movie. Totoro became one of the most famous characters in the world after the film’s debut and the company’s mascot.

Movies Like Patema Inverted

My Neighbour Totoro

7. A Whisker Away:

Also known as Nakitai Watashi wa Neko o Kaburu or Wanting to Cry, I Pretend to Be a Cat. The movie was released in 2020 and is one of the few anime projects funded by Netflix for international release. The story follows a similar approach of characters coming from different worlds and learning to get along with one another. If anything, Japanese romance movies are a breed apart, and anyone who has become with the genre will be startled by what the medium has to offer in the genre. This movie is one such example.

Movies Like Patema Inverted

A Whisker Away

6. I Want To Eat Your Pancreas:

If you have ever wanted to watch something like Your Life In April this movie is it. But the key difference is that the characters aren’t aspiring that have high goals that require great sacrifice. While the anime series is great for many reasons, this movie gives a personal motive for the characters to fall in love with each other. Don’t expect to come out feeling refreshed after watching this movie, it has made many cry and continues to do so. It is also great to watch this movie together with someone else. For sharing the sadness that the ending brings.

Movies Like Patema Inverted

I Want To Eat Your Pancreas

5. Time of Eve: The Movie

For movies like Patema Inverted, this one is off the charts. The plot focuses on a not-so-distant future where androids have become a common thing. The androids have also developed free will but are bound by the three laws that stop them from going overboard. However, they have found loopholes in it and have earned a sense of self. The movie has many plots and subplots that focus on different areas of society that have come this far. Some might find this to be an eerie form of Sci-Fi, but that is just on the surface.

Movies Like Patema Inverted

Time of Eve: The Movie

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4. Spirited Away

The movie was once held as the second-best movie of the 21st century. So why is it so below on this list? The purpose of this list is to focus on movies like Patema Inverted or how close the movies close to it in comparison. Spirited Away follows a similar theme of different worlds coming in contact with each other and leading toward a life-changing experience for the characters.

Movies Like Patema Inverted

Spirited Away

3. The Place Promised in Our Early Days:

A movie on music directed by none other than Makoto Shinkai. Though it was not the movie that gave him the big name, it is worth watching the movie as it shows the director’s skill and how far he has come. The story follows the three teenagers that promised each other to visit a tower one day on the ship they were repairing when they were young. The three’s reunion led them to fulfill their promise from the early days.

Movies Like Patema Inverted

The Place Promised in Our Early Days

2. A Silent Voice:

Life can be rough, and this movie goes to depict just how tough it can be. The movie(or manga) is not for the faint of heart, so it is advised not to show it to a younger audience. But other than that, this is one of the best movie experiences out there in anime.

Movies Like Patema Inverted

A Silent Voice

1. Your Name:

In the movie that forever changed Japanese animation, the story follows a body swap time travel story and their love which shares lives.

Movies Like Patema Inverted

Your Name

Best piece of work by Shinkai to this date, which has yet to be topped by anyone else. The movie is one of the highest-earning anime movies to this date, and it also shows how love doesn’t have to be bound by physical connections.

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