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What Happened to Crabbe in Harry Potter?

What Happened to Crabbe in Harry Potter
What Happened to Crabbe in Harry Potter

The World has seen a lot of fantasy movies which gave them the best experience. Fantasy Movies of the past decades took us on daring and exciting adventures and put our imaginations to work. From the visuals and sound effects to the screenplay and direction, the creators of signature fantasy movies gave their all to deliver the best of fantasy adventure films by the use of their effort and imagination. Best Fantasy movies have always won the heart of a lot of audiences.

Movies of such nature would refuse to move along time and be forgotten. The Harry Potter movie franchise belongs to that list of elite fantasy film series. The Harry Potter movie franchise is one of the most popularly known fantasy films in existence. The truth is, the movie had a very gripping storyline and convincing visuals, making it a one-of-a-kind experience for the viewer. During the film’s release, a lot of fantasy films started to see a raise due to their uniqueness. Movies revolving around the concept of school life were also much celebrated.

The Directors of the Harry Potter Movie series took this chance and gave their best efforts to deliver some of the most iconic fantasy movies the world could ever see. Every single Harry Potter movie was an adaptation of the Harry Potter novel series written by the renowned author J.K. Rowling. The Movie delivered something unique to its audience. Viewers of the movie were stuck in the world of Harry Potter even moments after watching the film series. It shows how well-designed and executed the entire film series is.

The Novel creations of the British Author were finely tuned and given additions to make them appropriate for cinema. The Novel Series had a dedicated fan-following before. But after the release of the movie adaptations, Harry Potter turned into a much-loved fan favorite around the world. We can even say that the film has a “cult following” because of its unimaginable fan population all over the globe. People of all age groups love the movie series for the fantasy of its world and the realism of the characters it projected.

What Happened to Crabbe in Harry Potter

Vincent Crabbe (Right) with Gregory Goyle (Center) and Draco Malfoy (Left)

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Characters of Harry Potter

Every character who starred in the entire Harry Potter Movie franchise rose to fame pretty fast. They have acquired fan bases all over the world for their splendid acting. The acting skills of the Trio Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry Potter, Emma Watson, who played Hermoine Granger, and Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley, made their characters very memorable in the minds of the audience. The acting of other supporting stars like Bonnie Wright, Matthew Lewis, and Evana Lynch was even considered brilliant.

Talking about the characters, how can we forget about Draco Malfoy? One of the negative characters in the entire movie series. Tom Felton and his acting made Draco Malfoy one of the most-loved negative shade characters in various installments of Harry Potter. If you remember, Draco was accompanied by two of his close friends throughout the entire movie series. It is Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle we are talking about. One of the fun and goofy duo whose appearance on the screen made the audience crack up.

If you have noticed it, you could spot the change in the actor who played the role of Vincent Crabbe. You will not be able to find the actor who played Vincent Crabbe in any of the Deathly Hallows installments. If you are wondering where the actor is and why the casting of that character was switched, read along to find out!

What Happened to Crabbe in Harry Potter?

The character of Vincent Crabbe was played by an actor named Jamie Waylett before. But the later installments of the movie series starred actor Blaise Zabini in the same role. The creators of the fantasy movie franchise decided to remove and replace actor Jamie Waylett due to his unfortunate encounter with the law. At the age of 20, Jamie Waylett was found to have severely illegal Marijuana. It is also said that the actor had a knife which was considered dangerous.

He faced problems with the law during the years 2009 and 2011. His constant attraction to trouble from the government forced the creators of the Harry Potter Movie Franchise to evict him from his role and replace him in the future installments of the movie series. The actor was made to do 120 Hours of Unpaid social work to pay his dues to the law. Jamie has quit acting ever since and is living an orderly life among the common public now.

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