Scream 7: Everything We Know So Far ‘Sam Will Be The New Ghostface And Die?’

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Scream 7
Sam and Tara (CC: Paramount)

Scream 6 was finally here, which clearly means it’s time to start looking ahead once again to what’s next. In this Scream 7: Everything We Know So Far, we will discuss our plot predictions as well as the anticipated release date and timing of the next Scream film. That means there will be spoilers for Scream 6 in this article.

Many characters died in Scream 6, but our four main characters survived. I love these characters, but then I guess I’ll consider that the film’s rules were subverting your expectations.

So keeping the core 4 intact and continuing their bond to make one of them die in the next one probably has more impact as we spend more time with those characters. And then I can see them killing a legacy character like a Gale or Kirby would have probably felt too similar to the death that we saw on Scream 5 with Dewey.

Scream 6 Recap: Who Died And Who Lived?

Along the way, we have some of the most brutal kills in the franchise. The store clerk was shot to death in the face by shotgun at the bodega. Then we see Mindy’s girlfriend being stabbed in the stomach, followed by falling down from a ladder trying to cross apartments, then smashing her face against the dumpster. That was one of the most brutal kills in this film.

But quickly, we gotta talk about RIP to Quinn’s side piece in this film. And speaking of side pieces, can we get some justice for Gale’s boyfriend, who had one line and went out like a chump, even with all those muscles? Yeah, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Gale really didn’t care about her new boyfriend.

Scream 7
Gale on the phone (CC: Paramount)

Now I will admit, I was torn on not the one, not the two, but the three fake-out deaths that we have from our main cast. This included the Gale scene, which I will say I enjoyed the intensity in the scene, but seeing Gale being stabbed twice by a knife and then by a piece of glass on the side after fighting with Ghost face was a bit of a stretch.

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But then you followed up with one of my favorite scenes in the film, which is the train scene. Number one: seeing all the people in their costumes for Halloween and seeing all the different iconic slashers and horror characters was so much fun. But then Mindy, who is one of my favorite characters of this new bunch. We literally see her being stabbed in the stomach, having the knife turned in her stomach, and then followed by her being surprisingly saved by Ethan, who we’ll discuss here in a bit.

And then the most outrageous survival moment as we see Chad, who’s become the Dewey 2.0 of this franchise. We see him being stabbed multiple times by two Ghostface killers, only to survive a little bit later. Those moments again, the scenes were actually amazing, I love them. Again the Gale scene was intense. I loved the scene on the train and then seeing Chad sacrifice himself to save Tara. I love the sentiment in the scene, but then them surviving was a bit of a stretch.

What Will Happen In Scream 7?

Let’s start by addressing the major issue. Will Sidney Prescott be in Scream 7 again? Neve Campbell has been a little hesitant about whether or not she would be willing to return, which gives the impression that anything is doable, especially if the money aspect of it is worked out.

Screenwriter said in an interview that there’s always a possibility for Sidney to come back. The production crew will likely at least ask her if she’ll return, even though it’s likely that Scream 7 will be produced with or without her.

Scream 7
Sam holding Ghostface mask (CC: Paramount)

Going on, it appears like Screams 5 and 6 have been laying the groundwork for a few plotlines. The possibility of Sam turning into a Ghostface killer was prominently hinted at in both films.

It was heavily hinted in both films that Sam Carpenter would end up being Ghostface. She is related to Billy Loomis and his mom, and the ending of the previous two movies revealed that she would play Ghostface. As a result, it almost seems too simple to label her as Ghostface’s murderer.

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Stu Macher’s Return In Scream 7?

The widely known fan theory is that Stu Macher will return in the next movie. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Stu partner up with someone like Tara and Sam’s mom if he does make a comeback, which is a big if. To be clear, the film’s writers have said that Stu is truly dead in the franchise. But they also said that maybe he might have a twin brother. 

There has been some meta-commentary regarding the twin stuff. But if Sam and Tara’s mother does appear as Ghostface, she will probably be working with a person like Stu or perhaps someone new. Either outcome is possible.

Scream 7
Stu Macher (CC: Paramount)

Legacy Characters

Both Kirby and Gale are significant key pieces for Scream 7. Kirby barely makes it through Screams 4 and 6. Thus, Scream 7 might be the one where she genuinely dies. Gale, though, has been present since the first movie and appears to be on her way out.

Sidney must be considered in the legacy character discussion if she decides to return. One of them would almost certainly die if all three of them were to come back in Scream 7. It would be simple and appropriate to give Sydney and Gale a touching final moment in Scream 7, effectively saying goodbye to the original Scream legacy cast.

As Kirby is now an FBI agent, she could appear anywhere and also seems like an easy target. Gale won’t likely survive if Sydney doesn’t show up, though. Gale didn’t have that many things to do in Scream 6, and some people thought that because everyone else was younger, she didn’t fit in.

Kirby appears to fit in a little bit easier there, and trying to kill off Gale would make it possible for Sydney to be the very last OG Scream character left, likely to set her up to end up dying in the unavoidable Scream 8.

Romantic Relationships

We also need to consider romantic relationships in the Scream franchise. At the end of Scream 6, Chad was trying to hook up with Tara, and he will certainly return in Scream 7. You can assume that makes him a top candidate for death in Scream 7, but in reality, he serves as Tara’s new Dewey. They are both essentially now safe because of that.

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Scream 7
Tara and Sam (CC: Paramount)

Nevertheless, Sam is in a relationship with Danny in Scream 6. Given that Danny was not seen in the final battle at the end of Scream 6, there is a very strong possibility that he will die soon if that relationship still continues in Scream 7.

Will Sam And Tara Die In Scream 7?

Now the other question is, could Tara or Sam die in Scream 7? Although it’s possible for one of them to drop dead, it’s unusual for both of them to die in the same movie. This is a challenging question because Sam currently has a more prominent role than Sydney does. Nonetheless, Jenna Ortega is much more well-liked now, particularly since Wednesday.

Depending on the choices the writers make and the things they prioritize here, they might just switch roles, with Sam dying in the next movie and Tara becoming the main character. 

Scream 7
Ghostface in the bodega (CC: Paramount)

Scream 7 Release Date

Considering a potential Scream 7 release date, the filming is probably going to proceed similarly as Scream 6. That would imply that a script will be prepared for filming around September 2023. Little about three months were needed for the Scream 6 filming. If we apply that to Scream 7, the movie might be finished by the end of 2023, preparing it for a possible March 2024 release.

Unfortunately, March 2024 is already fully booked. Elio, a new Disney animated movie, premieres on March 1. March 8th is reserved for the prequel to Quiet Place movie and Kung Fu Panda 4. The sequel to Godzilla vs. Kong will debut on March 15. A live-action Snow White remake is set for March 22. And Spider-Man Beyond the Spider-Verse will be released on March 29.

Now, April 2024 and February 2024 are both quite open. Thus either month appears more possible for Scream 7. For the sake of avoiding Captain America New World Order, which premieres on May 3, 2024, February would be a better option than April. 

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