What Is STEM On TikTok? Explained

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TikTok STEM (Credits: The Education Wire)

In today’s sophisticated world where you can find anything and get anything with a touch of your finger on the screen, People from miles and even countries away are able to connect with one another by chatting, posting, Blogs, Vlogs, Lives, etc. TikTok serves as a medium where people get to explore and shares content on vast domains that feed their interest.

Though it is mostly used for entertainment purposes, at first, TikTok included new features and labels to educate the users on various topics and has many restrictions to the time limit usage of TikTok among students.

Therefore in this article, let us take a closer look at the details of What STEM is on TikTok and what is the purpose of adding that label to TikTok is in brief. In case you also want to learn about STEM labels, then you are in the right place to collect your answers. Now without any further due, let us dive into the topic for the day, Starting with the difference between STEM and feeds so that you can get a better understanding of the STEM label.

This STEM label was made to honor Pi Day; TikTok issued the announcement on 14 March 2023. These STEM contents can be found by searching with the hashtag STEM with any video that has STEM-related content, but when it comes to STEM feeds.

These feeds will appear along with the “For You” and ” Following” feeds. These feeds will not be posted before being reviewed by the Common Sense Network, which evaluates whether or not the video content is appropriate enough to be posted, and Poynter assesses the video’s relevance to STEM. This process is done to make sure that the produced content is of good and potential quality to take place in STEM.

Shooting back to our main concern for the day about what the label STEM means in the TikTok app, so if you are also wondering about the same, then scroll down to collect your answers.

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TikTok STEM Feeds
TikTok STEM Feeds (Credits: Digital Trends)

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What Is STEM On TikTok? Everything You Need To Know.

STEM feeds on TikTok consist of videos of Science. Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This aims to give the users a space where they could educate themselves on a wide range of domains which could help the TikTok users, especially students, to gain vast knowledge about the topics in STEM in a minute by just scrolling. Interesting right? This is not their first experiment; STEM-based hashtags have already earned above 110 billion views and connected different communities with people sharing the same interest together.

STEM feeds equip a dedicated space for people who are eager to learn about inspiring, enriching, and entertaining topics. Tiktok, in their announcement, mentioned that they believe discovery is something essential to have a creative experience with TikTok and that they are looking forward to helping such communities by providing them with applicable videos according to their interest.

What is the inspiration for bringing a label for STEM? China’s TikTok known as “Douyin” is determined to promote educational content where the younger audience is the main target. It is intended on making students watch education-related and positive videos rather than scroll through prank and dancing videos. Still, we can’t consider this as the inspiration, and TikTok is not trying to implement the precise controls of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). These two plans are merely similar to each other.


TikTok STEM Feeds
TikTok STEM Feeds (Credits: Lifewire)

Whatever the reason for TikTok introducing this feature might be but if you take a closer look into the idea, it seems to have a few merits. Taking into account the number of students and Kids spending so many hours scrolling through feeds every day. Making the scrolling into a positive and educational one is a good move, but the theory is yet on the test since it has just been released. 

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It is expected that Tiktok will release another category for movies and books in the future, but it still remains unknown as nothing is a solid plan yet. However, it would not be surprising if TikTok launched more categories to serve people with feeds that interest them the most. How badly excited are you?

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