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Krack (Upcoming Telugu Film) Release Date, Cast and Trailer

Krack Release Date

If you are a prominent South Indian film fan like me, then I think you will also be eagerly waiting for the film Krack of one of our biggest, most versatile and highest followed Telugu actor Ravi Teja. Now, I would like to tell you that we have gathered each and every detail regarding the release date of this Telugu film, which was earlier set to release on May 8, 2020, but got delayed. In this post, I will be sharing all the details about this upcoming Telugu film, which I have gathered from our sources. But before that, I would like to throw some light on the upcoming Tamil film Master.

Krack is an upcoming Telugu action thriller film. This film is made on a huge budget and is going to break all the box office records as expected. It also has an amazing cast, and all of them already have a very huge fan following. This film was earlier scheduled to release on May 8, 2020, but got delayed due to coronavirus pandemic that spread worldwide and also because of the strict lockdown imposed in India. Now, I would like to share very details about this film which we have collected. Here’s everything I know;

Krack Release Date

The Upcoming South Indian Movie Krack: Poster, Title and Lead Actor Ravi Teja

When Will Krack Release?

The creators of this Telugu film have confirmed no details regarding the release date of the film. Also, it is very difficult for us to confirm the exact date of the release of this film. But it is expected that it may release at the end of 2020 or at the beginning of 2021. However, this can happen only when if the ongoing coronavirus pandemic didn’t last for long and gets over soon.

If by any chance this coronavirus pandemic stretches for longer and the theatres don’t get a chance to open, then it can be even more delay to the end of the first half of 2021. We know this is bad news for all the exciting fans but nothing cant be down as safety is everyone’s first priority. Also, no one can take the risk of releasing it only after the pandemic period as the creation of a film requires a huge cost and time, and even a small mistake can cause big losses to creators.

Therefore, it is good that Krack release only after the pandemic gets completely over throughout the globe as everyone’s safety will be ensured and the audience can easily enjoy the film without any restrictions in the theatres. Still, if any announcements are made regarding the release of this film then we will definitely update that in this post as soon as possible.

Krack Cast

Some of the well-known actors are a part of this film. All the lead actors have performed their roles will extreme dedication and perfection and took the level of acting to the next level in their previous works and hence were highly appreciated by the audience, and the same is expected from them in this Telugu film. Some of the well-known actors who are going to be a part of this film are;

  • Shruti Haasan
  • Ravi Teja
  • Varalaxmi Sarathkumar
  • Samuthirakani
  • Ali
  • Devi Prasad
  • Chirag Jani
  • Mouryani
  • Sudhkar
  • Vamsi Chaganti
Indian movie

The biggest, most versatile and highest followed Telugu Film Actor: Ravi Teja


The extremely thrilling teaser of this film has already released and it has crossed 7.2M views on Youtube. This shows the craze amongst the audience for this Telugu film that even a teaser has crossed millions of views. Also, this teaser is available only in the Telugu language with English subtitles.

These were some of the details which were available about this Telugu film. We have shared all the important details about this film for which the audience was eagerly waiting. If any more updates are made by the creators then we will upgrade that in this post. Till then stay tuned to Otakukart for upcoming updates about this film.

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