WaDi Smash Controversy: What Happened To WaDi In Super Smash Bros Ultimate Online Match?

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WaDi (Credits: Dot Esports)

Are you a Super Smash Bros game player? Then you must probably be aware of the controversy flooding over the internet about WaDi getting kicked out from the game. If you are someone who is inquisitive to learn about the details of why it happened to one of the famous players, then you are in the right place to find everything you are looking for about this speculation. Yes,  today we are talking about WaDi and the game controversy surrounding him.

Therefore in our today’s article, we will be discussing the insights into WaDi’s Super Smash Bros controversy and the prominence of a famous R.O.B player with a few more trivia about his playstyle, just in case you do not know much about WaDi. Now without making you wait any longer, let us get started with our topic for the day.

WaDi is a  27 years old American player Chris Boston who was born on 5 February 1996 in Virginia, United States. WaDi was formerly known as WaDiRob. He is a Mewtwo co-main and Ultimate R.O.B who started Ultimate originally as a R.O.B player. During the early years of the metagame, WaDi was considered one of the best R.O.B. players in the world. At the time of the pandemic, he began to use Mewtwo at many tournaments and beat players like MVD, Lima, and Sparg0. 

Considering all his achievements, WaDi now stands as the world’s best Mewtwo player, and currently, in the United States, he is one of the best R.O.B. (Robot) players. All over his career, he has joined and left a few organizations of esports. Formerly WaDi was sponsored by Panda. He joined the Panda team on 2nd April 2021 and cut off his ties with them on 2nd December 2022 amidst the consequences of the Smash World Tour 2022 Championships’ cancellation.

WaDi getting kicked out from the game
WaDi getting kicked out from the game (Credits; EventHubs)

To talk about his playing style, WaDi is good with his passive-aggressive playstyle as he could adapt amazingly and with his solid fundamentals. He uses Gyro and Robo Beam accurately to offstage the opponent and even a net stock. When it comes to Mewtwo, he can be aggressive and convert his playstyle to defensive accordingly. He makes sure to keep his opponent at a disadvantage and make it hard for them to adapt.

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Shooting back to our main concern in this article about WaDi’s Super smash bros controversy. So if you are also waiting for the same, then scroll down to find everything you need to know.

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WaDi’s Smash Ultimate Controversy: Detailed

Recently the R.O.B. player came across an offbeat interaction that resulted in him getting kicked out of the game, notwithstanding the fact that he had three remaining stocks over the opponents, who had only one stock. WaDi was seen using an incinerator against the opponent’s Mr. Game & Watch during the match. His character incinerator really sticks out in the game, as his run speed was the slowest in it. In fact, WaDi’s run speed was slower than certain fighters’ walk speeds.

Mr. Game & Watch was just standing near the ledge while using his neutral special. WaDi, on the other hand, already had a significant lead against his opponent at this stage of the match. WaDi here tried to use his usual strategy in playstyle by letting the opponent make the first move as he forced the situation to go that way here. Unfortunately, it backfired WaDi as this caused him to get kicked out from the match because of “inactivity,” as he did not press any buttons for too long. 

WaDi (Credits: Panda Global)

Mr. Game & Watch user, on his part, was technically pressing the special button all along, repeatedly avoiding the same fate as WaDi he would have been destined to. Typically, WaDi is baffled comically after this incident. Taking into account his reaction, he seemed to have believed that it was something he did not deserve. 

WaDi’s strategy would have worked if it was at a tournament since he was not obliged to approach under conditions like this. But when it comes to Elite Smash and Quickplay, the game will very actively punish the players if the players go without pressing any of the buttons for 30 seconds. It is also visible that the opponent likely triggered the cancellation of the match.

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This situation could have been avoided if only WaDi had whiffed the attacks from the opposite of the stage instead of waiting and letting the opponent approach him first. 

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