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Dragon Raja Episode 14: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Dragon Raja Episode 14 Release Date

Dragon Raja Episode 14  is set to release this week. On August 19, 2022, the first three episodes of Dragon Raja were released on the QQ VIP streaming service based on the novel series by Jiang Nan. The series was produced by Tencent and animated by Studio GARDEN. Several Chinese anime series, including Dragon Raja and Donghua, which are currently airing, suggest that animation is not the only source of entertainment.

Fans have been praising and observing other nations’ animations and manga series for some time now, and primarily, South Korean and Chinese anime and manga shows are receiving more attention. A popular Chinese anime series, Dragon Raja is getting increasingly popular with each new episode, and people are looking forward to it. Dragon Raja Episode 2 and Dragon Raja Episode 3 were released on August 19th, 2022, along with the first episode. 

There has been no break since the new episode of Dragon Raja was released. Now let’s take a closer look at episode 14, which is the upcoming episode of Dragon Raja. To answer the question of when the new episode will be released, let us share with you the exact release date and timings of Dragon Raja.

Dragon Raja Episode 14 Release Date

Dragon Raja

Additionally, we will give you information about where you can watch Dragon Raja since there are no details on the internet about where you can watch it. In the meantime, let’s get started. Here are the latest updates on Dragon Raja and its release dates.

Dragon Raja Main Character

Lu Mingfei:

Mingfei Lu, who goes by Ricardo M. Lu and Luminous in Dragon Raja’s mobile game, is the main character in most adaptations of the game. Mingfei joined Cassell College after being recruited by Chen Motong (Nono) and Professor Guderian, where he achieved the highest ranking in the school.

Dragon Raja Episode 14 Release Date

Lu Mingfei

As a result of his inability to use Yanling skills, Mingfei’s ranking results were questioned by many students and professors, and he relied on his wits, the assistance of others, and sometimes just plain luck to survive. It caused him to be harassed by other students after he won the Lionheart Society’s “Day of Liberty” competition.

Chen Motong:

The protagonist of Dragon Raja is Chen Motong who is nicknamed “NoNo”, an A-Rank student, a student union representative, Caesar Gattuso’s fiancée, and Lu Mingfei’s love interest. Her nicknames included “the little witch” and “the red-haired Miko.” Despite her bratty attitude and lack of respect for boundaries, she is well-intentioned and protective of her friends.

Dragon Raja Episode 14 Release Date

Chen Motong

She also tends to encourage others to act courageously and decisively. As a result of her mother’s death at a young age, Nono became emotionally distant for the rest of her life. While she wasn’t able to take advantage of Yanling, her ability to resonate with the draconic language and to profile was outstanding enough for Cassell College to award her an A-rank.

Dragon Raja Episode 14 Release Date

Dragon Raja Episode 14 release date is set to release on 11 November 2022 at 9:00 pm EST. There will be lots of surprises and new adventures in the new episode, so don’t miss it.

About Dragon Raja

The first fantasy novel series of Lee Yeongdo, Dragon Raja, is among the best-known in South Korea. In the books, Hutch Nedval, a 17-year-old from the impoverished town of Fief Heltant in the Kingdom of Byssus, is followed by his master Karl Heltant and his friend Sanson Percival.

Dragon Raja Episode 14 Release Date

Dragon Raja

By finding the money to pay the extortion money, these three are on a mission to save their people from the black dragon Amurtaht. As well as finding and protecting a lost dragon raja girl who acts as a conduit between humans and dragons, they must also stop a crimson dragon that terrorized the continent 20 years ago. Hoochie tells the main story arc in the first person.

Where to Watch Dragon Raja Episode 14?

Chinese regional television networks will be the first to air the newest episodes of Dragon Raja. The fresh episodes of the show will eventually be accessible online.

There is no charge for Tencent Video Client service, but there is a minimum subscription fee for accessing new episodes of Dragon Raja. However, Tencent Video Client service isn’t available everywhere.

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