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Netflix’s I Care A Lot: Ending Explained

I Care A Lot- Ending Explained
I Care A Lot- Ending Explained

Movies surely change the way we look at things, because of the varied opinions we get from the people who are involved in it to be more precise we could say that the opinion of an individual is only limited to the writer or the director of that particular film. Well, with this, we are getting on with the topic that what I Care A Lot movie went with the message to the audience. The story of this film is set somewhat unique because basically, it involves a different set of making or earning money the lady in the film makes money for her living by kidnapping old ladies and then selling off their assets that fetch her huge money.

But towards the end of the film, what the audience expected didn’t happen, and things turned on something different. Towards the last scene of the movie, when the last phase of kidnapping happens when the director of I Care A Lot almost make you realize that what Marla was doing was absolutely wrong in terms of ethics and also in terms of laws, but the movie takes an absurd turn there and these things start justifying, and then the story ends in another way out in the film.

I Care A Lot- Ending Explained

I Care A Lot Still

I Care A Lot – Ending Explained

The audience wanted or thought of a different approach to the Netflix film- I Care A Lot. The thing that morals and values are always below when things are resting on money or capital is exactly shown in the film, but indeed it’s not wrong if you see the real world around you. In the general work of Marla of kidnapping old ladies in order to make her living the thing she usually does, but this time she gets in with the wrong lady, and she kidnaps the other lady round and then she realizes that she is not the lady whom she actually wanted to kidnap.

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Roman is the name of the lady who Marla mistakenly kidnaps later realizes that they don’t need to hurt again just if they support each other as they were doing the same thing individually before now they can do it together. At the end of the film, that ends with the note that there is no point in fighting for what is right or wrong but more importantly that they could definitely make more money if they work together.

I Care A Lot- Ending Explained

I Care A Lot- Ending Explained

Marla And Roman Would Be Working Together

Marla is shot dead when things seem to get justice, but that’s the end. Marla failed to learn the good lessons from Jennifer and Roman because the other side of Marla won’t be known to anybody because everyone would think of her as a poor businesswoman who had been utmost successfully but gunned and killed by a maniac in the game. The film has used the best topic to show how people’s greed can make them do anything though they don’t want to do in actuality, this seems justice to many of the people, looking at things differently.

So, if you think deeply about who exactly killed Marla, the topic itself is so vast because different people may have a different perspective on this question in fact. But, in a general way or in brief, it was only her greed that killed her; just think if she would not have listened to her greed and haven’t partnered with the Roman, then everything would be so fine. The director of the film has made complete justification to each role and indeed to every scene in the film, it makes you wonder is to why it is so and why isn’t it so you try to imply these things to your own life itself. If you think movies don’t influence one’s way of thinking, then you should certainly watch this I Care A Lot, and there you would also question the last question. The final message of the film that gives is that in this world, there is nothing more important than money, leave alone the relationship, commitments, or any of the morals that you know since childhood.

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