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July 2022 Kdramas: Upcoming Kdramas That You Need To Watch!

The month of July is full of kdramas that fans have been waiting for since last year. The lineup of kdramas that will be airing in the month of July is very impressive. The year 2022 has already been a blessing for kdrama fans. From the Korean remake of Money Heist: Joint Economic Era to gems such as Our Blues and A Business Proposal gave us the time of our lives. The year started off on a high note with the historical masterpiece of a kdrama ‘The Red Sleeve Cuff’. Moreover, July 2022 also marks the long-awaited return of everyone’s favorite kdrama actor Lee Jong Suk to the kdrama world. July 2022 will mark Lee Jong Suk’s return to the kdrama world after the completion of his mandatory military service. Not to mention that he will be starring alongside THE Kim Yoona from Girl’s Generation. If you think, things couldn’t get any better then the July 2022 kdrama list will surely surprise you.

Top 3 July 2022 Kdramas!

Here, we have compiled a list of the Top 3 July 2022 kdramas that you cannot miss at any cost!

1. Big Mouth

The Lee Jong Sook and Im Yoon Ah starrer thriller kdrama Big Mouth will finally premiere in July 2022.Β  It is pretty obvious why this kdrama is on top of our July kdramas. One of the many reasons is that it is co-written by the talented Jang Young Chul (Empress Ki) and Jung Kyung Soon (The Incarnation Of Money). The plot of the kdrama revolves around Park Chung Ho played by Lee Jong Sook who is well a big mouth. He is a lawyer with an embarrassing winning rate. Im Yoon Ah plays his beautiful wife and a courageous nurse in the kdrama. When Park Chung Ho gets caught in a scandal with a swindler, him and his wife gear up to clear his name.

Big Mouth

2. Adamas

The man, the myth, the legend himself, Ji Sung will also be making a comeback in July 2022. The much-awaited mystery thriller kdrama ‘Adamas’ will be releasing in July 2022. As if having Ji Sung star in the kdrama was not enough, he will be playing a double role. And the last time that Ji Sung was cast in a septet role it was in the iconic kdrama Kill Me Heal Me which till this day remains on the top. The kdrama will follow twin brothers Han Woo Shin and Soo Hyun as they find the truth behind a 22 year old unsolved mystery.

July 2022 kdramas


3. Remarriage And Desires

Adding to Netflix’s impressive catalog of kdramas in July 2022 will be Remarriage and Desires. The kdrama stars well known actors such as Kim Hee Sun (Tomorrow), Lee Hyun Wook (Mine), Jung Eugene ( Romance Is A Bonus Book), Park Hoon (Nobody Knows), and Cha Ji Yeon ( Taxi Driver) in leading roles. The kdrama has a web stories format to it and will consist of only eight episodes. The plot of this highly awaited kdrama revolves around an elite marriage agency. Yes! Another makjang kdrama that you should not skip out on.

Remarriage and Desires

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