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Preview and Recap: Higurashi: When They Cry – Gou Episode 18

Higurashi When They Cry – Gou

The mysterious incidents keep on happening at Hinamizawa; the Oyashiro curse does not allow the citizens to rest. Reka has paid for her sins for not following the orders from Oyashiro. A week has passed after Satoko and Reka entered a Watangashi ritual. Reka met with Takano and Jirou. She thought she is interrupting the two with their date, and Takano wants to tell Reka the truth.

She realizes that she had killed Reka and her friends in the past before they were revived into a new life. Reka asks Takano why she is crying. Takana told Reka that today they would celebrate the Watangashi festival, and she wants to lay out all her sins. She wants to come clean so that everything will be drifted away with the festival. Takano reveals that she was going to kill Reka and all her friends after the festival.

Higurashi: When They Cry – GOU Episode 18 Release Date and Recap

Higurashi: When They Cry – Gou Episode 18 will be released on Friday, 5 February 2021, at 12:30 AM JST. Watch out for the spoilers of the recent development when you proceed. Watch this Anime officially on FunimationNetflix, and AnimeLab. Note that this Anime is released on Thursday in some countries, so make sure you won’t miss updates. 

Higurashi When They Cry – Gou

Higurashi When They Cry – Gou

Previously on Higurashi: When They Cry – GOU Episode 17

Takano reveals that she was going to sacrifice them for Oyashiro’s curse and apologizes. After revealing the truth, Jirou told. Jirou told Reka that they are leaving Hinamizawa today at night. Takano is the key witness to everything that has happened, and Jirou said he has to keep her safe. Reka promises that there won’t be any tragedy, and she is trusting Jirou on that. Reka comments she doesn’t understand why Takano has given up on her plan.

Watangashi Festival:

The Takano she knew will never give up or change her mind not a hundred years. Takano replies that Reka will not understand even if she tells her, and the two left Reka. The next day in the morning, Reka met with a guy who startled her and said he works for the Tokyo Bloodhounds. He is here on the orders from the first Lieutenant Tomitake, and he is asking Reka to cooperate with her. Reka agrees and asks if Tomitake is okay.

The guy said yes, and he ordered to make sure Reka is safe until the situation is stable. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Okonogi was about to kill the guy that was with Reka. The soldiers showed up and cornered. They told him that they have a warrant to arrest him. Okonogi asks what charges is he arrested for. They said it is for the arbitrary execution of Emergency Manual #34 and planing a mutiny.

Okonogi asks them to first speak with his commanding officer, Miyo Takano. They told Okonogi that will not be authorized and Okonos that he is just caught in a plan. Okonogi crew came and pointed the guns at the soldiers. Okonogi told his crew to lay low while at Irie clinic the soldiers are gathering carrying weapons. They told the oldies from the village that there is renovation taking place.

The soldiers’ thanks Colonel Irie for cooperating with them. He opened for them to do their investigation. Irie comments that he is just a doctor; they can drop the weapons. They ask Irie to accompany them until they finish with their investigation. After that, he will be transferred into the custody of the investigation Team. Irie agrees with what the soldiers are telling him, and he is glad that they are doing everything without waking Satoshi.

Hinamizawa Syndrome:

Satoshi is lying on a bed in a coma while the soldiers are investigating. Irie reveals that Satoshi is in the late stages of Hinamizawa Syndrome. He would be afflicted by intense paranoia and fear, which makes him consider everyone his enemy. The soldier asks what the teddy bear is there for near Satoshi. Irie said that the teddy bear was bought by Satoshi’s sister Satoko as a present. Irie said that he would work hard to put an end to Hinamizawa Syndrome.

The soldier said that the disciplinary committee would decide on that, not Irie. The soldiers report that they have discovered the locked suitcase mentioned in Major Takano’s confession. The briefcase contains the drug H173. They brought everything in front of Ire, and he saw that it is an H173 syringe.

Irie reveals that H173 is the horrific substance that causes its victim to develop Hinamizawa Syndrome. It also progresses the disease to its final stage, L5, and he knows that it was reportedly destroyed. Irie is surprised why it is here, and they started with their investigation. Later Jirou met with Reka and talked about the medication that they need to heal Hinamizawa Syndrome.

Higurashi: When They Cry – GOU Episode 18 Preview

Take a look here, Higurashi: When They Cry – GOU Episode 17.

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